WILLIAMS: When Will Slaughter End?

After all of the senseless killings in schools, in churches, in workplaces, on streets by civilians and by those charged to protect and to serve us, I cannot help but wonder, when will it end?

JACKSON: Republican Leadership Trumped Again

House Speaker John Boehne's resignation was a direct result of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy — not Trump the person but rather what Trump represents.

MORIAL: Stand Your Ground — A License to Kill

Trayvon Martin's unjust death at the hands of a trigger-happy, self-described neighborhood watchman continues to shock and live on in our nation's collective consciousness.

MUHAMMAD: Hatred in White American DNA

The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. The White American body politic is full of hatred for Black people.

MALVEAUX: Ben Carson, Brother From Another Planet

When neurosurgeon Ben Carson started flirting with a presidential run, I thought he had lost his mind. Now that he has jumped into the fray, opening his mouth one too many times, I know he has.

EDITORIAL: The Audacity of Demanding Gun Control

One has to wonder how many more murders we have to witness and suffer through before we abandon our Wild, Wild West mentality where all good men are allowed to carry a gun on their hips and use it to ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Put Porter in Starting Lineup

I believe that the Washington Wizards need to have Otto Porter in the starting lineup so that he, Beal and Wall can grow and get used to each other's moves on the court.

JESSE JACKSON: Alabama's New Jim Crow Far From Subtle

In Alabama, 50 years after Selma, voting rights are once more under assault.

CHAVIS: Ford Motor Co. Encourages HBCU Achievement

Ford Motor Company and Ford Motor Company Fund are reaching out to students attending historically black colleges and universities for the third edition of their Ford HBCU Community Challenge Competition.

MORIAL: Pope Francis' Message of Compassion

The recent arrival of Pope Francis on our shores has rekindled our national conversation over how we will protect and care for our marginalized, provide access to our disenfranchised communities and promote justice for all.

CURRY: Jeb Bush is Wrong about Blacks Wanting 'Free Stuff'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush thinks he can become president of the United States if Republicans can double their share of the Black vote in several key states. But he, like his GOP comrades, is demonstrating how not to accomplish ...

DANIELS: Ben Carson's Ugly Hypocrisy

From the moment he surfaced in 2013 as White conservatives' latest "Great Black Hope," Ben Carson has made any number of offensive remarks typical of the conservative commentary of the Obama years. But early last week, he released what is ...

CHAVIS: Black and Latinos Must Work Together

The potential force of African-Americans and Latinos working together in business, politics, education, housing, family and community development are enormous.

ALFORD: A Major Blow to Minority Businesses

Ninety-eight percent of Black and Hispanic construction companies are non-union shops. Thus, a Project Labor Agreement greatly limits the opportunities for Black and Hispanic firms whenever they are used.

MUHAMMAD: The Pope, the Muslims, the Moon, American Alignment

For those who "read the signs" in nature, this is an awesome time. There was a convergence of major events, both natural and national, the likes of which has not been seen in a long, long time.