EDITORIAL: Olympics Underscore Benefits of America's Diversity

Who says America doesn't win anymore?

EDITORIAL: Two D.C. Schools Hope to Make Difference

With the $127 million overhaul of Roosevelt High in the Petworth community finally completed and reopening this school year, and the grand opening of Ron Brown College Preparatory High School in northwest, D.C. Public Schools has made a bold step ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Trump Is Wrong — Black Community Has Much to Lose

Once again the Republican candidate for president of the United States has spoken before thinking.

JESSE JACKSON: Democrats Don't Get Blank Check from Black Voters

Democrats are going to have to work to earn black votes again, not simply inherit them.

MUHAMMAD: Poor Whites Need a Booker T., Not a Donald J.

Let me say right out: a man like Booker T. Washington is the answer to the plight of angry white folks in Appalachia and other pockets of suffering, not Donald J. Trump.

CHAVIS: Enhancing Black-Owned Newspapers in the Age of Social Media

The National Newspaper Publishers Association salutes the first class of the Discover the Unexpected NNPA Journalism Fellowship program and congratulates the students on taking the next successful step in their professional careers.

CLINGMAN: Rebuilding Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street was burned to the ground in 1921 by a White mob.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Children's Books Don't Reflect True America

Children of color are now a majority of all public school students and will soon be a majority of all children in America, yet children's books and the publishing industry have failed to keep up with the rainbow of our ...

MALVEAUX: Shirley Chisholm and Women's Fight for True Equality

Few would have predicted that a woman would have more than a fighting chance of winning the presidency. And yet the very campaign that signals progress is also one that illustrates how much more work needs to be done before ...

My 11-Hour-Day, 11-Months-a-Year Middle School Shaped Me

One of the most important moments came when I followed my brother Michael to Washington Jesuit Academy 8 years ago.


The Washington Informer continues to outshine all of the other community newspapers.

EDITORIAL: Will Milwaukee Become the New Baltimore?

Will Milwaukee become the new Baltimore, a city torn apart by violence and fueled by years of anger and frustration among many Blacks that have now reached their boiling point?

EDITORIAL: Orange Does the Right Thing for All Citizens

Council member Vincent B. Orange officially resigned on Monday and is readying himself to take over as the new head of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce. It was the right thing to do.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Beware the Power of the Tongue

Words not only have great power but they can hurt.

JESSE JACKSON: The Shame of Milwaukee

Now it is Milwaukee. On Saturday, a car with two African-American men was stopped for "suspicion." The men fled, the policeman pursued, and the driver, reportedly armed, was shot and killed. And Milwaukee exploded.