LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Concern for Black Males

D.C. Council member Mary Cheh challenge of Mayor Muriel Bower's "Empowering Males of Color" initiative is another instance of someone using their position to stop something and not understanding the problems that have plagued our community for years.

EDITORIAL: Hate and Division

Somehow it escapes these people that it’s OK to disagree with the president without getting personal and vicious and that these racist jags continue to alienate blacks and other people of color, whom the GOP purports to be courting.

EDITORIAL: UDC Moving in the Right Direction?

The University of the District of Columbia has experienced a good deal of turmoil lately, and from the looks of things, more is in the offing.

JESSE JACKSON: The Perils of Poisonous Politics

If Republicans wonder why 95 percent of African-Americans and 70 percent of Latinos will likely end up voting for Democrats in 2016, they should look in the mirror.

CHAVOUS: D.C. Underfunds Its Most At-Risk Students

For too long, D.C. public charter schools have not received adequate nor equitable funding as required by law.

BOWEN: A Better Way to Die

Why is making a plan for the end of life such a daunting and difficult challenge for African-Americans?

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Republicans Miss the Point

Yes, blacks are really very conservative when it comes to a lot of the social issues we are now facing in this country, but that's where the similarity ends with the Republican Party.


Why are so many girls, especially girls of color, confined in our nation's detention facilities? And what are we as a society going to do about it?

CURRY: More Evidence of Obama's Hostility Toward HBCUs

As if we needed any more evidence, President Obama's recent meeting with members of the Congressional Black Caucus revealed a deep-seated hostility toward the plight of struggling historically black colleges and universities.

CHAVIS: Carrying the Burden of History

In observance of Black History Month, I believe it is important to highlight some of those long-lasting institutions and entities that have continued to serve the empowerment interests of Black America for over the past 200 years.

EDITORIAL: Homelessness and Winter

For those of us fortunate enough to have warmth and shelter, we cannot help but think and feel deep compassion for the men, women and children who're homeless.

WILSON: Living at the Back-End of D.C.'s Largest Wage Gap

When I hear TV commentators say or read in the newspaper that our economy has recovered from the Great Recession, I can't help but roll my eyes.

McDUFFIE: Plan for Minority Male Students Praiseworthy

I write today to express my strong support for the "Empowering Males of Color" initiative recently announced by Mayor Muriel Bowser and District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson.

EDITORIAL: Little League Woes

We hope the young people come out of this relatively unscathed after having learned that life isn't fair and that sometimes things won by hard work can be taken away.

CHAVOUS: Black History Month — A Time to Know Who You Are

Today, far too many children of African descent living in America have no idea of the rich heritage associated with African-American culture.