MORIAL: Pope Francis' Message of Compassion

The recent arrival of Pope Francis on our shores has rekindled our national conversation over how we will protect and care for our marginalized, provide access to our disenfranchised communities and promote justice for all.

CURRY: Jeb Bush is Wrong about Blacks Wanting 'Free Stuff'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush thinks he can become president of the United States if Republicans can double their share of the Black vote in several key states. But he, like his GOP comrades, is demonstrating how not to accomplish ...

DANIELS: Ben Carson's Ugly Hypocrisy

From the moment he surfaced in 2013 as White conservatives' latest "Great Black Hope," Ben Carson has made any number of offensive remarks typical of the conservative commentary of the Obama years. But early last week, he released what is ...

CHAVIS: Black and Latinos Must Work Together

The potential force of African-Americans and Latinos working together in business, politics, education, housing, family and community development are enormous.

ALFORD: A Major Blow to Minority Businesses

Ninety-eight percent of Black and Hispanic construction companies are non-union shops. Thus, a Project Labor Agreement greatly limits the opportunities for Black and Hispanic firms whenever they are used.

MUHAMMAD: The Pope, the Muslims, the Moon, American Alignment

For those who "read the signs" in nature, this is an awesome time. There was a convergence of major events, both natural and national, the likes of which has not been seen in a long, long time.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: What Does Ward 8 Get from New Arena?

What will this new arena mean for Ward 8? How will Ward 8, or residents east of the Anacostia River, benefit?

EDITORIAL: Latest Metro Meltdown Means More Consumer Blues

D.C. may have the country's second-largest subway system in the nation, but it's clear — crystal-clear — that we are far from having the kind of leadership needed to manage such a massive operation.

EDITORIAL: Marching for Justice or Else Makes Essential for Blacks

As final preparations are made for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, Blacks are being urged to return to the District with an attitude of peace and community.

LAMBERT: Blacks and Hispanics — Common Ground

A certain presidential candidate has gained a surprising amount of attention and support by scapegoating Latino immigrants for all of our nation's economic problems.

JOHNSON: Texting at the Wheel? It Can Wait

According to the National Safety Council, texting drivers are involved in over 200,000 vehicle crashes each year, often causing injuries and death.

JESSE JACKSON: Pope Francis Awakened Our Better Angels

Pope Francis has departed, but his words and his presence linger.

MUHAMMAD: Why Care About Iowa-New Hampshire Vote?

All over this country, the myth of the Great White Society is turning into dust, and Republicans loathe to accept the reality that is being manifested right before their eyes.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Young Black Males — Pushed Out and Pushed Away

We need to stand up and fight against unjust systems that often push young people out of school and onto the path to prison.

CHAVIS: Black Homeownership Matters

What is important to 45 million Black Americans today should be important to all Americans. Yet, as the economy in the United States continues to gradually recover from very a difficult and complex set of economic woes, the recovery of ...