D.C. Political Roundup: Three Blacks Vie for Attorney General

The voters of the District will go to the polls on Nov. 4, to elect a mayor, members of the D.C. Council, D.C. State Board of Education members and their advisory neighborhood commissioners. However, there's a new category on the ...

D.C. Political Roundup: Catania Courts Black Voters

D.C. Council member David Catania is running an aggressive campaign for mayor and he wants the backing of the District's black community.

D.C. Council Overrides Mayor Gray’s Budget Veto

The D.C. Council didn't take long Monday afternoon to brush aside Mayor Vincent C. Gray's veto of the fiscal 2015 budget.

D.C. Mayor Gray Chides Council Override of Budget Veto

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray decried the city council's decision to override his veto of the 2015 budget plan, warning that it "ties the hands of future mayors."

Edward Smith to Run for D.C. Attorney General

Edward "Smitty" Smith is merely the latest to formally make a bid in the inaugural race for District attorney general, but if he's deterred by the ever-growing list of candidates, he's not showing it.

CBC Blasts Boehner for Attempt to Sue Obama

Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge (D), the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, criticized House Speaker John Boehner for his efforts to sue President Obama over alleged abuses of executive authority.

McDuffie Endorses White for D.C. Council

D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5) has endorsed independent Robert White, a former staffer for Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, to fill the Council's non-Democratic at-large seat.

Lateefah Williams to Run for D.C. Attorney General

Lateefah Williams, an attorney and civic activist, wants to use her extensive experience in legislative and public policy positions to become the first elected attorney general for the District.

Gray Vetoes D.C. Council's 2015 Budget

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray rejected the City Council's fiscal 2015 budget and returned it to the city's legislative body with three line-item vetoes.

D.C. Political Roundup: 
Politics on Display at Palisades Parade

Despite the fanfare, marching bands and parade onlookers, the District's politicians grabbed the undivided attention of potential voters — both new and old — during the 48th Annual Palisades Citizens Association Fourth of July Parade in Northwest.

Anthony Williams Endorses Bowser for Mayor

Former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams has publicly endorsed Council member Muriel Bowser's quest to become the next mayor of the District.

D.C. Political Roundup: 
Ward 8 Democrats Call Truce

Natalie Williams, the president of the Ward 8 Democrats, battled members of the organization's executive board earlier this year but has since made peace with her former adversaries.

Questions Linger in Mayor's Race

As he surveys the political landscape, Joslyn N. Williams is left shaking his head.

Obama: I'll Bypass Congress, Fix Immigration on My Own

President Obama said Monday that he will bypass Congress and attempt to fix immigration by himself, continuing his trend of executive action that has drew the ire of his political foes.

Obama Loses Supreme Court Recess Appointments Case

In a rare show of unity, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Obama administration and stated that recess appointment for high-level administrative posts made by the president had its limits.