Md. Resident Pledges Service in FEMA Corps

Cyan Manuel has signed on as one of 10 Team Leaders pledging to perform 11 months of national service as part of the Atlantic Region's FEMA Corps Class 23.

AG Racine Scores Victory against Drug Company

Attorney General Karl A. Racine recently announced a $125 million, 48-state settlement with Cephalon and affiliated companies.

Back-to-School Basics: Annual Checkups and Vaccines

Summer break is coming to a close. In addition to supplies, your child will need to see the doctor and be vaccinated before classes start.

Lifetime of Benefits Come From Childhood Exams

Many youth or adults will undergo problems with their sight or eye diseases that could have been detected, treated and in many cases cured if they had been part of a periodic regiment of comprehensive eye exams.

Taking a Closer Look at Black Mental Health

Good physical and mental health helps drive success and enjoyment in our lives. But when it comes to overcoming some of our society’s biggest health challenges — from HIV/AIDS to cancer to diabetes to behavioral health issues — the African-American ...

August is National Immunization Awareness Month: Are You Up to Date?

August is National Immunization Awareness Month and the perfect opportunity to make sure everyone is up-to-date with their vaccination schedules, particularly children headed back to school.

A Smile of Confidence

Margaret Benson was ready to go back to work, but there was one thing she felt standing in the way: her smile.

Recipients, Donor Families Share Connection

Two recipients and donor families share their connection to organ, eye and tissue donations.

Double Scoop on Eye Health

Your eyes are a vessel to use for senses such as sight. No matter what age you are, your eyes remain an important piece of your life.

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Digital Eyestrain

If you're regularly using mobile devices, it's possible you're one of 70 percent of U.S. adults who suffer from digital eyestrain. And if you're using technology before bed, you're probably suffering from the sleep- and heath-altering effects of blue light.

Smart Tips for 'Kids Eat Right Month'

Nutrition is important for everyone, but especially for children, as it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development.

Living With Sickle Cell Anemia

There's an incorrect notion that sickle cell anemia is curable and that the genetic mutation has been essentially eliminated around the world. But one Northern Virginia man says both beliefs are far from the truth.

Hepatitis C in the Black Community: Addressing an Important Disparity

Hepatitis C is more prevalent among African-Americans than among persons of any other racial group in the nation.

Nationals Help Youth 'See' the World Better

A lucky group of scholar-athletes who are members of the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy in southeast D.C. recently received free eye care including comprehensive eye examinations and eyewear that shields them from the sun when out on the baseball ...

Caregiver and Respite Care Services

Being a caregiver for your aging loved one can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience. It can also be exceptionally stressful and put a strain on the other relationships in your life.