DANIELS: Miscalculating Multiculturalism in America

Given the political gridlock in Washington that's pushed the country to the brink of economic calamity and caused needless distress to millions, one might think America has rarely been more polarized, more “dis-united.” Actually, the opposite is true.

MUHAMMAD: Long Live the Spirit of the Million Man March

It's incredible, but young men and women, who were born on Monday, Oct. 16, 1995, the day of the Million Man March, are now already 18 years old, adults.

DANIELS: The Delusional Tea Party Republicans

Amid all of the economic pain the Tea Party-Republican coalition’s action are causing millions of Americans, we should not forget that the most important thing pushing the radical right wing is not opposition to Obamacare or any other administration policy. ...

MUHAMMAD: John Boehner — Speaker of the Confederacy

To say that John Boehner is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, third in line after the vice president for the U.S. presidency, is a gross exaggeration. He is Speaker in name only.

JACKSON: The Heart of the Black Conservative (Yes, We Have One)

Within the Republican Party, there is what I call this mystery of the Black conservative.

FLETCHER: Obama Should Not Play 'Global Cop'

The central issue that should concern us when it comes to the chemical weapons crisis in Syria is not the identity of the perpetrator but which international body responds to such a crisis.

BUTLER: Getting Some Punches in for Black Pride

Of course, a big sporting event is meant for a night of fun, but history shows us its always been more than that.

MUHAMMAD: House Tea Party Caucus like a Ghetto High School Gang

Members of the tiny minority, Tea Party faction of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives could not be any more disgusting in my view even if they walked around, their mouths full of profanities and the pants of ...

DANIELS: 'Twisting Up' the New Orleans Police Brutality Case

Surely, there’s no little historical irony in the fact that two events occurred last week that were reminders that as far as Black Americans are concerned, justice in this country often remains, as the old saying goes, a sometime thing ...

CURRY: Selling Out Black College Football to Make a Buck

There’s only one reason our HBCUs schedule games against schools whose head coaches make more than their entire athletic budgets: they earn a big payday, even if that means being publicly humiliated along the way.

MUHAMMAD: The CBC and the New Corporate 'Chitlin' Circuit'

Even the prospect of an address from President Barack Obama could not rescue the Annual Legislative Week sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation from its new status as just another gig on the modern, now-corporate "Chitlin' Circuit."

DANIELS: Ted Cruz Loves Arch-Racist Jesse Helms

In office just nine months, Ted Cruz, the junior Republican senator from Texas, has already established himself as that body’s most divisive force since the witch-hunting, 1950s demagogue, Joe McCarthy.

MUHAMMAD: Obama Dodges Bullet after Syria Bungle

Even as I was researching, compiling and cataloging the sins of President Barack Obama in his talked-about, immoral, surgical-attack-on-Syrian-chemical-weapons gambit, I was thinking to myself all the time: "Self, don’t count Obama out. He's got a guardian angel on his ...

ALFORD: An Inside Look at our Rotten Prison System

If we would legalize drugs, perhaps the prison population — predominantly Black and Hispanic — would start to fade away and private prisons will be a thing of a horrible and ugly past.


These are the words of an 18-year-old who recently graduated from high school in a high-poverty neighborhood in the nation's capital: "Where I live, which is Ward 7, everyone is the same … If you follow the crowd, you're going ...