DANIELS: 2013 Elections — Something to Vote for (and Against)

Last week's elections for the governorships of New Jersey, where the Republican incumbent won, and Virginia, where the Republican contender lost, have thrown into sharp relief two political dynamics it's important to not lose sight of.

CLINGMAN: Exiting the Train of Consumption

Many of us, including me, may not want to admit it, but there have been times in our lives when we did some pretty stupid things with our money.

ALFORD: Glory Days — Thinking about Art and Parren

These two giants helped mold the National Black Chamber of Commerce and Kay and I thank God for that.

CURRY: Time to Raise Minimum Wage

The first federal minimum wage of 25 cents an hour was established in 1938. Since then, it has been raised 22 times. It's time to increase the floor for the 23rd time, from its current $7.25 to at least $10 ...

FLETCHER: Poor Whites are Blaming the Wrong People

Economically precarious Whites have concluded — erroneously — that Obama, particularly through the Affordable Healthcare Act, somehow is worsening the economy for them.

ALFORD: Is It Time To Do Away With HBCUs?

Is it time to merge state-funded Black schools into mainstream schools?

MUHAMMAD: To Change Racist Team Name, Fire the Owner

The fact that the current owner of the Washington NFL franchise refuses to even entertain the notion of decency with regard to retiring his racist team name and its logo should come as no surprise to anyone.

CLINGMAN: Selling Out and Buying In

I have often been told that everyone has a number, a price they would accept to sell out. I wonder what the number was for Marcus Garvey — I wonder if he even had a number. When I listen to ...

MUHAMMAD: Who 'Lost' America?

One day in the future when Americans wake up and discover that 250-plus years of tyranny has deservedly earned this country world scorn, the racist, xenophobic, White pundits who have charted America’s errant course to destruction will say as the ...

DANIELS: Economy Continues to 'Tread Water Underwater'

The federal jobs reports for September issued last week showed the year’s slow — and therefore, disappointing — rate of job growth has weakened just a bit more.

FLETCHER: Still Reeling from the Tea Party's Party

The Tea Party Republicans attempted to fly their planes into the ‘battleship’ of government, making the assumption that the ‘battleship’ would change course. That did not happen and the Tea Party Republicans lost badly. But their loss was political. For ...

MUHAMMAD: Watch Out for a 'Post-Racial' Backlash

As long as Black people are in want and dependent on White largesse and even the lowliest White person can feel superior to all Black folks regardless of the Black person's achievement, then everything is "kosher." But you let Black ...

CURRY: Obama's Showdown with 'Teapublicans' is Just Beginning

Believe it or not, President Obama's decision to finally stand up to Teapublicans — a Republican Party hijacked by Right-wing Tea Party zealots — in the latest standoff over the Affordable Care Act and the debt ceiling was the easy ...

CURRY: Dr. Ben Carson — 'Gifted Hands,' Foot in Mouth

The Affordable Health Care Act is worse than slavery? It’s a ridiculous comparison.

DANIELS: Miscalculating Multiculturalism in America

Given the political gridlock in Washington that's pushed the country to the brink of economic calamity and caused needless distress to millions, one might think America has rarely been more polarized, more “dis-united.” Actually, the opposite is true.