EDITORIAL: In Search of Equality

Darren Wilson will likely be absolved of killing Michael Brown, but the verdict won't be the end but just the continuation of the long walk to freedom.

EDITORIAL: We Salute You

We salute Argelia Rodriguez and the wonderful job DC-CAP has done under her leadership for the students and our community.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We Salute Our Veterans!

As a Vietnam Veteran who was drafted into the U.S. Army after high school, I know firsthand of the hardships a lot of us as African-Americans faced while serving.

MUHAMMAD: NAACP Owes an Apology to Black Republicans

Black folks in leadership often demand that there be "one set of rules" or a "level playing field" for everyone in "the game." The NAACP should be an exemplar of that principle and extend its "right hand of fellowship" to ...

MORIAL: Loretta Lynch is the Right Choice for Attorney General

We urge the Senate to confirm Loretta Lynch as the next United States attorney general without delay.

MALVEAUX: Loretta Lynch Deserves a Swift Confirmation

Loretta Lynch would be the first African-American woman to hold the position of attorney general. This history-making nomination should not be tarnished by partisan nonsense.

DANIELS: Midterm Election Lies and Consequences

The latest proof that the lethal Ebola virus is not a threat to the American public was greeted with deafening silence from Republican officialdom, the conservative echo chamber and their mainstream media allies, who had ginned up the Ebola "crisis" ...

CURRY: Sweet Home Alabama

Not that much has really changed in Sweet Home Alabama once you look beyond the surface.

CHAVIS: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey

I believe it is important for all people, especially for 45 million black Americans, to remember the leadership and legacy of Marcus Garvey.

JESSE JACKSON: Mitch McConnell is Clueless

Mitch McConnell is proving that he is a man of the past, not a leader for the future.

CHAVOUS: School Choice Emerging as a Go-To Issue for Black Voters

With each election, political experts can look at various voting patterns by certain groups to determine which issues are important to those groups.

MUHAMMAD: Election 2014 Strategy — Blame the Black Guy

What happened at the polls on Election Day 2014 was so plain that even Ray Charles could see it, even from the grave.

EDITORIAL: For the Good of the City

Now that the book has been closed on the 2014 mayoral elections, we hope that Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser and Mayor Vincent Gray will overcome and move past the tension that has lingered since Gray lost his bid for re-election in ...

EDITORIAL: Did Politicians Get the Message?

Politicians nationally should regard the midterm elections as a cautionary tale.


I was so sure that Anthony Brown would cruise to victory, but, like many others who watched this contest, I was very disappointed.