ALLISON: Every Day is Ferguson

While prominent African-American leaders shout their outrage from microphones and television studios and the rest of us express our sadness and anger in the barber shops, salons and churches, we fail to realize an essential hard truth: Incidents like Ferguson ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We Must Act Like Black Lives Matter

How can we expect others to think that we value our lives when we continue to kill each other so easily?

MALVEAUX: The Real Barack Obama Re-Emerges

President Obama knocked it out of the park during the State of the Union address. Instead of the kumbaya thing, he laid out his priorities to a Republican Congress that will likely block much of what he proposed.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: MLK Left Blueprint for Eradicating Poverty

How can it be that the top 1 percent of Americans enjoy more of the nation's wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined and that millions of children are hungry and homeless and poorly educated?

CHAVIS: 50 Years of Black Progress

Has Black America made significant progress politically, socially and economically over the past 50 years? This is not only an important question to pose, it is equally important to answer.

BURKE: CBC Members Visit Ferguson, Mo.

What do the leaders who have come out of the Ferguson movement want to push in terms of police and what is their strategy?

EDITORIAL: A Rightful Focus on Black and Latino Boys

We applaud Muriel Bowser, Kaya Henderson and all involved for recognizing this vital need and taking the opportunity to do something different.

EDITORIAL: Crisis Averted

In 2015, we live squarely in the age of cyber-threats, drones, malware and cybersecurity.

KUNJUFU: Why Are So Many Black Girls Suspended?

Did you know 12 percent of Black females are suspended? Have Black girls been overlooked? Is the Black community comfortable and OK with 12 percent? I am not.

MUHAMMAD: Congressional Black Republican Caucus is Born

While the idea of Black Republicans elected officials forming a caucus might seem somewhat oxymoronic, it's not such a far-fetched idea anymore.

JESSE JACKSON: Beyond the Bridge — The Suppression Never Ended

The stirring film "Selma" ends with Dr. King leading civil rights marchers across the bridge and to passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It will help a new generation of Americans appreciate that historic accomplishment. But what should ...

SPRIGGS: Poor — The Four-Letter Word Politicians Avoid

We need a national accounting that measures what the nation needs. And with so many poor children, the deficits we face if we let people be "priced out" will not be close.

JESSE JACKSON: State of the Union is a Tale of Two Americas

The State of the Union is a tale of two Americas. One America has unprecedented income, profits and wealth, while the other America's real unemployment rate is over 11 percent, wages and income for basic workers are frozen in place, ...

MUHAMMAD: 'Selma,' Lyndon Johnson and Voting Rights

It's funny how a publicly inflicted injustice can turn someone or something ordinary into a hero.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Praise for Alsobrooks

But one of the greatest achievements Prince George's County has made over the past few years was when we elected Angela D. Alsobrooks as state's attorney.