ALFORD: Pressing 'Pause' on Global Warming Debate

Millions of jobs and billions of dollars — mostly tax dollars — have been lost in the name of addressing the "ghost" that is the global warming issue.

CLINGMAN: Black Media Ownership in Drought

Considering our penchant for sound bites, 140-character chirps, and listening to great speeches, but not analyzing them and taking appropriate action, communication among Black folks has largely been reduced to little more than noise. And it’s getting worse.

EDITORIAL: The 'Ferguson Effect' — Just Another Excuse?

From D.C. and Baltimore to Chicago, St. Louis and Washington, murder rates, after years of decline, have experienced a precipitous rise. And as one would expect, the finger-pointing has already begun.

MUHAMMAD: Thanks To GOP, All Public Offices Have Been Diminished

Pity the poor elected official.

JESSE JACKSON: Charters, Heavy Testing Hurt Our Schools

Across the country, parents have been in revolt against high-stakes standardized testing, with kids tested over and over again while creativity is cut out of classroom curricula.

EDITORIAL: Mayor Bowser’s Initiative for CPR Training

The American Heart Association plainly states that those who know how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, will most likely end up saving the life of someone they love.

WILSON: We’ve Lost a Hero in AIDS Struggle

The world lost a hero, the AIDS community lost a leader, the Black AIDS community lost a giant, and many of us lost a mentor, a father figure and a friend with the passing of Dr. Beny Primm.

MALVEAUX: 20 Questions for Presidential Candidates

Bye, bye, Biden.

CROWELL: Remedies Needed to Reduce $175B Student Loan Delinquencies

As the cost of higher education has risen, students and their families have increasingly turned to student loans to cover costs.

CLINGMAN: Watch This Film on Black Friday Before You Spend Another Dollar

When you die, what will you leave behind: bills or benefits?

MUHAMMAD: Republicans, Hillary, Have it wrong about Libya

In some respects the recent Republican Congressional overreach—trying to crucify former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton over the tragic Sept. 11, 2012 attacks on a U.S. CIA compound in Benghazi Libya—may have in fact guaranteed ...

MALVEAUX: Lessons From the Democratic Debate

In contrast to the more entertaining Republican presidential candidate debates, the first Democratic presidential candidate debate was more absorbing.

LAMBERT: Advocating for Ourselves

The National Urban League uses its position as one of the country's oldest and most respected civil rights organizations to advocate for policies that benefit underserved communities.

FLETCHER: Calling Black Lives Matter Anti-Police Won't Work

It has been both interesting and unsettling to watch the attacks from the political right on the Black Lives Matter movement and the larger movement for Black lives.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Teaching the Truth About U.S. History

We must go forward in our multiracial, multicultural nation and world and not slide backwards toward the dark legacies of slavery, Native American genocide, and exclusion of women and non-propertied men of all races from our electoral process by our ...