DANIELS: The GOP's Acting-the-Fool Dynamic

Among the formal definitions for "acting the fool" are: one who is deficient in judgment, sense or understanding. Perhaps the dictionaries should add a new one: today's Republican Party.

MALVEAUX: Democrats Still Searching for Winning Formula

Voters are tired of income inequality being acknowledged with nothing being done about it.


One of my sheroes is Sojourner Truth. A brilliant but illiterate woman, she was a great orator and powerful presence who possessed great courage and determination. I often wear a pendant with her image and words: "If women want any ...

CURRY: Shelby County-to-D.C. March Needed

In view of politically motivated efforts to suppress the black vote in particular, I am hereby proposing a Shelby County, Alabama-to-Washington, D.C. march with the goal of getting Congress to protect the integrity of voting in the U.S.

CLINGMAN: Black Dollars Matter

I often wonder what the folks who wear the T-shirts and hold the signs are doing to back up the slogans they spout. More importantly, I wonder who makes the shirts and who sells them.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Fire Department Turning a Corner

Mayor Muriel Bowser has brought in a former Seattle fire chief, Gregory M. Dean, to take over as chief of the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.

EDITORIAL: Yet Another Police Shooting

Early Sunday, in a skid row section of Los Angeles, about a half-dozen of the city’s police officers fought with a homeless man. At the end of the encounter, the unidentified man lay dead on the sidewalk, shot at least ...

FCC Decision on Broadband a Step Backward for Consumers

Today, the Federal Communications Commission voted to adopt rules to ostensibly promote and protect an open Internet.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: No ESEA Bill Is Better Than a Bad One

It is morally indefensible and extraordinarily expensive that we have 14.7 million poor children in our country — 6.5 million of them living at less than half the poverty level.

CURRY: DuBois and Trotter, My Civil Rights Heroes

As much as I admire William Edward Burghardt DuBois, in temperament, I am probably more like William Monroe Trotter.

CHAVIS: The Twin Evils of Terrorism and Racism

There are two related violent phenomena that are now getting renewed public attention and research around the world, as well as considerable debate and denial. The twin evils are terrorism and racism.

OCEN: New Study Fills in the Gap on Black Girls

Although it is now well known that Black men and boys confront racial obstacles throughout American society, there is little awareness of the pressing needs of Black women and girls.

MUHAMMAD: Putting Rudy Giuliani in His Place

While racist xenophobes like Rudy Giuliani, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and self-hating xenophobes like Ben Carson may not realize it yet, there is a special place reserved for them in the ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Concern for Black Males

D.C. Council member Mary Cheh challenge of Mayor Muriel Bower's "Empowering Males of Color" initiative is another instance of someone using their position to stop something and not understanding the problems that have plagued our community for years.

EDITORIAL: Hate and Division

Somehow it escapes these people that it’s OK to disagree with the president without getting personal and vicious and that these racist jags continue to alienate blacks and other people of color, whom the GOP purports to be courting.