MUHAMMAD: Ebola, Africans, at Home and Abroad

Even though three times as many people have died in this country from influenza within the last 30 days than have died from Ebola, Americans are frightened out of their wits about Ebola, the cruel hemorrhagic disease associated with three ...

DANIELS: Ebola's Other Consequence — Conservative Fearmongering

Thomas Eric Duncan's death was sufficient to trip yet another outbreak of a different kind of horrible virus that has been coursing through American society for the past six years. This virus shows itself as the workings of a diseased ...


Though the national focus is often on the racially biased ways boys of color are treated, girls of color face many of the same risks from the cradle through adulthood that impact their life chances for success.

MALVEAUX: Ebola Knows No Borders

Many see Ebola as an "African disease," just as they once saw HIV/AIDS as a "gay disease." Only when these diseases began to affect a different demographic did legislature direct funds to those organizing HIV awareness.

EDITORIAL: Celebration!

This week, 50 years ago, a visionary from Texas, who made the District of Columbia home and became in many ways this city’s heartbeat, launched the first edition of The Washington Informer.

EDITORIAL: A Nobel Tribute

Much of the world is applauding the newest and youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: In Search of Affordable Housing

You would think with all of the development around the Metro stations that somewhere there would be some affordable housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

JESSE JACKSON: End America's Perverse Embargo against Cuba

While the Cubans are far from a democracy and continue to curb dissent and limit freedom of assembly, their leaders are slowly opening the country up, while playing a responsible role across the developing world. And yet America continues to ...

MUHAMMAD: Secret Service Make Keystone Kops Look Professional

Before the recent "security lapses" by the Secret Service devolved into a genuine national security threat to this country, I was trading jokes and quips with the best of them about how utterly laughable their behavior was becoming.

CHAVIS: Jordan Davis' Killer to be Jailed for Life

Justice for 17-year-old Jordan Davis has not come without a struggle.

CURRY: The Justice Department after Holder

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. hasn't left the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building yet, but civil rights activists are worried about whether a strong advocate in Holder's mold will succeed him.

DANIELS: The Ebola Case in Dallas

Amid heightened concern in the U.S. about the ferocious Ebola disease, two prominent Republican office holders last week seized upon the proper concern over a Liberian national in Dallas testing positive for the virulent disease as a chance to show ...

MALVEAUX: Countering Voter Suppression Moves

The stakes are high, both now and in 2016.


For 17 years, the Children's Health Insurance Program has been there, giving working families the security of knowing their children had access to quality, appropriate coverage they could afford.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A Problem with Secret Service

The Secret Service, which has the responsibility of guarding our president, has been failing this president miserably.