MUHAMMAD: Trump-Farrakhan Debate? It Could and Should Happen

So there is one debate I'm looking forward to seeing this presidential season, but it probably can't happen until after the election of President Donald J. Trump. And that is The Donald's encounter with Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan.

MUHAMMAD: African-American Museum Gets Rock Star Treatment

There is one building in Washington which deserved and received rock-star treatment even before the day it officially opened: The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, or NMAAHC.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Memo to Black College Students — Racism Ain't Goin' Nowhere

For the young folks at American University and those at other colleges and universities across this great nation, just remember that while the times may change, intractable attitudes do not – at least not without struggle and sacrifice and a ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Caucus Conference Illustrates Power of Advocacy

This is our time, our moment, our chance to clarify our goals, our desires, and our needs as African-Americans with the election for the next president of the United States just a few months away.

MUHAMMAD: Hillary Clinton and her 'Deplorables'

Calling Trump followers rednecks and hillbillies is OK by me; referring to them as "deplorables," not so much.

MUHAMMAD: The Donald and The Blacks

For those who believe GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's appearance at Detroit's predominantly black Great Faith Ministries International church was anything other than a fancy dog-and-pony-show aimed at softening his image with white conservatives uncomfortable with a candidate endorsed by ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Pastor Mark Burns Speaks with Forked Tongue

I'm finding it difficult to understand Mark Burns — a Black pastor — and how he can continue to suggest that we should trust him and his confidante, Donald Trump.

MUHAMMAD: On Anthems and Athletes

I show solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Stand strong, young champion.

MUHAMMAD: President Obama, It's Time to Pardon Marcus Garvey

President Obama: you must pardon Marcus Mosiah Garvey. It is the right thing to do.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Trump Is Wrong — Black Community Has Much to Lose

Once again the Republican candidate for president of the United States has spoken before thinking.

MUHAMMAD: Poor Whites Need a Booker T., Not a Donald J.

Let me say right out: a man like Booker T. Washington is the answer to the plight of angry white folks in Appalachia and other pockets of suffering, not Donald J. Trump.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Beware the Power of the Tongue

Words not only have great power but they can hurt.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: School Bells Ringing and Yes, I Miss Those Days

I've been thinking about the good old days a lot lately and have to admit that I do miss them from time to time, especially when it was time to go back to school.

MUHAMMAD: Trump's Fake Prediction of 'Rigged' Election

Republican Donald J. Trump never held or ran for public office before his foray into the 2016 presidential contest — not even for town dogcatcher, a position that suits his temperament.

MUHAMMAD: Plenty of Hillary-Bashing Going On

I detect a careless feeling in the air that a lot of folks think they can just viciously attack Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for all manner of sins, both real and imagined.