D.C. Political Roundup: 
Politics on Display at Palisades Parade

Despite the fanfare, marching bands and parade onlookers, the District's politicians grabbed the undivided attention of potential voters — both new and old — during the 48th Annual Palisades Citizens Association Fourth of July Parade in Northwest.

Anthony Williams Endorses Bowser for Mayor

Former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams has publicly endorsed Council member Muriel Bowser's quest to become the next mayor of the District.

D.C. Political Roundup: 
Ward 8 Democrats Call Truce

Natalie Williams, the president of the Ward 8 Democrats, battled members of the organization's executive board earlier this year but has since made peace with her former adversaries.

Questions Linger in Mayor's Race

As he surveys the political landscape, Joslyn N. Williams is left shaking his head.

Obama: I'll Bypass Congress, Fix Immigration on My Own

President Obama said Monday that he will bypass Congress and attempt to fix immigration by himself, continuing his trend of executive action that has drew the ire of his political foes.

Obama Loses Supreme Court Recess Appointments Case

In a rare show of unity, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Obama administration and stated that recess appointment for high-level administrative posts made by the president had its limits.

D.C. Political Roundup: Cheh's AG Elections Bill Takes Center Stage

A bill authored by D.C. Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), the "Attorney General Partisan Election Implementation Act," may be key to the election of the District's first attorney general in November.

Black Vote Helps GOP's Cochran; Rangel Hangs On

Anthony Brown and his successful bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination was the focal point for most African-Americans on election night Tuesday, but blacks also quietly played a big role in a veteran Republican senator's defeat of a tea party ...

Brown Cruises to Victory in Md. Gubernatorial Primary

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown moved closer to becoming the state’s first African-American governor after clinching the Democratic nomination during Tuesday’s primary election.

Kenyan McDuffie Honored by Legal Organization

D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie was recently recognized by the National Bar Association, the leading organization for African-American legal professionals.

Md. Early-Voter Turnout Strong, Elections Board Reports

The Maryland Board of Elections reported that early voting for the June 24 primaries have exceeded expectations.

Schwartz Rejects LLC Funding for Mayoral Campaign

Former D.C. Council member and independent mayoral candidate Carol Schwartz said she will not accept campaign contributions from limited liability companies (LLCs) that are a part of any corporation that has already given the legal maximum.

D.C. Political Roundup: Perdomo Wants to Improve Schools

Lillian Perdomo, who spent years in the trenches of District grassroots politics and community activism, says she is ready to represent Ward 1 on the D.C. State Board of Education.

Carol Schwartz Upsets the Status Quo

Game changer. That’s the reaction of many following Carol Schwartz's surprise announcement that she plans to run for mayor.

Marion Barry Tells His Own Story in New Book

D.C. Council member and former mayor Marion S. Barry says he decided to tell his own story after growing tired of the way the media depicted his life.