MUHAMMAD: Money Doesn’t Explain Hate, or Pay for Regained Dignity

The simple way many people explain American slavery and its aftermath is to say it was all about money. And while it is true that America's wealth and power in the world today are a direct result of the free ...

CURRY: Right Wing Gets it Wrong on Mississippi

If you ever doubted that conservatives were sore losers, the recent Senate election in Mississippi should remove all doubt.

FLETCHER: Bush Marched Us Off to War While Cutting VA Benefits

At the same time that we were being lied into the Iraq war, the Bush administration was cutting benefits to veterans.

JACKSON: GOP's Reverse 'Southern Strategy'

Last week’s election results infuriated me, but not for the reasons you might suspect.

MALVEAUX: Ikea and the Gap Fill the Wage Gap

Ikea gets it, so does the Gap. What’s wrong with the Congress?

EDITORIAL: Congratulations Lt. Gov. Brown

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown handily defeated a slate of Democratic opponents last week and won the nomination to succeed his boss, Gov. Martin O’Malley.

EDITORIAL: World Cup Fever

The U.S., which prides itself on going its own way, has, for much of the past 100 years, turned a blind eye to a game embraced with fervor by soccer lovers worldwide.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Baker, Staying the Course

The more I hear and read about Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker III and the agreements he and his staff are developing for the residents of the county, the more I am reminded of what Marion Barry did for ...

JESSE JACKSON: How The World has Changed Since I Ran for President

Looking in a rear view mirror can tell you where you've been, but not where you are going. What strikes me about the 1984 campaign are not the accomplishments of the past, but the implications for the future.

SPRIGGS: Student Debt Probably as Bad as We Thought

The Brookings Institution, looking at data from 2010, has issued a report claiming the student debt issue isn't as bad as people think. Problem is, more current data suggest student debt is more serious than Brookings suggests.

JACKSON: Blacks Need More Racists

Many are quick to criticize the Koch brothers but don't have the courage to criticize the brother in the White House.

DANIELS: The Central Park Jogger Case Settlement

How much is a person's innocence worth?

MALVEAUX: Blacks Haven't Recovered from the Recovery

President Obama's focus on the middle class leaves the poor where they have always been — at the periphery of economic progress.

CURRY: Freedom Summer — 50 Years Later

The 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer is being commemorated this week in Mississippi and it provides the perfect backdrop to reflect on the transformation of not only Mississippi — then the deadliest state in the nation — but the entire ...

CHAVIS: U.S.–Africa Leaders Summit Long Overdue

Without a doubt, the summit is a positive step forward and a long overdue break with the past traditions and "benign neglect" policies of the U.S. toward Africa.