MUHAMMAD: Unspeakable Horrors in Christ's Name, Also

Most of us have simply forgotten about the frequent atrocities which were committed by White, Christian, Americans against Black people and Native Americans, sometimes just for sport.

CLINGMAN: When Are We Going to Get Tired of Abuse?

There comes a time in the course of human events for persons who have been mistreated to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with those who mistreat them.

MALVEAUX: Poverty Doesn't Have to Be a State of Mind

The three steps in social change are organization (especially protest), which leads to legislation (with pressure) and litigation (when legislation is not implemented).

CHAVIS: Each Generation Has Something to Offer

Despite what you may have heard, I have been impressed by the new generation of young activists, freedom fighters and community mobilizers who are emerging from Ferguson, Missouri, to New York City, Rio, Soweto, Cape Town, Kingston, Havana, Luanda, and ...

EDITORIAL: Are Our Children Getting a Proper Education?

The answer, according to a number of black scholars, is no.

DANIELS: 'The Detroit Walker,' A Study in Resilience

For most of the last decade, James Robertson, a 56-year-old Detroiter, walked to work every day. Of course, anyone who's not been on planet Saturn this month knows that simple sentence is a gross understatement.

JESSE JACKSON: Selma and Shelby — The Fight for the New South

What time is it for the New South? Is it time to celebrate Selma, Alabama — and the triumph of the Voting Rights Act? Or is it time to mourn Shelby, Alabama — and the radical backlash against voting rights?

SCOTT: Can Record Number of Minorities Congress Make a Difference?

As the nation begins to celebrate Black History Month, it is a fitting time to note that the 114th Congress has convened with a record number of African-American members.

AZIZ: Africa Down Under Breadbasket to the World

Not only Africa has the potential to feed itself but also to become a major food supplier for the rest of the world.

MUHAMMAD: The Bibi-Boehner Big Adventure

It is certainly not proper for one head of state to go into another country without first notifying the head of the country he or she is planning to visit.

EDITORIAL: In Search of Leadership

Republicans, prior to the Nov. 4 election, promised that if elected, they'd show they are a party that can lead. But, as we've seen, it's one thing to just say no for six years and another to demonstrate the leadership ...

EDITORIAL: History, Black History

We should be outraged at that fact that black history still is not an integral part of any public or charter mandatory curriculum in most schools.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Celebrate Our Youth

We have thousands of bright young people who need to be shown a sense of direction and application, and they, too, would have the ability to possibly achieve great things.

CHAVIS: The Legacy of Carter G. Woodson

We are grateful for the visionary leadership of noted historian and scholar Carter G. Woodson for being the founder of what was known as Negro History Week in 1926 that 44 years later evolved into Black History Month.

CURRY: How Dick Gregory Got His Hollywood Star

Activist and SiriusXM satellite radio host Joe Madison was helping on a campaign to get the Four Tops a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he noticed another serious omission from the world-famous tribute to entertainers.