MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Decriminalizing School Discipline

The purpose of public schools is to educate not exclude children, and to help identify and meet child needs, not make children serve adult convenience, self-interest, and systems.

BURNETT: Legalization Ends Discrimination in Marijuana Enforcement

Washington, D.C., holds the distinction of having the highest per capita marijuana arrest rate in the country, with the District's black residents being particularly and disproportionally targeted.

CHAVOUS: The Face of School Choice

Too many parents do not realize there are literally millions of opportunities available to send their child to a private school of their choice.

JESSE JACKSON: Muhammad Ali, a Hero of Our Time

Ali was more than a remarkable champion in the ring; he became a hero outside the ring. He stood up to assert his rights, and used his prominence to fight for religious freedom and racial justice.

MUHAMMAD: Scottish Independence Vote Never Entered Black American Mind

Even though the outcome has no effect on my life, I was hoping the Scottish people would have voted for independence from the United Kingdom — Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I was hoping for a teachable moment for ...

CHAVIS: The CBC Then and Now

It is important periodically to assess both the setbacks and the gains that black America has made during the past 50 years.

CURRY: NFL Still Dropping the Ball

Now that Roger Goodell has come out of hiding, it is not clear that the NFL is any closer to getting it right, as he keeps putting it, than it was when it dropped the ball in handling Ray Rice’s ...

MALVEAUX: The Boomerang Generation

One of the most interesting findings of the data recently released by the Census Bureau is that so many recent college graduates live with their parents.

MORIAL: Silicon Valley Must Embrace Diversity

While the number of African-American, Latino and female consumers of Internet and broadband products and services is rising, their numbers at the major Silicon Valley companies continue to lag way behind.

DANIELS: Report Card on Black America

The lack of overall progress is bad news for black Americans, for the old truism still applies: If white America has a cold, black America has pneumonia.

EDITORIAL: Someone Dropped the Ball

The last seven years — and the recession that has battered the U.S. since — haven’t been kind to many of this country's small businesses.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A Salute to Student Athletes

I want to give a great big "thank you" to The Informer and photographer John E. De Freitas. If it wasn’t for his photo coverage of the DCSAA games, we wouldn't know the District schools played football.

JESSE JACKSON: Concussions and Domestic Violence — Study the Link

Do repeated concussions — trauma of the brain — contribute to the outbursts of domestic violence?

JEALOUS: Building Partnerships Between Police Officers, Communities

What is community policing? In the wake of increased shootings in Ferguson and around the country, there has been a renewed public interest in the role of police, the extent of police brutality, and the prevalence of racial bias.

CHAVIS: Racism is Not a Card Game

Whenever someone accuses an African-American of playing the "race card," I cringe. Racism in America is not a card game.