MUHAMMAD: Most Americans Have It All Wrong About Castro, Cuba

In this country, the propaganda is so rabid that even those who are seen as "progressive" in the corporate political establishment are expected to condemn Castro, a hero around the world, and demand unjustified concessions from Havana from simple normalized ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: TV Moms — The Next Best Thing to Being There

The sudden death of Florence Henderson, known to millions as Carol Brady on the '70s hit show "The Brady Bunch," reminded me of the many television mothers that I used to "adopt" from time to time during my childhood — ...

MUHAMMAD: I'm Boycotting — Black Friday Until Jan. 2

I, for one, am committed to boycotting Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 in Trumpland with my dollars, and I urge everyone else to do likewise in the name of black solidarity, in the way of redistributing our pain to ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Who Will Be Left When They Come for You?

It seems like many whites have grown tired of playing the game of civility.

MUHAMMAD: I'm Through With White People

White people in the United States just lost a decisive contest against their ultra-white, white selves.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: After the Elections, My Daughter Asks Daddy for a Hug

Whether it's Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, we owe it to our children to make this world better than it was when we entered it. And that's exactly what this Black man is going to do.

MUHAMMAD: Standing Tall for the Standing Rock Sioux

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks just shrug off offensive behavior by members of their particular tribe.

MUHAMMAD: Hillary's Infernal Email Snore

Congratulations, America. Your 2016 presidential election has reached banana republic status and then some.

MUHAMMAD: White People Just Don't Get It

Typically, the genocidal march of the United States across North America is depicted by white folks as brave adventurism.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Building Walls — A Dangerous, Destructive Notion

Donald Trump wants a wall to be built between the U.S. and Mexico. He says it must be constructed immediately to protect Americans from dangerous, criminally-minded foreigners who now live in Mexico. But walls don't only keep others out — ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Dreams of Returning to the Good Old Days Aren't Always So Good

Donald Trump has often said he wants our country to return to the "good old days." For me and those who look like me, his dream is our nightmare.

MUHAMMAD: America's Choice — Racial Separation or Race War

The United States is on the brink of implosion, not so unlike 160 years ago when the righteous cause of abolishing slavery was at issue.

MUHAMMAD: Is Latest Trump Meltdown the Death Knell?

On every visible level this week, casino operator Donald J. Trump looks less and less like he will be elected the 45th president of the United States.

MUHAMMAD: Suppose White Orthodoxy Is Wrong

Get over it, white people. You'll never again have it like you had it with the rest of the world's people.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Dorothy Was Right — There's No Place Like Home

Last weekend I traveled back to Detroit, the city where I was born and raised. After leaving Michigan almost 30 years ago, I have occasionally returned but rarely with any sense of joy or excitement. This time, however, was different.