JACKSON: Time for GOP to Put Veteran Black Republicans Back in the Game

If the Republican Party wanted to prove to blacks that they are serious about real engagement with the black community, they would be meeting and engaging with people like Odysseus Lanier, Ron Langston, Allegra McCullough and Fred McClure, to name ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: College Football Proof that Underdogs Can Overcome

My favorite time of the year is the fall when college football begins with the unfettered excitement, displays of team spirit and the rivalry of longtime opponents jockeying for another year of bragging rights.

EDITORIAL: Should We Care about Trump’s First Visit to a Black Church?

Donald Trump visited a Black church in Detroit last Saturday, perhaps in efforts to overcome a reputation for offending the sensibilities of African-Americans.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Could Learn from Albuquerque's Plan for the Homeless

D.C. could learn from Albuquerque’s program and commitment to a community often unable to fend for itself.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Looking for the Next Tiger Woods

Golf is not easy, but it can be a lot easier if you start learning the game at a young age.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Pastor Mark Burns Speaks with Forked Tongue

I'm finding it difficult to understand Mark Burns — a Black pastor — and how he can continue to suggest that we should trust him and his confidante, Donald Trump.

EDITORIAL: Md. Foster Care Program Must Protects Its LGBT Youth

Every child matters, every child has potential, every child deserves a chance to succeed. But it can be even more difficult when the child is a member of the foster care system and is seeking to find their way as ...

EDITORIAL: Four Stabbings in One Hour Underscore Rise in D.C. Violence

D.C. is in the throes of an escalation of violence with 90 homicides recorded so far this year, and we fear more are on the way.


I kept reading the article hoping for some clue as to how the police view Blacks, but it didn't give it up, so I guess I will have to read the book.

MASON: America in Black and White, Pt. II — Is it Just Race?

What if America were all white? Would life be better for its citizens? Yes, it would be, in Aspirational America, where all are supposed to be endowed with "inalienable rights," among them "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." In ...

COOPER: Obama's Legacy in Africa

President Obama will leave behind an impressive legacy of accomplishments in Africa that will not only continue to benefit many, but can be built upon by his successor.

MUHAMMAD: On Anthems and Athletes

I show solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Stand strong, young champion.

CLINGMAN: Success or Failure?

We need only to look at the history of this country, vis-à-vis black entrepreneurship initiatives, to see the resistance black people faced from white society while doing business or when attempting to open a business.

FLETCHER: Trump Supporters Think They're on Reality Show

What does one make of people discounting the assertions of a candidate — particularly provocative assertions, I might add — and yet supporting him?

JESSE JACKSON: Black Voters Have Plenty to Lose With Trump

What do blacks have to lose by electing Donald Trump? He will appoint Supreme Court justices who do not support black interests. He will support racially discriminatory voting laws like North Carolina's. He will not fix the damage done by ...