JESSE JACKSON: Citizens Shouldn't Have to Demonstrate to be Treated Justly

It is utterly irresponsible to do nothing until the courts make the tape public and then shudder at the anticipated outraged response by Chicago residents.

MUHAMMAD: Only Fools Want to Engage ISIS in War

Republican voters are behaving like mythological lemmings, following xenophobe and race-baiter Donald Trump (and other right-wing presidential candidates) toward certain doom in a rhetorical war with the so-called Islamic State.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Shame on DC Water and Sewer Authority

My water bill was three times more this month than it was last month; what kind of craziness is that?

LAMBERT: A Bike Lane Too Far

Worshippers making their way across the street shouldn't be asked to dodge speeding bikes.

FLETCHER: Paris, Terror and the Forgotten

The mainstream U.S. media, by and large, has done little to make it known that there has been outrage across the Arab and Muslim Worlds in the face of these horrors.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: The Ugly Truths America Must Face

Across our country, an ugly and profoundly morally defective past is finally being brought into the light.

EDITORIAL: We Should Give Thanks 365 Days a Year

What would happen if we decided as a nation to give thanks for all that we have every day of our lives — 365 days a year?

MALVEAUX: Don't Believe the Holiday Hype

Whether you plan to spend or not, don't fall for the holiday hype.

MUHAMMAD: Efforts to Fight 'Radical Islam' Critically Flawed

Islam is not America's problem: In Islam can be found the solution to the problem.

CHAVIS: Stop the Trivialization and Preservation of Slavery and Racism

As one of the co-founders of the evolving environmental justice movement worldwide, I am always interested in how some people today who have amassed billionaire financial status view racism, slavery and the issues of diversity and inclusion.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Alzheimer's Story Personal and Informative

I found your article, “Alzheimer’s – Recognizing the Symptoms, Signs and Stages,” in the Nov. 12 edition of The Washington Informer to be very personal and touching.

EDITORIAL: With Honeymoon Over, Can Bowser Effectively Rebound?

With the honeymoon over, she will need to show her true mettle and get the ship in order.

EDITORIAL: Paris Attacks Remind Us of the Fragility of Life

With the announcement of ramped-up security, particularly for U.S. transportation systems and the District's major tourist attractions, coming on the heels of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and with an Islamic State video warning of a Paris-style attack here ...

CLINGMAN: Black Athletes Show Power at Mizzou

Recollections of my 1995 article on the business of college athletics danced in my head when I heard the news about the University of Missouri football team's refusal to play until the president resigns or is dismissed.

WASHINGTON: Change Gon Come

Oftentimes in the Bible, whenever someone begins to accept Christ, challenges await.