EDITORIAL: Sandra Bland, Reluctant Martyr

Nobody knows why one particular incident in a string of atrocities resonates, strikes a chord that rattles the psyche and triggers a firestorm of anger and outrage. But that's exactly what's happened since a Texas state trooper stopped Sandra Bland ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Casino Keeps Its Promise to County

I am so happy to see that the MGM National Harbor Casino Resort is keeping their promise to Prince George's County

MALVEAUX: For Centuries, Black Lives Did Not Matter

It ought to be unnecessary for an activist movement to hinge on the principle of the equivalency of life.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: 10 Rules to Help Black Boys Survive

Like so many, I have been deeply disturbed by the senseless loss of black male lives at the hands of law enforcement officials.

DANIELS: Republicans Use Cruelty as a Political Weapon

Donald Trump, the blowhard mogul masquerading as presidential candidate, has once again discovered the problem with trying to be a demagogue in a democracy: It's the risk of "going too far."

CLINGMAN: The Change We've Been Waiting For

The onus for change is on us.

CHAVIS: Africa and Obama 'On the Move'

Barack Obama's historic trip to Kenya and to Ethiopia is indicative of his distinctive characteristic of taking strategic moves that go far beyond the traditional limitations of American politics and global outreach.

MUHAMMAD: Disrespecting President Obama for Sport

The disrespect that's been heaped on this president since he took office in 2009 is beyond the pale.

JESSE JACKSON: Sandra Bland's Only Crime was 'Driving While Black'

Sandra Bland changed lanes without signaling. But that wasn't her crime.

CHAVOUS: A Good Education by Any Means Necessary

Let's hope that the members of Congress grasp the immediate benefit of school choice for families who just want their kids to succeed.

EDITORIAL: Blacks Still Bear the Brunt of Stereotypes

Racism, discrimination and white privilege have their subtle, hidden sides that are difficult to identify and wrap our hands around.

MALVEAUX: Release Low-Level, Nonviolent Drug Offenders

President Obama's commutations of nonviolent drug sentences are a step in the right direction.

LAMBERT: Our Pain + Your Pain = An Alliance for Justice

In an unpredictable world, it's always a smart bet to form and maintain trustworthy alliances.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: How to Keep Our Black Boys Alive

The recent spotlight on systematic racial profiling and police brutality against black boys and men has exposed a painful truth long known in the black community: Just about every black youth and man seems to have a story about being ...

CURRY: How to Reform the Criminal Justice System

There is no question that the criminal justice system is broken.