MUHAMMAD: A Government of 'Men' and Not Laws

To say that the legal outcome of any dispute in the United States is a function of scientific-like "laws" which function immutably for all regardless of whom or what is nothing more than a joke.

DANIELS: Equal Pay for Women Helps Us All

Could you use an additional $24,000 in your yearly wages? How about nearly $19,000? Or even just another $11,000 to $12,000? Those figures are what you get — or rather, what women who work full-time don't get — because of ...

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Improving the Odds for America's Children

Our children are in trouble and our nation is in trouble, and we must reset our moral and economic compasses.

FLETCHER: Progressives Should Campaign Against the Supreme Court

The conservative majority of the Supreme Court has gone out of its way to ensure the political supremacy of what the Occupy Movement called the 1 percent — the plutocrats.

MALVEAUX: Women Get Unequal Pay for Equal Work

Race and gender continue to shape the opportunities that African-American women have, and race and gender continue to marginalize us Black women.

JACKSON: Whitewashing Republican Support of Civil Rights

One of the best kept secrets over the past 50 years is that, proportionately, Republicans in Congress supported passage of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act by a much wider margin than Democrats.

JEFFERSON: D.C. Must Ensure HIV Treatment

The D.C. Council now has an opportunity to ensure that people living with HIV and other medical conditions have access to the medications they need to maintain good health.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Learning Never Ends!

It was a surprise to me to learn that the University of Connecticut men’s basketball coach, Kevin Ollie, was the fourth African-American head coach to win the NCAA Tournament.

EDITORIAL: The Civil Rights Act, 50 Years Later

One of the good things about anniversary observances and related celebrations is that they offer us a vantage point from which to gauge our progress as a country and as a people.

JESSE JACKSON: America Needs to Build Upon What LBJ Gave Us

Fifty years later, former President Lyndon Johnson got the tribute he more than earned.

MALVEAUX: The Audacity of Voting

I guess everyone doesn't like voting as much as I do. Only a quarter of those eligible to vote in the District of Columbia did so.

JACKSON: African Diplomats Shun Black Business Owners

For those who are not followers of Africa, it’s important to remember that the continent of Africa is extremely patriarchal.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: 'Mama, Get Me Away From Around Here!'

Today, almost one year after I first wrote about Ka'nard Allen, his story — and the stories of several other children whose lives are connected to his — remains a searing example of how pervasive gun violence in our nation’s ...

DANIELS: The GOP's Desperate Double-Down Game

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court added another layer of bricks to the wall conservatives are trying to build to transform the American political system from a "one person, one vote" democracy into one that is ruled — via legislative ...

CURRY: Acceptance by 8 Ivies Doesn't Remove Race Stigma

You would think that news of a high school student from a family of African immigrants getting accepted into all eight Ivy League universities would be met with universal celebration. If you thought that, think again.