Suicide Poses Other Mental Health Challenges

The rate of suicide in America is increasing, according to officials at the National Alliance on Mental Illness in southeast D.C.

Alzheimer's Disease: It's Not a Laughing Matter

In today's society, particularly within the Black community, "mental illness" often invokes feelings of fear, intimidation and misunderstanding.

Providence Announces Cutting-Edge 3D Mammography Services

Providence Health System is taking a leading role regionally in women’s health as the first community hospital in Washington, D.C. — and one of only a handful of hospitals in the region — to offer three-dimensional (3D) mammography, also called ...

Too Many D.C. Women Diagnosed With Late-Stage Breast Cancer

Screening tests can be a powerful weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

Care That Fits All

Thinking about a candy bar snack or skipping your walk? Before making that choice, think about how limited exercise and healthy food can affect your long-term health.

LEAP: Lupus Education and Awareness for Patients, Professionals and Providers

The purpose of the DHPE Lupus Health Education Program — titled LEAP — is to reduce lupus-related health disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations disproportionately affected by this disease by conducting a national lupus education initiative.

Indoor Air Should Be Smoke-Free to Prevent Strokes, Improve Heart Health

Exposure to secondhand smoke is a particularly prominent health risk in the African-American community.

Celebrating 40 Years: George Franklin’s Transplant Anniversary

In November, George Franklin celebrated his 61st birthday, and his 40th kidney transplant anniversary.

A Battle to Halt the Diabetes Epidemic, Pt. 3

Those of you who have followed this column faithfully will be able to witness the devastation, and you will learn how to avoid the horrors of diabetes.

Stroke Awareness Entails Regularly Monitoring Health

The National Stroke Association has launched a new campaign to begin National Stroke Awareness Month — which kicks off in May — to help educate the public about stroke risk and prevention.

12 Cases of Zika Virus Infections Reported in Maryland

A top health official for the state of Maryland has confirmed an outbreak of at least 12 cases of the Zika virus, resulting in all levels of government working together to respond to threats surrounding the public's health.

Celebrating & Supporting Our Living Treasures

We have some great activities lined up for Older Americans Month, including senior proms, senior games, forums, art shows and community days.

Racial Bias Influences Medical Treatment of Blacks: Study

Racial bias is partly to blame for tendencies to under-treat pain complaints from black patients, a new study by researchers at the University of Virginia determined.

U.Md. to Require Prescriber Courses for Nursing Students

The University of Maryland's School of Nursing is among nearly 200 schools that will now require their advanced-practice registered nursing students to take some form of prescriber education by the time they graduate.

Prince George's Co. Kicks Off Fitness Program

Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker III joined several other county employees and residents Wednesday to sport lime green T-shirts and conduct stretching exercises.