CURRY: Blacks, Not Hispanics, Key to Election Victory

Although Latinos are growing at a faster rate than any other ethnic group in the United States, they will have less of an impact on whether Democrats retain control of the Senate than African-Americans, according to a study of Census ...

DANIELS: Voter ID Laws Are 'Democracy Turned Upside Down'

The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this month let stand the state of Texas' latest attempt to use the old tactics of the Jim Crow era and rig state and national elections in favor of the Republican Party by denying black ...

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Closer to the Finish Line

With opportunity gaps widening for poor children and children of color, new guidance from the Office for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education offers new hope and protection from discrimination.

MORIAL: Fed Chair Yellen Addresses Income Inequality

With all the political, national security and disease news recently flooding the airways, you may have recently missed one of the most important American speeches from one of the world’s most powerful economic leaders.

EDITORIAL: Fighting for Their Jobs

It's no secret that Howard University is in the financial struggle of its life.

EDITORIAL: Fear of a GOP-Controlled Congress

Voters hoping to read the tea leaves of the midterm elections Senate race should be confused.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Congratulations, Washington Informer

I would like to congratulate The Washington Informer on its 50th Anniversary. I have lived in Southeast Washington for most of my life and have been a loyal reader of your paper since its beginning.

JESSE JACKSON: Election 2014 — Seldom a Choice so Clear

The most expensive campaigns in our history will flood the airwaves with ads trying to discredit opponents and blur these distinctions. But voters should not be fooled.

CHAVOUS: How to Pick the Best School for Your Child

Parents truly do know best. When it comes to a child's needs, goals and their learning style, a parent is the one who knows exactly what it takes for a child to be successful.

MUHAMMAD: No Matter What Happens Next, 'Blame the Black President'

Now that the election is near, get ready for blaming-the-Black-president-on-steroids season.

EDITORIAL: U.S. Health Officials Drop the Ball on Ebola

As Ebola tries to gain a solid foothold in the U.S. and the public's nerves get increasingly frazzled, the missteps by federal officials only add to that anxiety.

EDITORIAL: School Board Woes in P.G. County

Members of the Prince George's County school board are under scrutiny for their spending habits as they relate to the use of county-issued credit cards.


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MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Good News for Children When Congress Works Together

While we rarely hear good news these days about Congress, I have some to share.

DANIELS: Black a Black Man, the Ebola Version

To read and hear much of the commentary and charges from conservative pundits, talk-show jockeys and Republican members of Congress, one would think Ebola is on the verge of spreading like wildfire.