MALVEAUX: Get Ready Now to Vote on Election Day

Are you ready to vote? Are you registered? These may seem like simplistic questions, especially for those who are aware, but every year some folks are denied access to the polls because they didn't register on time, or they moved ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Metro Is Permanently Off-Track

Metro is broken and cannot be fixed, period!

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Memo to Black College Students — Racism Ain't Goin' Nowhere

For the young folks at American University and those at other colleges and universities across this great nation, just remember that while the times may change, intractable attitudes do not – at least not without struggle and sacrifice and a ...

EDITORIAL: Why Do We Pretend Black-on-Black Crime Doesn't Exist?

It's difficult to comprehend why our black brothers and sisters continue to kill other brothers and sisters.

EDITORIAL: Obama Makes Personal Plea to Black Voters — Let's Comply

Have you registered to vote? Have you studied the candidates up and down the ballot? Are you prepared to exercise your civic duty?

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Caucus Conference Illustrates Power of Advocacy

This is our time, our moment, our chance to clarify our goals, our desires, and our needs as African-Americans with the election for the next president of the United States just a few months away.

EDITORIAL: Ron Brown High Deserves a Chance to Succeed

This unique high school which focuses on boys of color who far too often find greater success as inmates than as high school graduates and college-bound students should be allowed to achieve its goals for its students.

EDITORIAL: A Painful Silence

With all of the District's new glitz and glamour, the lights still need to be focused on those who have fallen and need a hand up.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Informer's CBCF Supplement — A Stellar Job

Your Congressional Black Caucus Foundation 46th Annual Legislative Conference insert in the Sept. 8, 2016, edition is very, very impressive.

MUHAMMAD: Hillary Clinton and her 'Deplorables'

Calling Trump followers rednecks and hillbillies is OK by me; referring to them as "deplorables," not so much.

CLINGMAN: 'Sweet Unity' Among Black People

A few dollars from a critical mass of consumers will go a long way, and no one person or entity has to be burdened with providing the majority of the resources for any of our financial endeavors.

MALVEAUX: Why We Have to Invest in Effective Teachers

While millions of children (and teachers) welcome the call to go back to school in August and early September, all is not well in classrooms and school districts around the country.

RACINE: An Independent AG with a Public-Interest Agenda

Regardless of neighborhood, we have heard a consistent message: District residents want an equitable and just city. That includes having a competent, transparent, ethical and fair government that works for everyone.

JACKSON: Black GOP Surrogates Like Mark Burns Need Permanent Timeout

I am really getting fed up with the constant drumbeat of criticism of Donald Trump's campaign, especially the criticism coming from Black Republicans.

JESSE JACKSON: Republican Party Rejects Black Voters

Are black voters so loyal to Democrats that their issues are ignored?