BOOK REVIEW: 'Corruption Officer' by Gary L. Heyward

Sometimes you choose your sides, and sometimes they're chosen for you.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Child, Please' by Ylonda Gault Caviness

Growing up, there were many things you learned by observation — one of them being a sharp knowledge of when you were approaching your mother's last nerve. Like most kids, Ylonda Gault Caviness tried to avoid that mess; instead, she ...

BOOK REVIEW: 'Welcome to My Breakdown' by Benilde Little

Whoever said that big girls don't cry needs to know that's not true.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Body of Truth' by Harriet Brown

In the new book "Body of Truth" by Harriet Brown, you'll see that everything you thought you knew about weight may be a big fat lie.

BOOK REVIEW: 'One Night' by Eric Jerome Dickey

It was only supposed to be a one-night stand. But she wasn't being entirely truthful with him. And he definitely wasn't telling her everything, either…

BOOK REVIEW: 'Explore the Cosmos like Neil deGrasse Tyson' by CAP Saucier

For a sharp child with her head in the stars, "Explore the Cosmos like Neil deGrasse Tyson" is pretty cosmic.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Reach: 40 Black Men Speak on Living, Leading, and Succeeding'

You've been looking at your life and everything around you, and that's the question you've been asking: what next? What will you do with the rest of your days? In the new book "Reach," you may find some guidance.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Stealing the Game' by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld

In the new book "Stealing the Game" by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld, it's about more than how you play the game.

Redskins Cheerleader's Death Examined in New Book

The story of Debbie Flores has always fascinated.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Almost Famous Women' by Megan Mayhew Bergman

Contrary to the old saying, close counts in more than just horseshoes and hand grenades. The proof lies inside "Almost Famous Women" by Megan Mayhew Bergman.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Family Business 3: The Return of Vegas' by Carl Weber with Treasure Hernandez

Is blood really thicker than water? In the new book "Family Business 3," both spill just as easily.

BOOK REVIEW: 'It's Not Rocket Science' by Mary Spio

Your father always told you to reach for the stars. Be the best you can be, he said. Never let obstacles get in your way. Strive for success and challenge yourself — all excellent advice, but how can you harness ...

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Age of Dignity' by Ai-Jen Poo (with Ariane Conrad)

Why do we treat getting older as "a crisis" — an expensive one, at that — by putting our elders in care facilities they don't want?

BOOK REVIEW: '1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music' by Andrew Grant Jackson

I looked it up: time travel remains merely theoretical. Still, you can have the next best thing by reading "1965."

BOOK REVIEW: 'Black Broadway: African Americans on the Great White Way' by Stewart F. Lane

Finding entertainment shouldn't be such a big production, but in decades past, that’s exactly what it took for African-Americans, in more ways than one. In the new book "Black Broadway" by Stewart F. Lane, you'll find out why.