ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: Another Chapter in Remarkable Career of Ben Carson

Ben Carson will work tirelessly on behalf of the American people, including those in our rural and urban communities to assure that all Americans have affordable, safe and quality homes.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Men Must Unite to Remove the Bull's-Eye off Our Backs

Because of my skin color, I leave my home each day wondering if there's some kind of bull's-eye on my back.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Give Obama His Credit Due

Let's give Barack Obama his due. Yes, he will go down in history as the first African-American president in the U.S., but he should also be given credit for the legacy of accomplishments he leaves behind.

BURKE: Clinton Gets 2 Million More Votes Than Trump, Everyone Pretends Not to Notice

Imagine if Donald Trump got two million more votes than Hillary Clinton, but by some fluke of Electoral College math, Clinton won. What would Trump be saying?

FLETCHER: If Trump's Against Terrorism, He Should Register White Nationalists First

I have been trying to figure out how there can be any discussion of registering Muslims due to alleged national security concerns, when it is documented that the major source of terrorism in the United States since 9/11 has been ...

MALVEAUX: How Americans Lost Faith in Everything and Found Donald Trump

If we don't trust each other, how do we come together to organize, to resist the corrosiveness of the callous, racist, misogynistic leadership that Mr. Trump offers our nation?

MUHAMMAD: Trump's Cabinet a White Billionaire Boys & Girls Club

Donald J. Trump, the wealthiest man ever elected President of the United States, has set about assembling the richest Cabinet in U.S. history.

EDITORIAL: Will Bowser-Trump Meeting Matter for D.C. Residents?

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser requested and was granted a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump earlier this week, traveling to the soon-to-be-president's New York City posh living quarters.

JESSE JACKSON: A Moral Appeal to Donald Trump

When people are frightened, hatred can spiral out of control.

ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: Trump Will Make the Middle East Great Again, Too

The election of Donald J. Trump signals very dark days ahead. Not for the American people, of course, but for our nation's enemies and adversaries in the Middle East.

MUHAMMAD: Most Americans Have It All Wrong About Castro, Cuba

In this country, the propaganda is so rabid that even those who are seen as "progressive" in the corporate political establishment are expected to condemn Castro, a hero around the world, and demand unjustified concessions from Havana from simple normalized ...

BURKE: Democrats Should Utilize Their Strongest Voting Bloc — Black Women

To say that all quarters of Democratic Party leadership is in need of change is a vast understatement.

CHAVIS: Facebook's 'Ethnic Affinities' Is Digital Racism and It's Time to End It

Inside the United States, racism is institutionalized and we have the evidence that this dreadful, racially discriminatory system of oppression now has been digitized thanks to Facebook.

FLETCHER: No Ma'am, Trump Does Not Deserve a Chance

There is no giving Trump a chance. We have witnessed the rise to the presidency of an open misogynist, racist and xenophobe.

LOUW: Why I Support the #FeesMustFall Movement

Not even apartheid could match the tenacity of South African youth.