CURRY: Right Wing Gets it Wrong on Mississippi

If you ever doubted that conservatives were sore losers, the recent Senate election in Mississippi should remove all doubt.

FLETCHER: Bush Marched Us Off to War While Cutting VA Benefits

At the same time that we were being lied into the Iraq war, the Bush administration was cutting benefits to veterans.

JACKSON: GOP's Reverse 'Southern Strategy'

Last week’s election results infuriated me, but not for the reasons you might suspect.

MALVEAUX: Ikea and the Gap Fill the Wage Gap

Ikea gets it, so does the Gap. What’s wrong with the Congress?

ASKIA-AT-LARGE: Boko Haram, a Creation of the CIA? Of Course

There are armed and dangerous people in this world who call themselves Muslims who are not true Muslim believers at all, but rather are nothing more than barbarians.

MUHAMMAD: Muslim Scholars Should Unite

It is time that Nation of Islam scholars convene themselves and form their own academic council.

CLINGMAN: 'Economic Freedom' Should Be Rallying Cry

Has the thought ever occurred to you that despite having the highest unemployment rate in this country, our job creation rate is perched at the other end of that spectrum? That's right, Blacks are some of the best job creators ...

FLETCHER: No Wall of Respect in Occupied Palestine

"It felt like being in a huge prison." That was how I responded to questions I was asked in January after returning from a visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

CURRY: Dr. King 'Turning In His Grave' Over Family Greed

The children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sue each other so often that you need a program to keep up with the court action.

ALFORD: An Energized Future at Home

Yes, the future is bright for those of us who support our important energy industry.

JACKSON: Diverse Ways of Viewing Diversity

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld made some comments last week about not caring about "diversity" in Hollywood, especially in the area of comedy, and set off some very heated conversations across the country.

DANIELS: Arnold Pinkney a 'Tailor' of Democracy

Arnold Pinkney's business acumen and civic activism validated to an extraordinary degree the Civil Rights Movement's promise of what destroying the barriers to Black Americans' full participation in American society could produce.

JACKSON: Obama Has Destroyed Our Values

President Obama has done more to destroy the social and moral fabric of America than anyone in the history of our country.

CLINGMAN: The Revolution Must Be Financed

When it comes to gaining true freedom, the words and actions of our most revered Black authentic leaders emphasized economic empowerment.

DANIELS: The GOP's Curse of the 'Golden Boys'

Isn’t it time to think of the Republican Party’s quest for the presidency as haunted? That'd be a good question to put to Chris Christie, the latest GOP “golden boy” trying to get his feet out of the political clay.