MUHAMMAD: Dropping the Mic for My White House Exit

As President Barack Obama takes his final White House victory lap — six months until Election Day, eight months and some change until the inauguration of his successor — I find that like many others, I am already beginning to ...

CLINGMAN: Stop Whining, Start Grinding

Black folks are now so engulfed in presidential candidates, thinking once again that our salvation somehow lies within them.

MALVEAUX: In McKesson's Bid, Inspiration for a Movement Shines

Social change happens from both inside and outside.


Answering the Call to Nurture Black Scholars

More than 300 young men and women are able to pursue higher education, thanks to the more than $2 million in scholarships that the Greater Washington Urban League and our partners provide.

EDITORIAL: Mother, Mom, Mommy, Ma — Names that all Equate to Love

There's something special about the bond between a child and their mother.

EDITORIAL: Why Can't Women Join the Men's Club of the U.S. Senate?

We can't help but express our disappointment that Congress lacks the kind of diversity that reflects the rainbow coalition that is the United States of America.

JACKSON: Black Liberals are Hypocrites on N-Word

Once again, two nights ago, liberal hypocrisy was on full display at the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Pepco Deal Bodes Poorly for D.C. Residents

A rate increase is a rate increase. I've always heard that if it smells like a rat and it looks like a rat, it's a rat.

JESSE JACKSON: Don't Send Flint Down the Drain — Fix it

The Flint crisis has led to the exposure of leaded water and aged pipes in other communities in America. But it is clear that Flint paid the price of being poor and largely black.

MUHAMMAD: Who Carries a Toilet Birth Certificate?

Spoiler alert. This article contains what some readers may consider to be a discussion of a revolting subject. We are now legislating latrines.

MALVEAUX: Harriet Tubman, Economic Freedom Fighter

It is especially fitting that Harriet Tubman graces the $20 bill, since she was an economic freedom fighter.

MYERS: Rhimes, Daniels Owe Us Better TV Portrayals

While the entertainment value is high, I am concerned about the negative imagery being projected about the character of Black Americans.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Optimistic about the Future of United Medical Center

It was refreshing to read some positive news about the hospital.

EDITORIAL: The Incomparable Prince 1958-2016

By now, the accolades, remembrances and even the wild speculation has been absorbed. And, the reality is that the artist known as Prince Rogers Nelson is no more.

MORIAL: Lifting Communities from Poverty by Raising the Minimum Wage

Day in and day out, men and women all over our country work hard at their jobs — but hardly have anything to show for it.