LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: LeBron James Blessed for Taking the High Road

LeBron James is the only one to whom I would consider giving up my position as my children's hero, and would not feel any disappointment for it.


We cannot be consumed by bigotry and violence. It's way past time to disarm hate.

CLINGMAN: Building Bridges

We are quite familiar with famous Black men who were killed by assassins, but there are others who have died in that same manner and for similar reasons who are not celebrated, not remembered, and not memorialized.

Saving Community Newspapers in the Age of Facebook

Hundreds of newspapers have disappeared in the last 15 years and readership is on the decline. No newspaper is immune from the migration of readership to online platforms, dwindling ad revenues, fragmented audiences and even reduced attention spans.

MUHAMMAD: Forget 'Brexit' and 'Texit,' What About Our 'Blexit'?

The freed slaves never got a chance for any such "Blexit"-type vote. I think it's high time Black folks got a chance to choose.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Church Calls for Peace in the Hood

It seems like acts of violence have become so commonplace in the world, that we've almost grown apathetic to its effect — almost.

EDITORIAL: Prayers Answered as Walter Fauntroy Returns Home

Dorothy Fauntroy, the wife of longtime pastor and former Congressman Walter Fauntroy, once shared with The Washington Informer that while concerned over her husband's whereabouts and health following an extended absence to parts unknown, she remained prayerful. And on Monday, ...

EDITORIAL: Angola’s Yellow Fever Epidemic Could Become Next Global Crisis

There's been very little conversation or news coverage but world health officials are concerned about an outbreak of yellow fever in the African country of Angola that has the potential of becoming a global crisis.

JESSE JACKSON: What Clinton Better Learn from Brexit Vote

There is a clear warning here for Hillary Clinton. She is the candidate of the status quo at a time when people are looking for change.

JUMPER: Don't Take Away Needed Job Opportunities In Fight for Better Pay, Benefits

In the pursuit of higher wages and better benefits for full-time workers we ought not ignore those looking for flexible employment opportunities that meet their own specific needs.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: The Circle of Life

We begin by being totally dependent on others — normally our parents. However, as the days become months and years, we learn more about ourselves and discover the world in a new light.

MUHAMMAD: The Gentrification of the D.C. Statehood Push

I am convinced that if Black people are not careful and don't guard our dreams, we will wake up one day and discover that our most precious hopes and ambitions have been gentrified, stolen from our pillows while we slept ...

CLINGMAN: How Much Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Just who are we trying to convince that Black lives matter, other than politicians? And if Black lives matter, how much do they matter, how much are they worth?

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Inaction Not an Option After Orlando

How can inaction continue to be an option in the face of senselessness and intolerance fueled by guns? We must act to save our country's soul and the lives of our people — all of our people.

HILL HARPER: Web Access Needed to Close Digital Divide

The digital divide is real. Millions of brilliant, creative thinkers are still left behind, because they don't have affordable access to the Internet. So what can we do to change this paradigm?