LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Enjoying Your 'Invaluable Information'

Please keep up the good work, because if you don't bring it to us, no one else will.

EDITORIAL: We Still Need to Bring Back Our Girls

It has been more than a year since the militant jihadi group Boko Haram stormed an all-girls secondary school and kidnapped about 300 girls in Chibok, northern Nigeria.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Nabs Midsummer Classic

Commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred has thrilled Washington, the Washington Nationals and baseball lovers here with the news that Washington, D.C., will host the 2018 All-Star Game.

EDITORIAL: The Obama-Jamaica Lovefest

The Jamaican diaspora community, as well of those who live in the tiny island nation, are still buzzing after President Barack Obama's visit on April 9.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Absent Candidates

Why does so-called "handpicked successor" Brandon Todd think that it is acceptable for him to be absent from the debates where candidates can express their positions on important city issues in front of the very citizens who can vote them ...

MUHAMMAD: Hillary Clinton Makes It Official

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s entrance into the 2016 presidential derby strikes me as more like a force of nature, than like a cause we can believe in.

ALFORD: The 'Show Me' State is Finally Showing the Way in Business

Going from one city council member to three council members is improvement.

CURRY: Controversy Over Videotaping Cops

As we can now see, video can be a game-changer.

DANIELS: Facing 'Officer Friendly' While Black

Without the video, North Charleston, South Carolina, police Officer Michael T. Slager would likely have gotten away with murder.

FLETCHER: U.S. and U.N. Failed Somalia

Somalia lay in shambles, subject to external rape, pirating, conflicts among warlords, foreign invasions, brief moments of calm and ultimately the rise of jihadist terrorism. Through all of this, it has felt that much, if not most, of the rest ...

MALVEAUX: Should African-Americans Endorse Whites Over Blacks?

When all else is equal, I choose to vote for the African-American candidate instead of the white one.

Apple's Teachable Moment

In an industry already notorious for being out of touch with the broader opportunity gap in America, the company's leadership has an opportunity to do much more: to lead the tech field on inclusion as much as it already leads ...

CHAVOUS: The 'Dumbing Down' of American Education

Indeed, we have dumbed down education and learning so much that the education of our children is embodied by meaningless platitudes, hollow promises and just plain dishonesty.

CHAVIS: Time to End Mass Incarceration

How is it that the richest nation on Earth and the most technologically advanced society now has the largest prison population in the world?

CLINGMAN: Reviving the Spirit of the Million Man March

Having seen how black people are mistreated in this country, not only historically but currently, I thought about that gloriously perfect day on which more than 1 million strong black men stood on Washington's mall, loving, trusting and respecting one ...