LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Summit Offered Opportunities for Peace, Security

America's dealings in trade and business with Africa leaves much to be desired these days.

EDITORIAL: The U.S.-Africa Summit

The largest gathering of African leaders in the U.S. went off without a hitch.

EDITORIAL: Michael Steele Redux

In the end, it appears that Michael Steele couldn't resist the lure of politics.

MUHAMMAD: Republicans, Please Impeach President Obama

The latest GOP gimmick is to sue President Barack Obama, for not adequately enforcing provisions of the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — which the Republican-controlled House has voted 43 times to repeal!

CHAVIS: African Leaders Summit in America

The importance of President Barack Obama's U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit held this week in Washington, D.C. should not be underestimated.

MALVEAUX: Taxpayers Fund Corporate Tax Avoiders

Fortune magazine's Alan Sloan reports that Ireland, Bermuda and Switzerland are the tax havens for the top ten corporate tax avoiders. While these companies hit the road to avoid taxes, they have no hesitation in enjoying the benefits that come ...

CURRY: Democrats Try Gimmicks to Reach Black Voters

The upcoming mid-term election may be yet another example of Black voters never getting the credit they deserve winning seats for the party but getting an overabundance of blame when Democrats get their heads handed to them.

FLETCHER: Palestinian and the Black American Freedom Struggles

Those who oppose justice for the Palestinians regularly drag out quotes from various historic African-American leaders in order to attempt to make their case. While this may sway some people, it does not settle the matter of whether comparisons of ...

EDITORIAL: Welcome Africa

All week, Washington, D.C. has been Africa Central, as dozens of African leaders are in town for meetings with President Barack Obama.


It's anyone's guess if at the end of this latest handgun saga, D.C. residents and visitors will be free to carry handguns in public. The odds, however, seem tipped heavily in favor of those seeking the right and freedom to ...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Remember Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis

For almost 40 years while the city was majority black it was almost impossible to own a gun in the District of Columbia. Now that whites are moving back into the city, spending outrageous amounts of money for houses, all ...

AZIZ: Terrorism and Security in Africa is a Global Challenge

Security threats have continued for more than a decade, despite their recent decline, to remind us that the fight against terrorism and organized crime requires constant vigilance. The African Leaders Summit is an opportunity for African leaders and the U.S. ...

JESSE JACKSON: Summit Should Afford Africa a Platform for Greater Global Voice

An Africa Summit, whether it is hosted by the U.S., Europe or Asia, cannot talk about Africa being an integral part of the world economy while keeping it on the periphery of the global economic governance structure.

CURRY: The Politics of Federal Judges

When someone tells you that the political affiliation of the president appointing judges doesn't matter or when a president claims to be appointing judges who interpret the law and not legislate from the bench, don't believe them.

MALVEAUX: The High Cost of Injustice

How much would we save if legally mandated minimum sentences were modified and nonviolent drug offenses were more reasonably imposed?