DANIELS: Report Card on Black America

The lack of overall progress is bad news for black Americans, for the old truism still applies: If white America has a cold, black America has pneumonia.

EDITORIAL: Someone Dropped the Ball

The last seven years — and the recession that has battered the U.S. since — haven’t been kind to many of this country's small businesses.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A Salute to Student Athletes

I want to give a great big "thank you" to The Informer and photographer John E. De Freitas. If it wasn’t for his photo coverage of the DCSAA games, we wouldn't know the District schools played football.

JESSE JACKSON: Concussions and Domestic Violence — Study the Link

Do repeated concussions — trauma of the brain — contribute to the outbursts of domestic violence?

JEALOUS: Building Partnerships Between Police Officers, Communities

What is community policing? In the wake of increased shootings in Ferguson and around the country, there has been a renewed public interest in the role of police, the extent of police brutality, and the prevalence of racial bias.

CHAVIS: Racism is Not a Card Game

Whenever someone accuses an African-American of playing the "race card," I cringe. Racism in America is not a card game.

MUHAMMAD: The ISIS 'Threat' Stamped 'Made in USA'

If he had only slapped a few of those Wall Street bankers around when he first came into office, President Barack Obama would be feared by some people, and he wouldn't have all the major problems he's facing now. Too ...

CURRY: NFL Domestic Abusers Get Tap on Wrist

The NFL has imposed a lifetime ban on Ray Rice, yet rarely disciplines other brazen offenders.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Helping Children in Hidden Rural Poverty

In a nation where more than 16 million children — more than one in five — are poor, the plain truth is that child poverty is pervasive and affects children everywhere, although we know it affects urban, suburban and rural ...

DANIELS: America's Criminal Justice Problem

Do you know what little respect black and Hispanic residents of New York City have for following the rules that make living in the city bearable — for not “loitering,” or not riding their bicycles on the sidewalk, or not ...

JACKSON: NFL Threw Ray Rice Under the Bus

By now most people have heard how Ray Rice has been thrown under the bus by the National Football League and his former team, the Baltimore Ravens.

EDITORIAL: Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

When we were young, getting a “beating” served as one of a range of options available to responsible adults across a continuum of discipline.

EDITORIAL: To Protect and Serve

One of Washington, D.C.’s finest showed himself to be squarely in the ranks of the grossly ill-informed when, in early September, while effecting an arrest, he tried to intimidate and harass a Washington Post mobile editor filming the incident.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Give Everyone a Level Playing Field!

Poor and middle-class families are being forced to leave this city in record numbers, so just imagine what will happen if the District wins the bid for the 2024 Olympics.

CHAVOUS: Education Reform Not to Blame for Nation's Segregated Schools

It is the great irony of Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark desegregation case that celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, that segregation in our schools has gotten even worse, not better.