MALVEAUX: An Attention Span Beyond Flight 370

The media is used to rivet attention toward an issue or challenge. Unfortunately, it has rarely been used for good.

FLETCHER: Russia is Not the Only Aggressor

I have found myself getting a bit nervous as I hear various U.S. politicians rattling their swords in response to the Russian aggression in the Crimea. Before we lose our minds in this crisis, let's consider a few things.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Ella Baker, My Civil Rights Heroine

Ella Baker was an outspoken warrior against injustice and inequality her entire life, and always, always unwilling to rest.

CLINGMAN: When Elephants and Donkeys Fight

We watch the two parties fight every day, and then we take sides and jump in. Who is hurt by that? Certainly not them.

MUHAMMAD: On Playing, and Winning … and Winning

Athletic competition has a lot in common with military combat.

ALFORD: 'Gainful Employment' Rule Throws Black Students for a Loss

At a time when American employers desperately need an educated, skilled workforce to sustain economic recovery, a confused and conflicted White House is hurting the underserved communities it claims to support.

EDITORIAL: Relisha's Young Face Tells More

It's been a month now since Relisha Rudd went missing.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Gay Rights Are Our Rights

It's hard to find a better example of black self-hatred than William Reed's recent column, "Out of the Closet Onto the Altar" which appeared in the March 13 edition.

JESSE JACKSON: Big Money for College Sports, Nothing for Players

Many who love college sports can't bear to think of it as polluted by money. But here's the reality: it already is.

SPRIGGS: March Madness

Everyone is crying in their beer because the discussion about college athletes forming unions has focused on athletes being paid. But the College Athletes Players Association is about all that unions do: giving voice to the workers.

MUHAMMAD: Three Generations, Four Beautiful Women Tour China

I have often joked that if I was in President Barack Obama's shoes, I would join the National Rifle Association. Not to send a macho message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, no, but to state my intentions to all the ...

CURRY: Obama Worse than George W. Bush on SBA Loans

The Obama administration's record of guaranteeing loans to Black businesses is worse than George W. Bush's.

DANIELS: Rand Paul Tries to Recast His Racial Views

Question: What do you call someone who believes White shopkeepers and owners of other large and small businesses have the “right” to discriminate against Black people? Answer: Rand Paul.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: The Invisible Leaders of Social Change

Women's History Month is a reminder that in every major American social reform movement, women have always played a critical role.

EDITORIAL: Mayor Gray is Our Choice

Vincent Gray has earned a second chance to serve the District as its mayor and to continue a lifetime of service he is credited for giving to the residents of this city.

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