MUHAMMAD: Joy of Ramadan and the 'Old-Time Religion'

The Islamic holy month of fasting and prayer known as Ramadan concludes this week.

MALVEAUX: Tear Down the Walls of Economic Equality

Removing the flag from public places and putting it in museums is a victory for those who reject this symbol of racial subjugation. Still, every economic statistic screams racial subjugation.

CURRY: The Confederacy's 'Heritage' of Slavery

The disclosure that Dylann Roof, the admitted killer of nine unarmed African-Americans attending Bible study at Emanuel A.M.E. Church June 17 in Charleston, South Carolina, was photographed dozens of times holstering the Confederate rebel flag ignited a long overdue discussion ...

MORIAL: How Will 2016's Presidential Candidates Save Our Cities?

The ravages of inequality on American families, particularly among those in African-American and Latino communities, continues to rip our nation apart. We must question and listen to any candidate's proposals to reverse this ever-widening trend of inequality.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Shocked and Saddened

I was saddened to learn that Denise W. Barnes, whose work I also admired for years ever since she wrote for The Washington Times, has passed.

EDITORIAL: The Fight to Remove Confederate Symbols

The despicable act against unarmed, innocent civilians attending Bible study has also stirred a rancorous and heated debate in Southern states about the efficacy of continuing to display this symbol so despised and hated by African-Americans.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Trying to Get Handle on Synthetic Drugs

Mayor Muriel Bowser signed emergency legislation on Friday, July 10, that increases the sanctions against retailers who sell synthetic marijuana and spinoffs.

LAMBERT: Our Seniors, Our Dilemma

I like to describe the Greater Washington Urban League as "boots on the ground" in our community, providing valuable services to help people survive and thrive.

JESSE JACKSON: Will South Carolina Become a Leader of the New South?

On Friday, the Confederate battle flag came down on the South Carolina Statehouse grounds. This symbolic, long overdue gesture has significant meaning.

ASHTON: Education Reformers Must Unite Around 3 Goals

The ultimate goal of the education reform movement, and the education community in general, is to ensure that all students — no matter where they live or what their background is — have access to a high-quality education.

CURRY: Confederate Traitors Don't Deserve to be Honored

You should be indignant at the thought of erecting statues and naming streets and schools after Confederate traitors.

MALVEAUX: Church Burnings Should Ignite More Protests

Is it a coincidence that churches are burning in the days since the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina?

CHAVIS: Thurgood Marshall's Legacy Built on Justice

Given our long struggle for equal justice in America and the need to continue to press forward to ensure freedom, justice and equality for all, it is important to reflect on the key principles upon which Thurgood Marshall achieved his ...

MUHAMMAD: American Politics in Red, Blue and White

In the 51 years since the political humiliation of conservative Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater by incumbent Lyndon Baines Johnson, there has been a sea change in the American political spectrum.

EDITORIAL: Murders on the Rise

Mayor Muriel Bowser, Police Chief Cathy Lanier and a considerable number of District residents are understandably concerned about a recent spike in the number of homicides in the city.