JESSE JACKSON: ‘Apartheid Avenue' Two Blocks from the White House

Diplomats who abuse their immunity from prosecution to keep their "imported" domestic workers as virtual slaves are a repeated scandal. What has not gained as much media coverage and public exposure is the flagrant abuse of sovereign immunity by international ...


Like clockwork, one of the District's congressional overlords has seen fit to interfere in the internal affairs of our city.


During his years in public life, it didn't take long after meeting Wayne Curry to know that he lived and breathed Prince George's County

MUHAMMAD: You Break it, You Own it, America

America's friends all seem to be afraid to fight for their own countries.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: School Boundaries and Subtle Racism

Unless someone takes a stance and calls out these school boundary changes for what they really are, I can only imagine how many more of our aspiring black students from underprivileged households will be unfairly judged by racist faculty members ...

SPRIGGS: Missing the Point

Currently, the debate on American colleges and universities is dominated by the cost of tuition. This debate misses the point.

CURRY: Democrats 'Ain't Loyal'

Rev. Jamal Bryant of Baltimore was widely criticized recently for quoting a line from the popular Chris Brown song, "Hoes Ain't Loyal." Bryant could have avoided controversy — and been on point — if he had instead said, "Democrats ain’t ...

DANIELS: The Supreme Court's 'Religious Freedom' Scam

Last week, the Supreme Court issued two decisions that the Court's conservative majority and the larger conservative movement pretended were about "religious freedom."

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Breaking the Code of Silence

Michael Patrick MacDonald has helped people share their own stories and see the "possibility of transforming trauma into voice."

CHAVIS: The Black Press — The Voice of Black America (Part I)

Amid last week's annual convention of the National Newspaper Publishers Association's annual convention in Portland, Oregon, I was reminded repeatedly that Black Americans have had a long, storied tradition of newspaper publishing.

LEON: The Meaning of July Fourth for the African-American

As America celebrates July Fourth, as the grills smoke, the salads are tossed, pools filled, and fireworks displayed, take a moment to reflect. Reflect upon how far we have come as a nation and yet how far we have to ...

MUHAMMAD: Money Doesn’t Explain Hate, or Pay for Regained Dignity

The simple way many people explain American slavery and its aftermath is to say it was all about money. And while it is true that America's wealth and power in the world today are a direct result of the free ...

CURRY: Right Wing Gets it Wrong on Mississippi

If you ever doubted that conservatives were sore losers, the recent Senate election in Mississippi should remove all doubt.

FLETCHER: Bush Marched Us Off to War While Cutting VA Benefits

At the same time that we were being lied into the Iraq war, the Bush administration was cutting benefits to veterans.

JACKSON: GOP's Reverse 'Southern Strategy'

Last week’s election results infuriated me, but not for the reasons you might suspect.