CHAVIS: No Better Time to End Racial Profiling

The Gray tragedy is not an isolated case. It is symptomatic of a criminal justice system gone mad with racism and bigotry.

CURRY: Baltimore Is Not Ferguson

Baltimore is not Ferguson. That was evident by opposite official reactions to the death of an unarmed African American male killed at the hands of local police in the respective cities.

FIELDS: 'Thug' is in the Eye of the Beholder

The anger over Gray's death should come as no surprise in a city that has had a history of questionable police tactics and where jobs and opportunity are foreign concepts for the masses of the city's Black majority.

FLETCHER: Global Migration is About Survival

The recent deaths of more than a thousand African refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in order to get to Europe highlights an on-going and growing global migration crisis.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Little League Sports Stories Missing

We have a very successful little league sports community in this area.

EDITORIAL: Justice at Last?

Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby's decision to bring charges against the six police officers implicated in Freddie Gray's death has helped quell the anger and resentment that fueled the looting and burning that rocked Baltimore last week.

MUHAMMAD: Is Baltimore Black America's 'Defining Moment?'

Bearing in mind that a decade passed from the murder of Emmett Till and the Montgomery Bus Boycott until the first major Civil Rights legislation was passed in the mid-1960s, what we see in Baltimore today is like what we ...

JESSE JACKSON: Without Fear or Favor

Marilyn Mosby's action was a courageous one.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Cornel West's Powerful Words

I truly believe our young people need to believe that they are more than what they believe themselves to be. They need to challenge the notion of those who think that they can be no more than thugs and gangsters.

MUHAMMAD: Face to Face with Racial Hatred in Baltimore and Beyond

There are two factors which make the recent death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore so despicable. The method of his execution and the reason he fell into the custody of those brutes with badges who murdered him.

TURNER-LEE: Justice for the Community, All from a Cellphone

Reliance on mobile technology clearly supports many personal conveniences, but what happens when it is used for social justice?

MORIAL: Eradicating Childhood Poverty One Nose at a Time

No matter what continent, country or community you call home, growing up in a poor family does not happen by chance, which means defeating childhood poverty will not happen without employing targeted, effective strategies.

Loretta Lynch Came From a Family of Activists

Loretta Lynch, in addition to being well-qualified to be the attorney general of the U.S. as an accomplished federal prosecutor and legal scholar, also comes from a strong black American family that has made outstanding contributions and sacrifices toward the ...

ALFORD: Clintons' Financial Hustles

The reputations of Bill and Hillary Clinton have become legendary.

EDITORIAL: When Will This Madness End?

In an incident that has become depressingly familiar, Baltimore is now the latest American city struggling with the fallout from the death of yet another black man at the hands of the police.