MUHAMMAD: Refugee Crisis is Africa's Shame

Amiri Baraka chilled my heart when he declared there's a "bridge of bones" on the sea floor, across the Atlantic Ocean, where as many as 30 million kidnapped Africans were tossed into the ocean every day during the Trans-Atlantic slave ...

CHAVIS: Emmett Till's Life Still Matters

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Racially motivated murder of young black Americans across the United States is not a new or rare phenomenon.

MALVEAUX: Can Hillary Clinton Survive Email Controversy?

What promised to be a sleepy Democratic glide to the nomination has evolved into, if not a contest, at least a challenge for Hillary Clinton.

MORIAL: Hurricane Katrina — A Decade of Recovery and Rebuilding

Ten years ago last week, Hurricane Katrina slammed its Category 3, 125 mph fury into the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. A decade later, much of my beloved hometown of New Orleans continues to bear the scars of one of ...

OGUNTOYINBO: Jimmy Carter is the Nation's Best Former President

I became an admirer of Jimmy Carter shortly after he took office as the nation's 39th president.

TRULL: Animal Research Unlocks Life-Saving AIDS Treatments

HIV/AIDS has transformed from a death sentence to, in many cases, a manageable chronic disease. For that transformation, we can thank animal research, the indispensable foundation of most medical and scientific studies. And yet many animal welfare advocates continue to ...

EDITORIAL: Emmett Till's Soul Still Seeks Justice

Today's youth may not understand the significance of tales about a young man from Chicago, just 14, who, like so many others, left his home in the North for summer vacation with family members in the South. But it's crucial ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: WI Katrina Report Positive and Encouraging

I have been fascinated reading all of the stories commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death and destruction leveled by Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. But your story in the Aug. 27 edition was the best ...

JESSE JACKSON: Insurgents Trump, Sanders Send a Message

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are raising issues that politicians in both parties can no longer duck.

SPRIGGS: The Case of Black Workers and Why the Fed Shouldn't Be Talking Interest Hike

The recently released minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve Board's Open Market Committee revealed there was serious discussion of the fact the labor market still showed signs of weakness.

WOOD: What Does a Racially Just Society Look Like?

If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, what would he have to say about the state of American race relations? What would he have to say about what America needs to do to reach the racial Promised Land?

MUHAMMAD: 'Straight Outta' Role Models

I’m not interested in the conspicuous artistic merits of any movie about these antisocial thugs turned gangsta rappers who turn around and take movie and TV roles as cops and secret federal agents, tricking, deceiving and betraying our people.

MORIAL: Remembering Julian Bond, a Giant Among Giants

Julian Bond was never one to shrink away from a worthy fight.

CURRY: Planned Attacks on Planned Parenthood

Conservatives are attacking Planned Parenthood so viciously that you would be forgiven if you thought that the organization was running for president as a Democrat.

MURPHY: Remembering Family Values

As I look at the world today, I wonder how we got here and where we go now.