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Booker, Edwards Make Capitol Hill's 'Most Beautiful' List

A U.S. senator and two members of the House were among several African-Americans on The Hill's annual "50 Most Beautiful" list.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Laws of Wrath' by Eriq La Salle

In the new book “Laws of Wrath” by Eriq La Salle, what's good for the goose might kill the gander.

Melvin Foote Still Taking the Lead on Africa

Melvin Foote may have fit right in with the 1980s conglomerate of rock stars that came to be known as U.S.A. for Africa.

D.C. Art Gallery Closes After 17 Years

Fellow artists, friends and patrons of the arts joined Tim Davis on Saturday in his International Visions Gallery in Northwest for a closing reception, party and viewing of new works by the Chicago-born painter and illustrator.

Library of Congress Receives Historic Recordings

The U.S. Library of Congress in Southeast acquired in June the "HistoryMakers" video archive collection, which contains thousands of hours of interviews of prominent figures about African-American life, culture and the struggles and achievements of the black experience.

Chuck Brown's Final Album Set for August Release

Chuck Brown's final album, "Beautiful Life" will be released Aug. 19.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Reader,' edited by Michael Edmonds

You've probably heard that all your life and it's true: a lot of people have come before you to smooth your path.

Taboo Topics Tackled in New Play

An independent theater company based in Prince George's County will soon bring to the stage "Chocolate Covered Ants," a play that addresses issues that plague black men and affect the women and children in their lives.

How Much Internet Access do Americans Really Have?

Roughly 19 million Americans do not have access to broadband Internet, a study has found.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Supersurvivors' by David B. Feldman and Lee Daniel Kravetz

Studies show that, depending on several factors, hardship may be beneficial and may even strengthen you.

'Half of a Yellow Sun' Debuts

The Nigerian government will finally allow its citizens to see what Americans and others have called one of the unsung movies of the year.

Actor Resurrects the Spirit of Rodney King

Roger Guenveur Smith is currently starring in a one-man show, "Rodney King," at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Northwest, in which he portrays the role of a common man thrust into history's spotlight.

The Growth in Gaming

Once the reserve of geeks and teenagers, isolated in basements and bedrooms, the gaming industry has experienced substantive growth in the past two decades, fueled by an increase in acceptability, mobility of play and ease of use.

Essence Festival Attracts Record Crowd on 20th Anniversary

The 20th annual ESSENCE Festival attracted a record-breaking 550,000 attendees from around the world to New Orleans this Fourth of July weekend, earning the distinction of being the largest gathering in the event's history.

National Mall to Host Christian Concert

NightVision Music Festival, a daylong event free to the public, will be held Saturday on the National Mall.