LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Our Young Men Need Help

The young men in this part of the city need so much help in learning how to navigate all of the pitfalls that lay ahead of them as they begin the process of entering into adulthood and whatever may lie ...

EDITORIAL: Tamir Rice's Blood Cries Out for Justice

Six months ago, a police car slid to a stop in front of a 12-year-old boy playing with a toy gun at a gazebo near his house. Within seconds of the car skidding to a halt, the officer on the ...

MUHAMMAD: Rachel Dolezal's Awkward Imitation of 'Imitation of Life'

For better or for worse, Rachel Dolezal has become, almost overnight, iconic.

JESSE JACKSON: Michelle Obama's Deeply Moving Words

Last month at the graduation ceremony of Tuskegee University, a historically black college, first lady Michelle Obama spoke candidly about the racial barriers facing African-Americans and encouraged them to overcome continuing discrimination by staying "true to the most real, most ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: More Taxes Not the Solution

Many of the residents of the county are struggling at this time, and to place such a large tax on them now is just wrong.

MALVEAUX: Time for Young People to Stop the Violence

I'm willing to stop preaching when young leaders step up.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Charity Is Not a Substitute for Justice

True compassion — true justice — requires also attacking the forces that leave others in need in the first place.

CHAVIS: Serena Williams, a Champion On and Off the Court

Across the world, Serena Williams has evolved to symbolize a true champion in the world of global sports and as well as being a vibrant role model for young women who dare to push forward for equality on the international ...

EDITORIAL: Public Safety or Racial Profiling?

Like so many videos involving police interactions with people of color, the video shot over the weekend in McKinney, Texas is difficult to watch.

EDITORIAL: Charnice Milton, Rest In Peace

We mourn the loss of a young woman who by all accounts was a gifted reporter with the ability to gain the trust of sources and who produced stories about issues and individuals east of the river with depth and ...

MUHAMMAD: GOP Presidential Candidate Once Praised Muslims

An ugly behavior is fast spreading fast among White politicians, especially Republicans. It’s the open badmouthing of Muslims and all things Islamic.

JESSE JACKSON: Hillary Clinton a Champion of Voting Rights

Last week, Hillary Clinton stated the simple truths about voting in America, in a stirring address before students at Texas Southern University.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Sweepstake Scams Harm Seniors

We cannot stress the importance of vigilance to protect our seniors as well as others from falling into this popular trap.

CURRY: Controversy Over Videotaping Cops

As we can now see, videotape can be a game changer.

DANIELS: America's Real Crime Problem

It's getting to be difficult to recall a week when, thanks to public exposure of videos, or tweets, text messages or emails, we've not seen another shocking example of police mistreatment of black or Hispanic citizens under questionable circumstances.