LEE: My Journey from D.C. to Vermont

As a high school student growing up in an underserved Washington D.C. neighborhood, I attended Friendship Public Charter School's Collegiate Academy in Northeast. Now a student at the University of Vermont, one of a number of colleges where I was ...

MALVEAUX: Another Government Shutdown?

Why are House Republicans so determined to have a budget showdown? Part of it is their determination to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Residents Deserve a Better Metro

Endless delays and service problem on the Red Line and the Blue Line have become about as commonplace as eating eggs and bacon for breakfast.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We Need More 'Good' Cops

I don't know about anybody else but I'm feeling a little confused these days — confused because it sounds like these demonstrators are blaming the surge in violence on the police. They don't want more police in the communities where ...

MUHAMMAD: So Much Trouble in the World

I thought I would write a scathing indictment of White American and European bigotry against and hatred of non-white people. Then, when I looked closely, I saw a lot of “people of color” blocking my view of the Caucasians.

JESSE JACKSON: Seperate and Unequal — The Ferguson Report

Ferguson is not unique. There is a Ferguson in every state. Entrenched poverty, institutionalized racism, unjust police and prosecutorial practices, unequal education and opportunity are a blight in every state.

MORIAL: The Value of Labor

Too many people remain at the distant margins of the job market — particularly in our communities of color, where unemployment remains at crisis level, even as our economy continues to rebound.

MALVEAUX: 'Angry Black' Gunmen

What happens when mental illness collides with racial rage?


Only when we face the truths of our past that continue to flare up in our present can we work toward true reconciliation and wholeness as a people and begin to close the huge gap between our dream of equality ...

CURRY: Demonizing Black Lives Matter

Led by Fox News, conservatives are trying to discredit the #Black Lives Matter Movement by claiming incorrectly that it is a Black hate group that encourages the killing of police officers.

CLINGMAN: Post-Katrina's Illusion of a Recovery

If what is happening in New Orleans now is the best we can offer in 10 years, especially after we spent billions rebuilding Iraq in much less time, the leaders of this nation should hang their heads in shame and ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Obama's 'Clean Power' Great for Blacks

This week's rollout of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is great news for the Black community.

EDITORIAL: Don't Be Fooled by Kentucky Clerk's Tears

Kim Davis should either follow the law or quit her job.

EDITORIAL: Have Blacks Become Our Own Worst Enemy?

While many District residents enjoyed the last weekend of summer, barbecuing burgers, steaks and hot dogs at the park or in their backyards, others were involved in more negative, even deadly, activities.

MUHAMMAD: No Justice? What Then, 'Or Else'?

What can a powerless, essentially unarmed population do to make the rest of the society which has armed itself as if White folks would welcome a race war where they along with the authorities might slaughter Black folks en masse? ...