Breast Cancer Survivor Walks Topless to D.C.

One African-American breast cancer survivor walked 1,000 miles from Biloxi, Miss. to D.C. topless to expose the harsh realities of the disease.

Unequal Pay for Black, Female Doctors

A new study that revealed that women and African-American physicians have salaries that are less than white male doctors, and the difference is pretty significant.

Biotech Pioneer Hopes to Heal with Honey

Kayla Rodriguez, a 28-year-old of Puerto Rican descent, co-founded SweetBio, a startup biotech company that uses honey to heal the body.

Biden Leads Cancer Summit at Howard U., Calls for Drastic Breakthroughs in Research

Vice President Joe Biden hosted a Cancer Moonshot summit Wednesday at Howard University in northwest D.C., urging more collaboration and innovative approaches among health professionals and research experts in battling the disease.

Panel Discusses Implications of Menthol Ban

Since Chicago became the first U.S. city to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, including those containing menthol, The Chicago Defender and other minority-owned media outlets in that region have railed against these laws, saying they heavily discriminate against ...

Diabetes: A Major Health Issue for Blacks

The Obama administration delivered good news Friday about the state of the president's signature health care law Friday at the National Newspaper Publishers Association's annual convention in Houston.

Fitbit, Health-Tracking Devices Rise in Popularity, Misuse

Fitness tracking devices have been gaining in popularity, and new ones seem to emerge regularly.

Doctor Gives Tips for Avoiding Zika Virus

Many Americans have become anxious about the Zika virus, but one local physician said there are steps that can be taken to avoid contracting the virus which has been shown to cause birth defects in newborn children.

Study to Explore Role of Spirituality in Treating Chronically Ill Blacks

A University of Alabama at Birmingham postdoctoral scholar — armed with a two-year, $187,000 award from the National Institutes of Health — will explore how spirituality factors into treatment of chronically ill African-Americans.

'Roots' Sparks Conversation About Racism's Toll on Black Psyche

The History Channel's remake of Alex Haley's culture-altering biography "Roots" has sparked new conversation about race and the toll it has taken psychologically on African-Americans.

Pension Flap Over for Some Retired Teachers

The "nightmare" is over. At least for some.

Postpartum Awareness Event Planned

One in seven women will suffer from a postpartum mood disorder, the most common complication of childbirth, according to health experts.

Pfizer Officials Call for Blacks to Participate in Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Trials

It is estimated that sickle cell disease affects approximately 100,000 Americans and 1 out of 365 Blacks in the United States.

Disability Providers Exempt from Harmful Labor Law

Providers for people with disabilities will be exempt from a new U.S. Department of Labor mandate that would have potentially hindered their services for the people who rely on them.

Lower Risk of Obesity, Diabetes for Black Male Descendants of West Africa

While obesity affects people of every ethnic group in the United States, black male descendants from West Africa may have a relatively lower risk of being overweight, obese and diabetic, a new study from the University of Alabama and the ...