BAILEY: Invest in Poor to Curb Black-on-Black Crime

One of the most significant and very harmful results of our refusal organize a national unity movement to promote and protect our cultural, economic, political, educational, health and legal interest is the much-too-high rate of homicides in too many urban ...

CLINGMAN: Stop the Economic Bleeding in Our Communities

There is a crisis of monumental proportion in our so-called "Black communities" — a crisis that if not checked will prove to be our demise.

JESSE JACKSON: U.S. Must Renew Infrastructure or Face Decline

America is literally falling apart.

MUHAMMAD: Forget 'Great Again' — Who Can 'Save' America?

Is the country better or worse off? Is there anything in America's future that should make folks tremble?

BURKE: Obama Finds Flint, Mich.

On May 4, President Barack Obama spent the whole day in Flint, Michigan. He also drank a glass of filtered water.

CLINGMAN: Let's Follow Talk With More Action on Black Issues

No matter who is doing the talking, if there is no subsequent follow-through, quite frankly, what's the point?

HILLARY CLINTON: Restoring Faith In Democracy

There are several steps we should take immediately to restore trust in our democracy.

MORIAL: State of Black America 2016 — 'Locked Out: Educations, Jobs, Justice'

As we observe the 40th anniversary of the State of Black America, the similarities between the United States of 1976 and the United States of 2016 are profoundly striking.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Informer Hits Another Home Run

I really hope Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is able to get some sort of policy through Congress to help make it more equitable for minority businesses.

EDITORIAL: In Support of an All-Male Academy

When we first heard about the District's plan to invest $20 million into a program that would address the decades-long achievement gap experienced by Black and Hispanic males with the establishment of an all-boys college preparatory high school east of ...

EDITORIAL: Worth a Breath of Fresh Air

May is Asthma Awareness Month — a time set aside to focus on the causes, prevention and cure for the chronic lung disease that takes the breath away from children and adults all year long.

JESSE JACKSON: Chicago Is Desperate for Action

The vast majority think the city is on the wrong track, with the greatest unity found in their unfavorable opinion about the job Mayor Rahm Emanuel is doing.

MUHAMMAD: Dropping the Mic for My White House Exit

As President Barack Obama takes his final White House victory lap — six months until Election Day, eight months and some change until the inauguration of his successor — I find that like many others, I am already beginning to ...

CLINGMAN: Stop Whining, Start Grinding

Black folks are now so engulfed in presidential candidates, thinking once again that our salvation somehow lies within them.

MALVEAUX: In McKesson's Bid, Inspiration for a Movement Shines

Social change happens from both inside and outside.