EDITORIAL: Banish the Confederate Flag to a Museum

When Dylann Roof murdered nine African-Americans during Bible study at Mother Emanuel Church, he could have hardly imagined the consequences of his actions.

CHAVIS: July 4th — Taking Our Cue from Frederick Douglass

Though the keynote address was delivered 163 years ago in Rochester, New York, on the significance of the Fourth of July celebration in the United States, the roaring eloquence and penetrating clarity of Frederick Douglass' speech still rings true today.

DANIELS: Has the 'Lost Cause' Finally Lost?

Has the pernicious fiction that there was something honorable about the Confederate rebellion — treason in the defense of slavery, as one observer so trenchantly put it recently — finally been irredeemably shredded?

MALVEAUX: Rewriting Confederate History

On their website, the Sons of Confederate Veterans describe themselves as preserving the "history and legacy" of the Confederacy. Their organization, they say, is "dedicated to ensuring that a true history of the 1861-1865 period is preserved." I would suggest, ...

WHITAKER: Too Many White Americans Identify with Charleston Murderer

The atrocity in Charleston was not only a premeditated stab at the heart of black America and one of the moral epicenters of the African diaspora, it was the latest in a long history of calculated and explicit acts of ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: NNPA's Pick of Rolark Barnes Makes Sense

I want to extend my congratulations to your publisher Denise Rolark Barnes on her election as chairman of the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

MUHAMMAD: President Barack Obama’s Amazing Week

the reason Republicans generally, and arch-conservatives in particular, are so aggrieved these days is because of the recent good fortunes of Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States.

JESSE JACKSON: From Symbol to Substance, Is a New South Coming?

The blood of martyrs often changes the way we see.

FULLER: Nevada's New Education Savings Account No Cause for Celebration

While some may view the new Nevada Education Savings Account Program as a "landmark" victory for the parent choice movement, I do not. At least it is not a victory to those of us who are focused on helping low-income ...

MUHAMMAD: The 'Cause' is Lost — Torch the Confederate Flag

It's no secret that I abhor the Confederate battle flag, the treasonous traitors who fought under it, and all that it represents.

CHAVIS: Criminal Justice Reform Movement Emerging in America

An effective reform of the system of laws, courts, policies and institutions defined as the criminal justice system in the United States of America requires more than a principled public debate.

SCOTT: Our Views Regarding the Massacre at Emanuel AME Church

This massacre strikes at the heart of our democracy.

TURNER-LEE: Lifeline is Pathway to First Class, Digital Citizenship

Millions of low-income Americans will soon be able to access the Internet as part of the Lifeline program. That’s because the Federal Communications Commission, the agency responsible for its oversight, wants to add broadband to its suite of services.

MALVEAUX: Focus on Real Black Women, Not Imposters

While most African-Americans have concluded that Rachel Dolezal is a mentally impaired liar, too many Caucasians, obsessed with race, are likely to give this story legs. Meanwhile, there are millions of African-American women who are rendered invisible by the media.

CURRY: Whites Still Live in 'State of Denial' on Race

The unwillingness to face up to the raw racism that led to the murder of nine African-Americans attending Bible study at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, proves that the problem is more than just an "unresolved dilemma."