Wal-Mart, Wild Oats Launch Effort to Drive Down Organic Food Prices

Wal-Mart, the nation's largest grocer, announced Thursday it will carry Wild Oats organic food items.

Geriatric Doctor Wants ERs to Face the Holistic Music, But It’s Not Everyone (Part I)

A few days after Heath Belden roasted a chicken for the first time in his life, he fell violently ill.

Youth Rally Against Tobacco Industry

A group of local teenagers and young adults rallied against tobacco companies during a gathering last month at the Latin American Youth Center in Northwest.

New 'Express Lane' Links Food Stamp Recipients to Health Care

Californians who receive food stamps are now able to get easy access to health care.

Obama: 'The Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay'

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that more than 7 million people have signed up for health insurance under the president's Affordable Care Act as the March 31 deadline passed.

Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Diabetics have to take special care of their feet. The disease can cause peripheral neuropathy—otherwise known as nerve damage.

Watch Out for Prediabetes

Being overweight comes with chronic disease risks, such as higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. These increase the risk of developing other diseases, including diabetes, which is at epidemic levels in the black community.

White House: 6M Have Enrolled in Obamacare

The Obama administration announced Thursday that 6 million people have signed up for health insurance under the president's Affordable Care Act — an accomplishment hailed by the White House as significant progress after a turbulent rollout of the law.

Young, Gifted & Insured

If the Affordable Care Act were actual medicine, it would be good for you!

Free Yourself from Pharmaceutical Drugs, Medical Mental Slavery

Illnesses are no longer seen as diseases that cannot be cured and must be managed by pharmaceuticals and unnecessary removal of organs.

Filtering Health

This season's health supplement examines kidney function and the preventative measures necessary to ward off impairment.

Understanding the Relationship Between Diabetes and Kidney Ailments

According to the National Kidney Foundation, African-Americans make up 29 percent of all patients treated for kidney failure in the U.S., but only about 14 percent of the overall U.S. population.

Doctors Prescribe a Walk in the Park

The next time a patient visits a doctor at Unity Health Care, they might be surprised at what doctors are prescribing.

Teenagers and Chronic Kidney Disease

You never expect that kidney disease will happen to your child.

Kidney Facts

Kidney disease kills more than 90,000 Americans every year — more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.