MUHAMMAD: Who Carries a Toilet Birth Certificate?

Spoiler alert. This article contains what some readers may consider to be a discussion of a revolting subject. We are now legislating latrines.

MUHAMMAD: Beware of Electoral 'October Surprise'

What can the public possibly learn from the 28 pages of secrets that have been hidden since 9/11 concerning the Saudi Arabian royal family's involvement and even possible support for the attackers?

MUHAMMAD: I'll Tell You Who's Really 'Feeling the Bern'

Of all the millions of individual Americans who have already voted, volunteered time or donated money toward the selection of the 45th president of the U.S., there is probably none who is metaphorically “feeling the Bern” any more than Democratic ...

MUHAMMAD: Who's Ready for a Race War?

At the core of the tsunami of race-hatred directed at Black people, directed against Barack Obama, the first Black president of the U.S. and his family, there is unrepentant sin.

MUHAMMAD: I'm Missing President Obama Already

Although he has 10 months remaining in office and many challenges ahead, I'm already feeling nostalgic ahead of the time when Barack Obama is not president of the United States.

MUHAMMAD: Republicans on Deathbed, Suffering Self-Inflicted Wounds

Good advice to anyone who finds him/herself in a hole: Stop digging!

MUHAMMAD: Presidential Politics Get Physical

It has literally come to this point. The presidential campaign has gotten physical.

MUHAMMAD: Hillary and Bernie — The Dream Ticket

In the same way Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has made a more honest candidate out of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the nation would benefit if Sanders served as the vice president in Clinton White House.

MUHAMMAD: Factor in Farrakhan

In the 20 years since the Million Man March and especially in the eight years since a Black man was elected president, Minister Louis Farrakhan has again been placed on a back burner. But be sure to factor in Farrakhan. ...

MUHAMMAD: Trump Nation, Trump GOP, Trump D.C.

It now looks as if Donald J. Trump is the overwhelming favorite to win the 2016 Republican nomination to be president of the United States. And while I still think some GOP adults will step in to prevent the clownish ...

MUHAMMAD: Hard Times Ahead for Senate Republicans

I confess. I am amused, tickled, delighted even, as I ponder the constitutional quagmire in which the arch-conservative Repugnikkkan Party finds itself today.

MUHAMMAD: #OscarsoWhite vs. Diversity

The images which are so popular in movies and on television bear very little resemblance to the realities of most of our lives.

MUHAMMAD: Obama, Secret Service, Slipping and Sliding

The great military minds that surround the president of the United States might have saved themselves and their boss some embarrassment and some minor peril two days before the major storm hit, had they simply heeded the advice of Mark ...

MUHAMMAD: Can America Be Great Again?

Unfortunately, the "great again" slogan is a delusional myth. What these guys really want is to go back to a time when "if you're White you're right, and if you're Black get back."

MUHAMMAD: White American Hatred of Muslims is Nothing New

Muslims have been set upon in this country for 85 years and counting.