EDITORIAL: Ferguson a City Still Filled with Pain

It's been one year since Michael Brown died by police gunfire and once again, just like the days and weeks following his death, violence has rocked the small town of Ferguson, a tiny town located a few miles from St. ...

EDITORIAL: Summer Jobs Help — But Only in the Short Run

Many men and women have benefited from participating in summer youth employment programs like the one here in the District. Now named after former Mayor Marion Barry, the program makes a real difference in the lives of youth, particularly those ...

BLAYTON: More Than 'Cecil' Hunted in Africa

To many white Americans, the black man is clearly seen as a danger, and so, too, is the black woman.

MUHAMMAD: GOP Debate an Epic Comedy and Farce

As life-and-death serious as the times in which we live are, I can't help but think of the first Republican presidential debate in only comedic terms.

PULLIAM: Black Girls Wear Tutus or Ballet Will Die Without You

Ballet is in jeopardy, and here's why: America is becoming more black and brown, but mainstream ballet is not.

CURRY: Republicans Ignore Voting Rights Act Anniversary

The 50th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act fell on the same day that Fox News hosted two Republican presidential debates, Aug. 6. But the landmark legislation was never mentioned by the questioners nor the candidates. And ...

U.N. Should Show the U.S. That Black Lives Matter

Almost daily there is another fatal case of racially motivated police brutality that occurs against a black American woman, man or child. What is happening to black people in America?

JESSE JACKSON: Police Shootings About Class as Well as Race

After three days of peaceful demonstrations marking the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's fatal shooting in Ferguson, Mo., yet another African-American man was shot by police there.

MUHAMMAD: Who Will Serve Obama's Third Term?

The president told one audience that he likes doing his job and that he thinks he could have been elected to a third term if the U.S. Constitution had permitted it.

Mobilizing for the Oct. 10 Justice or Else March in D.C.

When The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan issues a sacred clarion call for a national and international mobilization for justice, freedom and equality, millions of people across America and throughout the world respond with responsive enthusiasm and energy. Such was the ...

CLINGMAN: Blacks Also Failed Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland is dead. While many are concentrating on "how" she died, we must also face the reality of "why" she died.

CURRY: Voter Suppression Overshadows Voting Rights Act Celebration

While properly appreciating the accomplishments of the Voting Rights Act, we should not lose sight of the challenges that lie ahead.

MALVEAUX: I Am Sandra Bland

Every woman who is an activist is Sandra Bland, the Christian, the organizer, the advocate for justice. She is dead because she dared talk back to a brutal officer. Sandra Bland is every assertive black woman. I am Sandra Bland.

OGUNTOYINBO: Obama Needs to Do More to Halt Female Genital Mutilation

The warped idea behind female genital mutilation is that it suppresses sexual desire and keeps women chaste. But the practice has no health benefits or redeeming qualities.

EDITORIAL: Houston, Brown Families Could Do Better

Say what you will about Bobby Brown, the so-called bad boy who supposedly spoiled the fortunes of Whitney Houston when she married him a couple of decades ago. But what you cannot say about the R&B star is that he ...