D.C. Program Aims to Reduce Children's ER Visits

D.C.'s largest Medicaid-managed care organization recently launched a program to help parents better diagnose common childhood illness, part of an effort to stem children's visits to emergency rooms.

Men's Health Month Focuses on Prevention

Many men typically notice when their automobiles don't perform properly, but they rarely listen when their bodies tell them that it's time to visit a doctor.

B. Smith Reveals She Has Alzheimer's

B. Smith, former model, home decorator, designer and restauranteur, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she announced Sunday.

Edwards Co-Sponsors Women's Heart Health Resolution

Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards, along with Republican colleague Shelley Capito, recently introduced a resolution which recognizes the risks of cardiovascular disease and promotes preventive heart screenings for women.

D.C. Reports Decline in Childhood Obesity, School Violence

D.C.'s children are making improvements in changing dangerous and unhealthy behaviors and curbing school violence, a biennial survey shows.

D.C. Recognized as Most Physically Fit

New research by the American College of Sports Medicine in Indianapolis shows that the D.C. area ranked No. 1 on the 2014 Annual Fit City Index, which compares the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas and measured their preventative health behavior, ...

Seniors Need Extra Care to Beat the Heat

While seniors can and should get outside, they need to take steps to stay as comfortable, and as safe, as possible.

Searching for a Cure: Lupus Awareness Month has Many Seeking Answers

With lupus, no two cases are alike.

Documentary Looks at Military Suicides

The military's most pressing question remains as to why it cannot defeat its most insidious enemy: suicide.

Health Care Improves For District Minorities

African Americans and Latinos in the District of Columbia routinely visit their primary care doctors and receive regular preventive care to ward off possible illnesses and other medical problems.

May: National High Blood Pressure Education Month

High blood pressure affects 68 million Americans—that’s nearly one in three adults.

Fight Back Against Spring Allergies

Though the allergy season in the District area began late this spring, it has is already shaping into a particularly uncomfortable one.

Mental Storms Today, but Bright Days Ahead

If you are feeling depressed or anxious, you are not alone.


Why is medical care in the United States so expensive?

The Nauseating 'Side Effect' of Medical Care

As millions of Americans celebrate their newfound status as medically "insured" through the Affordable Care Act, they may still join the ranks of financially strapped patients facing the rising cost of medical services.