The Disconnect of Adolescent Cyber Relationships

Increasingly teens and young adults are turning to the Internet to socialize, for entertainment, and for information. Inasmuch as the web provides quick and easy access to data, many warn against the increased reliance on resources removed from actual people.

Recommended Books on Adolescent Health and Wellness

There's a big difference between an adult's body and your body, between adults' health mysteries and your health mysteries, between their questions and your questions. So, teens, this book is for YOU.

Navigating the Teen Years Stress-Free (Or How Not to Freak Out)

While some stress is most often associated with major life upheavals such as deaths in the family, for teenagers, the pressures of fitting in, managing home and school life, and coping with their changing bodies, often become overwhelming.

Teens: By the Numbers

The social networking habits of teens

Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Depression)

The terms "winter depression" and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) describe a form of depression that occurs in the winter months. This happens only if you create a state of consciousness for it.

Dr. Keisha Robinson at Home in Southeast

Keisha Robinson, a doctor and regional director of medical education for Unity Health Care, Inc., in Southeast, remains conscious of the needs of those in one of the District’s poorest and most underserved communities.

Providence Hospital Merges with Unity Health Care

While Providence Hospital in Northeast has the distinction of being the District's longest- and continuously-operated medical institution, Unity Health Care enjoys a well-documented history of doing more to help those with less.

The Time Is Now!

Whether it’s overindulging in sweets, caffeine, or greasy foods, or engaging in reckless behaviors, teen habits can easily have lifetime consequences.

Hypertension in Black Men Linked to Childhood Experiences

While issues such as health care, socioeconomic status and even racism play a role in hypertension among African-American men, a new study shows that childhood experiences may also negatively affect their health as adults.

D.C. Residents Get More Time to Choose Health Insurance Plan for Jan. 1 Benefits

The DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority announced Thursday that residents seeking health insurance coverage effective Jan. 1 will have an additional eight days to choose a plan through DC Health Link, the District's new online health insurance marketplace.

RECIPES: Deep-Fried Turkey

While fried turkeys have become the rage in many households, improper precautions and preparation have yielded charred birds, house fires and orders from the Chinese takeaway.

Conference Tackles Stigma Surrounding HIV/AIDS

The International Conference on Stigma at Howard University featured lectures and panel discussions on the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and other health issues.

RECIPES: Creole Chicken Gumbo

A classic creole chicken gumbo allows for vegetarian and pork-free substitutions and proves equally as filling as traditional fare.

Why I Never Told My Parents About My Postpartum Depression

How could I tell my 70-year-old mother who had finally become a grandmother the truth — that I was going crazy, that in two months since giving birth I had gone from being thrilled to fighting thoughts of killing my ...

Blood Donations: The Gift of Life

Earlier this fall, 29 University of Maryland, College Park students lined up inside of an RV van in Southeast to give the gift of life.