LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Blacks Should Reconsider Power of the Boycott

It has long been known that hitting the pocketbook of the oppressors is the most powerful way to initiate change.

EDITORIAL: Fidel Castro Celebrated

The recent passing of former Cuban President Fidel Castro has raised the voices of only a few African-American civil rights leaders commenting about Castro's legacy and influence on the world.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: TV Moms — The Next Best Thing to Being There

The sudden death of Florence Henderson, known to millions as Carol Brady on the '70s hit show "The Brady Bunch," reminded me of the many television mothers that I used to "adopt" from time to time during my childhood — ...

JESSE JACKSON: Castro Paradoxes Can't Be Reduced to Black, White

We need a broader view, a more clear-eyed analysis of the man and his times.

COOPER: Memo to Kanye West and Other Non-Voters

President Obama was once caught on an open mic calling Kanye West a "jackass." I agreed with the president's characterization in 2009 and it remains an accurate one today. Not necessarily because West is a Donald Trump supporter, but, more ...

JACKSON: Trump Won — Stop Whining and Grow Up, Hillary Supporters

Listening to these liberals whine and complain proves that they still don't get why their candidate lost.

MORIAL: Do Not Be Complacent in the Face of Hate

Since Election Day, there has been a disheartening spike in hate crimes and harassment. The surge in hate crimes is even more horrifying when you recognize that these acts of violence and hate are being done in the name of ...

MUHAMMAD: I'm Boycotting — Black Friday Until Jan. 2

I, for one, am committed to boycotting Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 in Trumpland with my dollars, and I urge everyone else to do likewise in the name of black solidarity, in the way of redistributing our pain to ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: America Greater than One Man — Even Donald Trump

Yes, Donald Trump is our president, but he is also a man, and we should not fear him.

EDITORIAL: Has Hatred Become America's New Normal?

We see the emboldened actions and boisterous chants of those who want our country to return to a more "gentler, kinder, greater" time — a time when America was clearly dominated by whites and when those of other races, creeds, ...

EDITORIAL: Giving Thanks Should Be a Daily Act

Giving thanks should be something we do every day.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Who Will Be Left When They Come for You?

It seems like many whites have grown tired of playing the game of civility.

JESSE JACKSON: Trump's Cabinet nominations Are Calculated Insult

President-elect Donald Trump protests that he isn't really the racist, sexist, anti-immigrant Islamaphobe that his rhetorical excesses in the presidential campaign suggested he was.


Despite significant accomplishments over time, the African-American community still faces major hurdles.

MUHAMMAD: I'm Through With White People

White people in the United States just lost a decisive contest against their ultra-white, white selves.