CLINGMAN: A Million Reasons to Change

Exactly what is there in 1 million Black folks united in their will and purpose? What is in a million brothers and sisters who are tired of the same old rhetoric, the same old leaders, and the same old ways ...

CHAVOUS: Kennedy, King Vision Found in Indiana School

Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of a colorblind society is more evident at a tiny elementary school in Indianapolis than in most places in America.

MUHAMMAD: Native Americans Protest Washington NFL Team's Racist Nickname

Since 1992, Native Americans have waged an unrelenting protest campaign against the name "Redskins," which they insist is a dictionary-defined racial slur. And the team’s achievements on the field recently have gone from bad to worse because, some folks say, ...

CLINGMAN: No Justice, No Profit

It's about using our money to help building our own economic infrastructure.

CURRY: Edward Brooke Doesn't Get His Due

Sandwiched between the deaths of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and popular ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott, the passing of former Massachusetts Sen. Edward W. Brooke III at the age of 95 did not get nearly the attention it deserved.

DANIELS: The Content of Steve Scalise's Character

Just as the Republican Party is poised to take control of Congress, a key official's actions and words remind us — just in time for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday — that it remains implacably hostile to what ...

MUHAMMAD: President Obama's 'Great' Bad Year

What a great bad year President Barack Obama had in 2014.

MALVEAUX: Innocent Blacks and White Cops — All Lives are Valuable

What links the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu? Some would say that one set of deaths was revenge for the other. Actually, all of the deaths represent a tragic loss of life.

CURRY: 2014, The Year of Unfair and Unbalanced Media

Yes, Black lives matter. And so does the truth.

FLETCHER: Republicans 2015 — A Trip Into the Past

The vast majority of the Republican Party has suggested, for many years, that their objective is to overturn the 20th century, that is, to reverse the various gains made by the average person in the 20th century.

FLETCHER: A Wealth of Unfair Criticism for Obama

I have many criticisms of President Obama, as you know. But what unsettles me about conservative criticisms of Obama revolves around issues of context and facts.

CURRY: After Cuba, Hope Rises in Palestine and the Western Sahara

The loudest shouting after the announcement of a thaw in the U.S.-Cuba icy relationship may not have been in Havana or Washington, but in Ramallah.

MUHAMMAD: It's All About the 'Race Card'

There is broad consensus that the United States is suffering from a malaise. There is far less agreement on how to correct the country's problems.

MUHAMMAD: Lifting up the Mothers of Our Martyrs

It's been a gut wrenching couple of weeks for us in the nation's capital.

CURRY: Race in the Un-United States of America

The understandable attention being focused on differing attitudes among whites and blacks toward law enforcement authorities in the wake of decisions by grand juries in Missouri and New York not to indict white police officers for killing unarmed blacks ignores ...