EDITORIAL: At NABJ, Emails Placed Above Black Lives

In a column this week, National Newspaper Publishers Association President and CEO Dr. Ben Chavis authoritatively explained why Black-owned newspapers matter.

MUHAMMAD: Trump's Fake Prediction of 'Rigged' Election

Republican Donald J. Trump never held or ran for public office before his foray into the 2016 presidential contest — not even for town dogcatcher, a position that suits his temperament.

COOPER: GOP, DNC Conventions a Tale of Two Parties

This summer, I was fortunate to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. As a lifelong Democrat, Philadelphia marked my seventh convention. However, Cleveland was my first time attending a Republican National Convention.

FLETCHER: End the War on Women in Cyberspace

I don't know whether you have been following this, but there is a very disturbing trend that has been underway. Women in cyberspace are under attack.

MASON: America in Black and White — Part I

Race relations in America are best understood not by documenting attitudes that recite a familiar script, but by focusing on the lines that are omitted from the script.

JESSE JACKSON: Poverty, Desperation in World-Class City

Chicago is one of America's greatest cities. Yet many of its residents live in terror in what is virtually a war zone.

CHAVIS: Black-Owned Newspapers Matter

In order to continue to overcome racial inequality and injustice, we have to emphasize the importance of nurturing and mentoring the rise of a new generation of freedom-fighting journalists, publishers and African-American owners of newspapers and media companies.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The Black Vote Is Devalued

African-Americans came out in record numbers to help elect President Barack Obama to two consecutive terms, but unfortunately all we got was the first black president, that's all.

EDITORIAL: End of the Summer Slide

We wholeheartedly agree that most of these students will do well by getting back into the classroom now, so long as they are met by enthusiastic educators that are ready and prepared to deliver quality instruction with the resources they ...

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Do Black Children's Lives Matter?

More than fifty years later, many of the surviving children of the Birmingham church bombing have not gotten over the trauma.

WASHINGTON: Faith Is a Verb

Love God and love your neighbor. In this context, love is a verb. Do enough so that the Jesus in you meets the Jesus in me.

CLINGMAN: At the Bottom of Politics Lies Economics

Our leaders tell us — again — that black folks have the "power" to sway the election in either direction. The question is: If we have that kind of power, why aren't we using it to get a few concessions ...

MUHAMMAD: Plenty of Hillary-Bashing Going On

I detect a careless feeling in the air that a lot of folks think they can just viciously attack Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for all manner of sins, both real and imagined.

EDITORIAL: To Protect Voting Rights, Vote!

It concerns us deeply to hear those who say they will not vote in the upcoming general election in November due to their dissatisfaction with the candidates.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Politics Matter — Register and Definitely Vote

Some are saying they may just stay home, throw caution to the wind and forget about voting this time around. But that's something we can ill afford to do. Every vote matters.