ALFORD: The Environmental Movement's 'Billionaires Club'

I have often wondered about the zest and ambition of environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Green Peace, Environmental Defense Fund, etc. They despise anything that advances our economy and improves the quality of life for all of America.

JACKSON: Residents of Ferguson Need to Make a Change

Regardless of what happens during all the legal wrangling, one thing is certain: the residents of Ferguson have had all the power they ever needed to make the change they have been seeking. And they haven't used it.

CURRY: Differences in Black and White

Public opinion polls confirm a fact that has been documented in instances ranging from the O.J. Simpson verdict to recent events in Ferguson: When it comes to race, blacks and whites largely view events through a different set of lenses.

JACKSON: Do We Perpetuate Black Stereotypes?

Many African-Americans feel like there has been an unofficial war declared on Blacks, especially young Black males.

SPRIGGS: Ferguson Yet Another Sore Spot

A problem with America is the paradox that it can be a nation with high compassion, but also a nation with no empathy.

JACKSON: Blacks Missing from U.S.-Africa Business Forum

Not only has the first Black president continued to ignore his most loyal voting bloc, the Black community, but by his actions he has made it perfectly clear to African leaders that Black business leaders are totally irrelevant within the ...

MUHAMMAD: Washington NFL Nickname 'Not For Long'

There is one name in NFL circles — not that of a player, however — which has been around far too long.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: Migrant Children are Innocent Victims of the U.S. War on Drugs

We must see these thousands of children in need of help right now not as a political dilemma but as an urgent humanitarian crisis.

DANIELS: Chaos is the GOP's Goal

In the midst of a crisis when America's national government needs to act swiftly, one can count on the Republican Party, driven by its reflexive anti-Obama mania, to oppose any positive action.

CHAVIS: Low Black Employment in Hi-Tech Silicon Valley

The companies lead the world in technology but ranks at the bottom when it comes to workforce inclusiveness and overall economic fairness toward Black Americans and Latino Americans.

MUHAMMAD: Republicans, Please Impeach President Obama

The latest GOP gimmick is to sue President Barack Obama, for not adequately enforcing provisions of the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — which the Republican-controlled House has voted 43 times to repeal!

CURRY: Democrats Try Gimmicks to Reach Black Voters

The upcoming mid-term election may be yet another example of Black voters never getting the credit they deserve winning seats for the party but getting an overabundance of blame when Democrats get their heads handed to them.

FLETCHER: Palestinian and the Black American Freedom Struggles

Those who oppose justice for the Palestinians regularly drag out quotes from various historic African-American leaders in order to attempt to make their case. While this may sway some people, it does not settle the matter of whether comparisons of ...

CURRY: The Politics of Federal Judges

When someone tells you that the political affiliation of the president appointing judges doesn't matter or when a president claims to be appointing judges who interpret the law and not legislate from the bench, don't believe them.

MALVEAUX: The High Cost of Injustice

How much would we save if legally mandated minimum sentences were modified and nonviolent drug offenses were more reasonably imposed?