MORIAL: Bipartisan Jobs Bill Tackles Urban and Youth Unemployment

Just when it seemed Congress was no longer capable of working together on any level to serve the best interests of the American people, on July 9 members of both parties in the House of Representatives joined forces to pass ...

MALVEAUX: Dogs Eat Better than 1 Million Children

While the institution of apartheid no longer exists, the structural basis for apartheid is alive and well, given the level of poverty, the lack of jobs, and limited opportunities for education.

CHAVIS: The Black Press — The Voice of Black America (Part III)

A healthy Black Press is essential to the socioeconomic, political, cultural and spiritual liberation and empowerment of Black America.

CURRY: A Victory for Affirmative Action

Amidst the tragic news of last week, there was a bit of good news between the warring Republicans and President Obama: A federal appeals court, acting on a case remanded by the Supreme Court, upheld the University of Texas' modest ...

MUHAMMAD: Thinking 'Black' Necessary but not Sufficient

it was and is important for Black people in America and all over the planet to "think Black" — but that's not enough.

FLETCHER: U.S. Foreign Policy Led to Border Crisis

The immigration from Mexico and Central America cannot be understood outside of understanding U.S. foreign policy and, specifically, the relationship of the U.S. towards Mexico and Central America.

EDITORIAL: Give Us Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses?

A callousness, cynicism and meanness seems to have taken hold of sections of this country and it's being exhibited most clearly in the influx of more than 50,000 Central American children here.

EDITORIAL: Marijuana Decriminalization

As of midnight July 18, D.C. residents caught carrying less than an ounce of marijuana will get a $25 ticket because the decriminalization law went into effect. There are still unanswered questions but this is a good first step.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Voters Make the Difference

When I read James Wright's article, "Jolly Wins Ward 8 Board of Education Race," which appeared in the July 17 edition, and saw the total number of residents who voted in the election, it hurt so bad I wanted to ...

SPRIGGS: Trying to Understand What Makes Sense

In the case of water and sewage bonds and the city of Detroit, the hike in water rates involves the perverse logic Chapter 9 was intended to avoid.

JESSE JACKSON: Treat Children at Our Borders with Humanity

America, famously, is a land of immigrants. But these children are not immigrants. They are refugees seeking safety.


As neighbors, members of civic organizations, sororities and fraternities, and faith communities, create connections for children, youth, and families in your communities who may be suffering silently with no support from family or friends.

CURRY: Republicans' Selective Memory on Executive Orders

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, arguably the most overrated U.S. president in history, there they go again. They, of course, are Republicans in the House of Representatives.

MUHAMMAD: Why I'm Boycotting White House Ramadan Dinner

I cannot stomach the idea of attending the White House Islamic event to watch the duplicitous and hypocritical pronouncements of even-handedness toward the Muslim world while the White House gives Israel the green light to brutally trample Muslim rights and ...

CHAVIS: The Black Press — The Voice of Black America (Part II)

The Black Press of America not only reports the news, but we are also responsible to share perspectives about how to further improve the economic condition of Black America.