Accolades Continue for D.C.'s DJ Young Music

While most students are looking forward to a summer break that may include barbecues, a trip to the beach or a family vacation, one local high school standout is preparing to go on tour with music superstar Chris Brown.

New Play Addresses Obstacles Facing D.C.'s Gay Community

Each Memorial Day weekend, tens of thousands of people head to D.C. to enjoy social and cultural events geared toward the black LGBTQ community. This year, one longtime D.C. resident who has been part of those festivities almost from the ...

Partnerships Propel DC Jazz Festival Forward

This year, the East River JazzFest performances, including artists Janelle Gill, Reginald Cyntje, Christylez Bacon and Pepe Gonzalez, "will celebrate American composer Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington’s chief collaborator."

B.B. King's Daughters Claim Blues Legend Was 'Murdered'; Lawyer Scoffs

The attorney for the estate of B.B. King has blasted a claim by the late blues great's daughters that he was poisoned.

Willard Jenkins Invigorates DC Jazz Festival

The DC Jazz Festival looks even more diverse this year, with hip-hop, soul and pop influences certain to attract millennials as well as the middle-aged, seniors and the casual music fan tourists by the busload — and all that would ...

Dick Gregory Wows Audience at D.C. Fundraiser

Dick Gregory, one of black America's seasoned funny men, didn't mince words during a recent gathering at a local hair salon, lambasting the mainstream media and blacks who unwittingly believe everything newscasters tell them.

Bill Cosby Breaks Silence on Sexual Assault Accusations

Bill Cosby attempted for the first time Friday to publicly address the multiple accusations of sexual assault that have plagued him since the fall.

B.B. King, Blues Legend, Dies at 89

B.B. King, the legendary "King of the Blues" whose six-decade career of hit-making includes his signature tune "The Thrill is Gone," has died, his attorney said Friday morning. He was 89.

Media Personality Dana Dane to Launch TV Talk Show

Media personality and entrepreneur Dana Dayne is launching "Dana's Lane," a 60-minute TV talk show she says will be an informative yet entertaining alternative in a television world bereft of substance.

Activist Prince Rocks Baltimore

If Prince came to Baltimore to try and heal a fractured community, his arrival proved a tad too late. But nothing escapes his royal highness.

Katori Hall's 'The Blood Quilt' a Familiar Tale of Family Dynamics

If you are a woman who has sisters, then playwright Katori Hall’s latest work, "The Blood Quilt," will seem familiar territory to those ubiquitous experiences of sibling dynamics.

Provocative Play Takes Center Stage in Southeast D.C.

This is not a linear story with a straight narrative and clearly evoked characters. It's a fantastic tale told with bold imagery, inventive weaving of language and a healthy reliance on metaphor and symbolism.

Harry Belafonte to Participate in Nationwide Town Hall

Legendary entertainer and activist Harry Belafonte will take part in a nationwide telephone town hall Wednesday, which is open to community leaders and change agents.

Family Matters Take Center Stage in 'The Blood Quilt'

When four disconnected sisters attempt to create a family quilt to honor their recently-deceased mother at their childhood home, they must grapple with their own history and age-old rituals.

Prince to Give Freddie Gray Tribute Concert in Baltimore

The Purple One wants Sunday in Baltimore to be a Gray day.