BONEY: Cop Killings Bear Strange Fruit for Families of Black Victims

It seems as if Black families are being forced to accept cash settlements as a substitute for real accountability and payouts as an alternative to true justice.

MUHAMMAD: Americans Hopelessly Divided

While there are enormous pockets of "unanimity" throughout this country, there is no longer any "unity" in the United States of America.

MALVEAUX: Killing Dylann Roof Won't Kill White Supremacy

The death penalty is the kindest thing that could happen to Dylann Roof, and he does not deserve our kindness.


It's Time for Congress to Unchain the District of Columbia

It is incongruous and more than a little absurd that in 2016, more than 660,000 people who live and work in Washington, D.C., are still chained to the whims and fancies of Congress.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Youth Should Pay to Ride Metro

Ever since the mayor put through the program for students to ride free, Metro violence has been going up, so I say make them pay and put some value back into riding the Metro.

EDITORIAL: Warriors Comeback an Inspiration for All

Sports aficionados will tell the story to their grandchildren years from now.

EDITORIAL: Metro’s Rebuilding Plan Leaves Many In the Dark

As Metro unveils its "SafeTrack" plan and its shutdown schedule in order to make sorely needed improvements on the rail system, one thing is certain — it's going to be a very long year for commuters.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Why 'Roots' Still Matters

What's your story and do you really know who you are?

JESSE JACKSON: Make Presidential Race About Issues, Not a Spitball Fight

We need a real debate about the choices we face.

MALVEAUX: Bernie and the Donald — Angry White Men

For all their dueling ideologies, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin.

CLINGMAN: A Solid Financial Foundation

This article is dedicated to Black folks who are willing to pay their blessings forward by helping others among us.

MUHAMMAD: Trump Will Make America Gross Again

I have redrawn my analysis of the 2016 presidential election cycle to its final, apocalyptic conclusion. It's not pretty.

FLETCHER: Failing to See Beauty in Diversity

Despite periodic initiatives toward Black pride and defeating efforts to erase Blackness from the mainstream, the White supremacist bias always finds a way to raise its ugly head.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Are Politicians Sincere in Helping With Student Loans?

I think it is completely irresponsible for politicians to be going around making all these promises of relieving all student college debt, and college for free; that's just not going to happen.

E. FAYE WILLIAMS: Toward a Cleaner Environment

We live under the threat of an environmental, economical and public health crisis — and it's only getting worse.