App Helps Residents Pick Health Insurance

A team of young entrepreneurs are offering a different approach to the insurance and health care market place from what they said is a completely different perspective.

D.C. Health Officials Confirm Year's First Case of Measles

The D.C. Department of Health has confirmed the city's first case of measles for this year, calling it an isolated case resulting from international travel.

Spotlight on Aging

According to AARP, at age 65 (around retirement age), men are expected to live approximately 18 more years as compared to women who have another 20 years of life. Wow! That is a long time and what will you do ...

Mental Health Officials Target Police Shootings

Prior to his going on a shooting spree at the Navy Yard in Southeast two years ago, co-workers, supervisors and associates of shooter Aaron Alexis raised concerns about his mental health, but those fears were never reported to the government.

Church, Barbershop Encourage Healthier Living

Only three weeks remain for residents to sign up for 2015 health coverage. And to provide assistance to those still uninsured, DC Health Link has partnered with other local organizations with an emphasis on encouraging more blacks, particularly men, to ...

Winter Storm Facts Could Save Motorists

Heavy snowstorms, dangerous ice and some altogether rough driving conditions are a part of the norm, particularly of late in the D.C. region. And, for the unfortunate motorist, it could also mean unforeseen time stuck inside an automobile.

Obama Proposes Plan for Paid Family Leave

President Obama has signed a directive which allows agencies to provide six weeks of advanced sick leave for federal employees to care for newborn children.

Sickle Cell Continues to Ravage Sufferers

Sickle cell disease affects millions of people around the world, mostly those with ancestors from sub-Saharan Africa, Spanish-speaking regions of the Western Hemisphere, Saudi Arabia, India and Mediterranean countries, health officials said.

Health Enrollment Numbers Up For 2015

The first detailed analysis of enrollment into the Affordable Care Act — or Obamacare — has yielded good news, particularly for those who may require financial assistance.

Defining Our Generation's Legacy: A New Vision of Health Care

Experience shows how poverty and poor living conditions complicate good health and interfere with recovery.

Get Connected Through Volunteerism

In this issue of the Spotlight on Aging, we will focus on volunteerism.

Ebola Hot Spots Ebb and Flow as Fight Continues

Ebola may have fallen off America's radar, but the virus continues to devastate communities in three affected West African countries.

Will Downing Rebounds from Muscular Dystrophy

It may be easy to take life for granted, but consider how you'd react if suddenly you couldn't walk. That's what happened to one popular entertainer who, after extensive rehabilitation, has returned to the recording studio and the stage — ...

Mental Illness Concerns Arrive with Holidays

For the approximately 28,000 District adults and children living with serious mental illness and the millions of others around the country, their conditions might be severely tested because of the anxiety and even the depression that the holiday season can ...

Success Stories Celebrated at Trauma Center

One year after a zebra ripped his ear off in an attack at the National Zoo, Wayne Millner perched on the edge of his seat inside the George Washington University Hospital Auditorium in Northwest and recalled about that frightening and ...