Each week, The Informer has served as the metaphorical mirror, window, looking glass, microscope, magnifying glass, and telescopic view of the African-American community in Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Good News for Children When Congress Works Together

While we rarely hear good news these days about Congress, I have some to share.

DANIELS: Black a Black Man, the Ebola Version

To read and hear much of the commentary and charges from conservative pundits, talk-show jockeys and Republican members of Congress, one would think Ebola is on the verge of spreading like wildfire.

CURRY: U.S. Trails More Than 100 Countries in Voter Turnout

Lost in the frenzy to erect barriers to voting, including reducing the hours available for early voting and imposing strict voter ID requirements, is the embarrassing fact that the United States lags behind more than 100 countries in the percentage ...

CHAVIS: Jesse Jackson Makes a Difference

For some reasons, over the years, there has been a counterproductive trend and tendency among national black American leaders not to say something complimentary about one another.

MORIAL: The Rise and Fall of Voter ID Laws

Despite many attempts to keep certain groups from the polls, champions for democracy and civil rights continue to fight to protect our voting rights.

JESSE JACKSON: Wall Street Lacks Diversity

Diversity isn't just a moral and legal imperative. It is good business, too.

MORIAL: NUL BACKS 'Put Our Children First'

In recent weeks, the latest major steps towards realizing the Brown v. Board of Education guarantee that education "is a right which must be made available to all on equal terms" have been taken.

CURRY: Republicans Still Earn an 'F' on Civil Rights

When it comes to issues important to the civil rights community, every Republican in the House and Senate gets an 'F.'

MUHAMMAD: Ebola, Africans, at Home and Abroad

Even though three times as many people have died in this country from influenza within the last 30 days than have died from Ebola, Americans are frightened out of their wits about Ebola, the cruel hemorrhagic disease associated with three ...

DANIELS: Ebola's Other Consequence — Conservative Fearmongering

Thomas Eric Duncan's death was sufficient to trip yet another outbreak of a different kind of horrible virus that has been coursing through American society for the past six years. This virus shows itself as the workings of a diseased ...


Though the national focus is often on the racially biased ways boys of color are treated, girls of color face many of the same risks from the cradle through adulthood that impact their life chances for success.

MALVEAUX: Ebola Knows No Borders

Many see Ebola as an "African disease," just as they once saw HIV/AIDS as a "gay disease." Only when these diseases began to affect a different demographic did legislature direct funds to those organizing HIV awareness.

EDITORIAL: Celebration!

This week, 50 years ago, a visionary from Texas, who made the District of Columbia home and became in many ways this city’s heartbeat, launched the first edition of The Washington Informer.

EDITORIAL: A Nobel Tribute

Much of the world is applauding the newest and youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient.