EDITORIAL: New Law Changes Education Landscape

Closing the achievement gap and ensuring the educational success for every child, regardless of their race, economic status, learning needs, or their permanent or temporary zip code, is a right that remains elusive for children of color, particularly those who ...

EDITORIAL: America Wrong to Ignore Haiti's Plight

The impact of Hurricane Matthew continues to be felt in the U.S., particularly in North Carolina where lingering floodwaters have resulted in the deaths of dozens of citizens. But in the beleaguered island nation of Haiti, the devastation is overwhelming.

JESSE JACKSON: We the People Must Set the Political Agenda

What Sunday night's debate made clear is how important it is for the people to set the agenda after the election. Voting is vital but not sufficient. What we do can change the national agenda and force action.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Reed on Point in Critique of MGM 'Promises'

How many projects will it take to get things right? How many "next times" will there be?

MUHAMMAD: Suppose White Orthodoxy Is Wrong

Get over it, white people. You'll never again have it like you had it with the rest of the world's people.

CHAVIS: Silicon Valley Is Too Exclusive, Still Far Too White

Silicon Valley lacks diversity to its eventual detriment.

MALVEAUX: Keith Lamont Scott Video Footage Too Little, Too Late

The compelling reason for the Charlotte police to release all of the videos is because there is a significant difference between what they say happened and what the Scott family says.

MARYLAND: Managing Pain, Opioid Addiction in Black Community

As America grapples with prescription opioid addiction, an epidemic shattering communities across our nation, health care providers face a challenging question: How can we help patients treat and manage their pain while reducing the risk of addiction?

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Dorothy Was Right — There's No Place Like Home

Last weekend I traveled back to Detroit, the city where I was born and raised. After leaving Michigan almost 30 years ago, I have occasionally returned but rarely with any sense of joy or excitement. This time, however, was different.

EDITORIAL: Got (Free) Milk?

A Virginia student is facing prosecution in Prince William County for allegedly stealing a carton of milk from the school cafeteria. Need we say the student is an African-American male?

EDITORIAL: Metro Has Riders Fed Up

Metrorail riders have grown weary over the many problems associated with the transportation agency, not the least being the lack of reliability and safety.

JESSE JACKSON: Counting My Blessings at Age 75

This Saturday is my 75th birthday. I have been blessed to see how many of the seeds we planted have taken root and turned to sturdy trees.

EDITORIAL: Reparations Bill Must Move Forward

Reparations to people of African descent who have endured a long history of racial violence going back to slavery is an issue that should not remain dormant any longer.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Black History Museum Changing America's Narrative

The Sept. 24 opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture is the realization of a dream that's been a very long time coming.

CLINGMAN: Turnabout Is Fair Play

Why can't more of us see that economics is the key to our freedom and the answer to the problems we talk about all the time?