SPRIGGS: March Madness

Everyone is crying in their beer because the discussion about college athletes forming unions has focused on athletes being paid. But the College Athletes Players Association is about all that unions do: giving voice to the workers.

MUHAMMAD: Three Generations, Four Beautiful Women Tour China

I have often joked that if I was in President Barack Obama's shoes, I would join the National Rifle Association. Not to send a macho message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, no, but to state my intentions to all the ...

CURRY: Obama Worse than George W. Bush on SBA Loans

The Obama administration's record of guaranteeing loans to Black businesses is worse than George W. Bush's.

DANIELS: Rand Paul Tries to Recast His Racial Views

Question: What do you call someone who believes White shopkeepers and owners of other large and small businesses have the “right” to discriminate against Black people? Answer: Rand Paul.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: The Invisible Leaders of Social Change

Women's History Month is a reminder that in every major American social reform movement, women have always played a critical role.

EDITORIAL: Mayor Gray is Our Choice

Vincent Gray has earned a second chance to serve the District as its mayor and to continue a lifetime of service he is credited for giving to the residents of this city.

JACKSON: Democrats Can Be Racists, Too

People need to be much more judicious in labeling someone as a "racist." It is a very damning term that should only be used under the most extreme of circumstances.

MALVEAUX: Proud Black Feminist

In a world that is dominated by men, especially White men, feminism is, for me, an empowering concept.


I was pleasantly surprised to read such a well-written article about D.C. Council member Muriel Bowser, who is running for mayor of the District of Columbia.

JESSE JACKSON: Unequal Education — Is Anyone Listening?

We are condemning another generation to poverty, despair, broken homes and broken families. We are writing off children — starting in preschool — without giving them a fair shot.

SPRIGGS: Working and Poor in America

The furor has not died down over Rep. Paul Ryan's comments about inner-city men and poverty in America.

BUSBY: 'My Brother's Keeper,' From a Single Father and Business Owner's Perspective

There absolutely is room in the national marketplace for a program such as "My Brother's Keeper." The futures of young, ethnic minority males deserve the kind of focused solution-searching described in the blueprint for the effort.

MUHAMMAD: Republicans Really Don't Get Race

Paul Ryan's poverty gaffe comes at a time when the GOP is trying to shed its image as an out-of-touch club for aging White males, longing for the “Good Ol' Days” when black-and-white TV was for the most part, all ...

DANIELS: '12 Years a Slave' and the Tides of History

Now, the world knows something of the story of Solomon Northrup, a "free" Black American from New York who was kidnapped by slave-hunters in the 1840s and for the next 12 years suffered the life of a captive in America's ...

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Struggling to Change What You're Given

Seventeen-year-old Theresa Tran is one of this year's winners of the Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio’s Beat the Odds scholarships after overcoming tough odds including physical disability, the death of a beloved sibling, and a father who suddenly abandoned the family and ...