MUHAMMAD: Poor Whites Need a Booker T., Not a Donald J.

Let me say right out: a man like Booker T. Washington is the answer to the plight of angry white folks in Appalachia and other pockets of suffering, not Donald J. Trump.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Beware the Power of the Tongue

Words not only have great power but they can hurt.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: School Bells Ringing and Yes, I Miss Those Days

I've been thinking about the good old days a lot lately and have to admit that I do miss them from time to time, especially when it was time to go back to school.

MUHAMMAD: Trump's Fake Prediction of 'Rigged' Election

Republican Donald J. Trump never held or ran for public office before his foray into the 2016 presidential contest — not even for town dogcatcher, a position that suits his temperament.

MUHAMMAD: Plenty of Hillary-Bashing Going On

I detect a careless feeling in the air that a lot of folks think they can just viciously attack Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for all manner of sins, both real and imagined.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Politics Matter — Register and Definitely Vote

Some are saying they may just stay home, throw caution to the wind and forget about voting this time around. But that's something we can ill afford to do. Every vote matters.


No amount of haggling, protesting, lambasting or inertia can change that. We can certainly complain about the electoral process. We can moan and groan about the two-party system. We can even step out on our own and write in some ...

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Have Horrors of Racially-Divided '60s Returned to America?

Today's cauldron of anger, frustration and hatred appears to have reached an ominous boiling point.

MUHAMMAD: Uneasiness Settles Over Cleveland for GOP Convention

On the surface, this is the most secure year ever. But truth be told, fear and uneasiness is everywhere.

MUHAMMAD: Police Aren't the Only Ones Suffering

The line between crime and day-to-day living is too often blurred in the minds of police who see all Black people as inherently criminal.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Winning is Everything, Right?

I'm wondering why folks are so angry and surprised that Kevin Durant has abandoning the Oklahoma City Thunder for greener pastures with the Golden State Warriors.

MUHAMMAD: Bill Clinton as Disgusting as Donald Trump

No matter who wins the presidential election this November, a loathsome man will be moving into the White House.

MUHAMMAD: Forget 'Brexit' and 'Texit,' What About Our 'Blexit'?

The freed slaves never got a chance for any such "Blexit"-type vote. I think it's high time Black folks got a chance to choose.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Church Calls for Peace in the Hood

It seems like acts of violence have become so commonplace in the world, that we've almost grown apathetic to its effect — almost.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: The Circle of Life

We begin by being totally dependent on others — normally our parents. However, as the days become months and years, we learn more about ourselves and discover the world in a new light.