DANIELS: The Jim Crow Impulse

Arizona's Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, after nearly a week of reading the political tea leaves, vetoed a bill Feb. 27 from her state's GOP-controlled legislature that its advocates stated had the innocuous purpose of shoring up protections for the "free ...

MALVEAUX: A Mixed Obama Legacy

Ten years from now, will we write that the status of African-American and Latino boys and men has improved?

JACKSON: Redefining Truth Has Consequences

Sadly, sexuality is no longer determined at birth and is no longer absolute.

FLETCHER: Israel, Occupied Palestine and the Dred Scott Decision

I found myself thinking about the notorious Dred Scott decision by the U.S. Supreme Court while traveling the streets of occupied Palestine this past January.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Honoring Septima Clark

During this Black History Month, I was deeply honored to be inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame at the same time as Septima Clark — the woman Dr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called the "Mother of the ...

MUHAMMAD: Obama Now 'Another Brother'?

President Barack Obama is in an unenviable position.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: My Brother's Keeper!

There is real need for someone to do something in our community, but I wonder if this is what is needed.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Mayor's Race Shaping Up to Be a Dogfight

For handicappers and political pundits, the mayor's race just got a little more interesting.

JESSE JACKSON: It's Time to Reduce Tensions and Create Possibility

The escalating crisis in the Ukraine has set off unseemly missile-rattling and muscle-flexing in this country.

SPRIGGS: Inequality Is Now Mainstream

We are back at levels of inequality in the United States that have not been seen since the Great Depression.

HAILU: The Battle of Adwa Changed Ethiopia and the World

Ethiopia has a significant history reaching over 3,000 years into the past.

EDITORIAL: Mistaken Identity

Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik has some explaining to do.


The headlines in the case were sadly familiar. An angry adult armed with a gun used it to shoot and kill an unarmed Black teenager he thought seemed "bad."

MALVEAUX: Blacks Have More Reasons to be Fearful than Whites

If Michael Dunn were so afraid of Jordan Davis and his friends, why did he get out of his car and confront them about their loud music?

JACKSON: Free Press Freely Distorts Black TV Ownership

Over the past few months there have been several news stories about no Blacks owning major broadcast TV stations anymore. The cries have bordered on mass hysteria. It turns out that the story is not true.