MUHAMMAD: #OscarsoWhite vs. Diversity

The images which are so popular in movies and on television bear very little resemblance to the realities of most of our lives.

MUHAMMAD: Obama, Secret Service, Slipping and Sliding

The great military minds that surround the president of the United States might have saved themselves and their boss some embarrassment and some minor peril two days before the major storm hit, had they simply heeded the advice of Mark ...

MUHAMMAD: Can America Be Great Again?

Unfortunately, the "great again" slogan is a delusional myth. What these guys really want is to go back to a time when "if you're White you're right, and if you're Black get back."

MUHAMMAD: White American Hatred of Muslims is Nothing New

Muslims have been set upon in this country for 85 years and counting.

MUHAMMAD: Scholar/Warrior Frances Cress Welsing, Gone But Not Forgotten

Frances Cress Welsing's passing leaves tears on my heart and then a smile because I knew her and her sister Lorne Cress Love personally and because her unerring but unpopular scholarship confirmed so many of my own core beliefs.

MUHAMMAD: Racism, America's Original Terror

The terrorism now, Americans, is everywhere.

MUHAMMAD: Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber

Recent events have made us consider once again suicide assassins or other criminals whose aim is to murder innocent people in order to shock everyone else.

MUHAMMAD: 'Birther' Eligibility Could Haunt Republican Cruz

What's sauce for the goose should be tasty sauce for the gander.

MUHAMMAD: Only Fools Want to Engage ISIS in War

Republican voters are behaving like mythological lemmings, following xenophobe and race-baiter Donald Trump (and other right-wing presidential candidates) toward certain doom in a rhetorical war with the so-called Islamic State.

MUHAMMAD: Efforts to Fight 'Radical Islam' Critically Flawed

Islam is not America's problem: In Islam can be found the solution to the problem.

MUHAMMAD: Ben Carson, the Brian Williams of Presidential Politics

The wheels have begun rapidly falling off the Carson campaign bandwagon.

WILSON: We’ve Lost a Hero in AIDS Struggle

The world lost a hero, the AIDS community lost a leader, the Black AIDS community lost a giant, and many of us lost a mentor, a father figure and a friend with the passing of Dr. Beny Primm.

MALVEAUX: 20 Questions for Presidential Candidates

Bye, bye, Biden.

CROWELL: Remedies Needed to Reduce $175B Student Loan Delinquencies

As the cost of higher education has risen, students and their families have increasingly turned to student loans to cover costs.

CLINGMAN: Watch This Film on Black Friday Before You Spend Another Dollar

When you die, what will you leave behind: bills or benefits?