MUHAMMAD: Lifting up the Mothers of Our Martyrs

It's been a gut wrenching couple of weeks for us in the nation's capital.

CURRY: Race in the Un-United States of America

The understandable attention being focused on differing attitudes among whites and blacks toward law enforcement authorities in the wake of decisions by grand juries in Missouri and New York not to indict white police officers for killing unarmed blacks ignores ...

DANIELS: The White Majority's Racial World of Fantasy

Now, in the season that's supposed to exalt goodwill toward all, comes fresh evidence of the important role the white majority's unwillingness to consider black Americans as their counterparts across the color line plays in maintaining the racial divide.

CHAVOUS: An Open Letter to Black Elected Officials

Those of us who are vested with some measure of authority or influence need to take an all-hands-on-deck approach to addressing the educational shortfalls within our community.

DANIELS: A License to Kill Black Men

From nearly the moment he was attacked by a New York City police officer July 18, the world has, via that chilling video, watched Eric Garner die. Are we now about to see the "traditions" that led to his death ...

MUHAMMAD: Marion Barry a 'Pure Spirit'

Marion S. Barry Jr. — D.C.'s "Mayor for Life," indeed, "Mayor Forever" — taught us so many lessons in his lifetime and maybe even more valuable lessons in his departure from this life.

MUHAMMAD: Whom Can You Call When the Cops are the Murderers?

I would have thought that by now, there would be so much revulsion over the treatment of Black folks, especially the males, that there would be universal consensus that White cops, district attorneys and crooked judges are up to no ...

CURRY: A Perverted View of Black-on-Black Crime

Both Rudy Giuliani and Darren Wilson are entitled to have their opinions of African-Americans, however flawed. But their biases should not cost Michel Brown or anyone else their life.

CURRY: Blacks Still Devastated by HIV/AIDS

As we prepare to commemorate World AIDS Day on Monday, Dec. 1, this is a good time to look at how the epidemic continues to devastate our community.

CLINGMAN: Marching to Freedom on a Treadmill

While we have certainly protested and begged for jobs from politicians, our tepid and passive solutions have not moved us one inch toward our goal of lowering the black rate of unemployment. Why?

JACKSON: 'Friends' Desert Bill Cosby When He Needs Them Most

Even Fat Albert knows Bill Cosby is getting a raw deal.

MUHAMMAD: The Bill Cosby Takedown

Before we get the rope and assemble the posse for his "necktie party," I would advise that Bill Cosby — as we all are entitled to be — is innocent until proven guilty, and the burden of proof is on ...

MUHAMMAD: NAACP Owes an Apology to Black Republicans

Black folks in leadership often demand that there be "one set of rules" or a "level playing field" for everyone in "the game." The NAACP should be an exemplar of that principle and extend its "right hand of fellowship" to ...

DANIELS: Midterm Election Lies and Consequences

The latest proof that the lethal Ebola virus is not a threat to the American public was greeted with deafening silence from Republican officialdom, the conservative echo chamber and their mainstream media allies, who had ginned up the Ebola "crisis" ...

CURRY: Sweet Home Alabama

Not that much has really changed in Sweet Home Alabama once you look beyond the surface.