MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: America Needs a Diversity Map

Sometimes childhood experiences motivate a lifetime of extraordinary work. That is certainly true for Georgetown University Law School professor and bioethicist Patricia King, a brilliant scholar and one of the most effective leaders you may not know.

DANIELS: A License to Kill Black Men

From nearly the moment he was attacked by a New York City police officer July 18, the world has, via that chilling video, watched Eric Garner die. Are we now about to see the "traditions" that led to his death ...

CHAVIS: Yes, Marching Still Makes a Difference

As always, there are detractors who argue that civil rights marches, while helpful in the past, are passé in an era of a black family occupying the White House. They are wrong.

MUHAMMAD: Marion Barry a 'Pure Spirit'

Marion S. Barry Jr. — D.C.'s "Mayor for Life," indeed, "Mayor Forever" — taught us so many lessons in his lifetime and maybe even more valuable lessons in his departure from this life.

EDITORIAL: Marion Barry, The Legacy Begins…

When he died on Nov. 23, a number of friends, colleagues and former employees of Mayor Marion Barry worried about how he'd be sent home.

EDITORIAL: A Sleeping Giant

A sleeping giant has been awakened, and the struggle for the heart and soul of this country has begun anew.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Barry will be Missed

For all the good deeds he did for residents and the city, Marion Barry certainly deserved the recognition that will be long etched in the minds of the people he loved and those who loved him.

JESSE JACKSON: Put Those Police Cameras on the Bankers

The streams of alienation and disparities are converging into a river. Injustices in this new age are not only inflammable, they are increasingly inflamed.

SPRIGGS: Why They Call It a Labor 'Market' — What Obama Got Wrong

While the president sensibly offered meaningful relief to the parents of millions of American children with his immigration reform plan, he also went in a wrong direction offering policy on temporary work visas.

MUHAMMAD: Whom Can You Call When the Cops are the Murderers?

I would have thought that by now, there would be so much revulsion over the treatment of Black folks, especially the males, that there would be universal consensus that White cops, district attorneys and crooked judges are up to no ...

CURRY: A Perverted View of Black-on-Black Crime

Both Rudy Giuliani and Darren Wilson are entitled to have their opinions of African-Americans, however flawed. But their biases should not cost Michel Brown or anyone else their life.

FLETCHER: The Two Minds of Obama

President Obama was right on the money in announcing his executive order on immigration.

BURKE: Same Old Problem, Same Old Response

African-Americans have been dealing with police brutality for decades. Until new leadership and forceful solutions arrive, the community will continue to deal with it.

ALFORD: Marion Barry was a Personal Hero

We recently lost Marion Barry, an American icon, who changed this nation in ways most people don't understand.

EDITORIAL: Marion Barry, RIP

Since his untimely death last week, residents in the District of Columbia and around the region and the country have mourned the passing of former Mayor Marion S. Barry.