MUHAMMAD: Racism Rears its Ugly Beard

In today’s politically correct world, even Santa has been drawn into the race-war-of-words, right along with the extra-long-bearded Phil Robertson.

ALFORD: Notes From the DR

The weather was perfect. The facilities were clean and professionally run. All participants wore smiles and had no complaints.

MUHAMMAD: What Makes a Black Conservative Tick?

It's a wonder that there aren't a dozen or more other Black arch-conservative lawmakers like Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina in national office.

CLINGMAN: The Tax Man Cometh

When the tax man cometh, Black dollars "goeth."

CURRY: Mandela Opponents Trying to Re-Write History

Many conservatives who actively opposed Nelson Mandela's protracted struggle to establish democracy in White minority-ruled South Africa are trying to rationalize their past criticism by either ignoring their earlier public statements or trying to place the struggle for a democratic ...

FLETCHER: Colombia's Color Code

I had the opportunity to visit Bogota, Colombia, for a meeting of representatives of public sector unions from the Western Hemisphere. The focus of the meeting was on issues of race and xenophobia. One of the things that struck me ...

DANIELS: The American Dream Lives!

It's the current American reality that's become a nightmare for millions upon millions whose lives, occupations and economic stability once seemed to embody it.

MUHAMMAD: Mandela, Obama Presidential Sons of Africa

Both presidents are Sons of Africa, and the first Black presidents of their respective countries. In that regard they have some things in common.

MUHAMMAD: Can Obamacare Be Fixed?

If you let some people tell it, the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka "Obamacare") is suffering from an incurable, genetic disorder. That is: it was parented by President Barack Obama.

CLINGMAN: Find a Need and Fill It

One of the greatest entrepreneurs in this nation, Arthur George Gaston, offered these wise words of advice to prospective business owners: "Find a need and fill it." If there is anyone we can look to for an example of how ...

DANIELS: Children Will Go Hungry with Food Stamp Cuts

Is American society willing to let the 21 million American children — one quarter of all American children — who live in households that get food stamps endure not just less to eat, but actual hunger?

MUHAMMAD: Investing in the Criminal 'Just Us' System

Why aren't there more of "us" involved in efforts to bring about drastic behavior modification among us?

DANIELS: Forcing Poor People to Go Hungry

Just as the holiday season begins, when the thoughts and actions of some focus on compassion for others, we could be about to witness the government's forcing the poor to go hungry — the product of political horse-trading in Washington ...

DANIELS: 2013 Elections — Something to Vote for (and Against)

Last week's elections for the governorships of New Jersey, where the Republican incumbent won, and Virginia, where the Republican contender lost, have thrown into sharp relief two political dynamics it's important to not lose sight of.

CLINGMAN: Exiting the Train of Consumption

Many of us, including me, may not want to admit it, but there have been times in our lives when we did some pretty stupid things with our money.