DANIELS: MLK — Militant of the 21st Century

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. hasn't been this alive since 1968.

FLETCHER: Intolerable Wages Feed Strikes by Fast Food Workers

The mainstream media has had difficulty understanding the eruption of strikes in the fast food industry. They have acted as if they have come out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. Neither is true.

ALFORD: A History of Union Racism

Construction trades still discriminate against Blacks and this is what sickens me when President Obama demands union-only projects along with many other ignorant or sellout Black politicians, officials and traditional civil rights organizations.

MUHAMMAD: Unchecked Greed Running Wild in the U.S.

Ken Langone, the billionaire founder of Home Depot, is worried that Pope Francis' recent criticism of the wealthy and capitalism will be a "hurdle" for rich donors who otherwise might donate to the church. Duh?

FLETCHER: Shaking Hands with Raul Castro

I have had difficulty believing the uproar in right-wing circles over President Obama shaking hands with Cuban President Raul Castro. For goodness sakes, it was at the memorial for Nelson Mandela! Should Obama have spat in the face of Castro?

CLINGMAN: Political Poverty Pimps

Washington, D.C., has become a veritable money pit, and candidates are doing and saying some of the dirtiest hypocritical things in order to set up residence there.

MUHAMMAD: Racism Rears its Ugly Beard

In today’s politically correct world, even Santa has been drawn into the race-war-of-words, right along with the extra-long-bearded Phil Robertson.

ALFORD: Notes From the DR

The weather was perfect. The facilities were clean and professionally run. All participants wore smiles and had no complaints.

MUHAMMAD: What Makes a Black Conservative Tick?

It's a wonder that there aren't a dozen or more other Black arch-conservative lawmakers like Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina in national office.

CLINGMAN: The Tax Man Cometh

When the tax man cometh, Black dollars "goeth."

CURRY: Mandela Opponents Trying to Re-Write History

Many conservatives who actively opposed Nelson Mandela's protracted struggle to establish democracy in White minority-ruled South Africa are trying to rationalize their past criticism by either ignoring their earlier public statements or trying to place the struggle for a democratic ...

FLETCHER: Colombia's Color Code

I had the opportunity to visit Bogota, Colombia, for a meeting of representatives of public sector unions from the Western Hemisphere. The focus of the meeting was on issues of race and xenophobia. One of the things that struck me ...

DANIELS: The American Dream Lives!

It's the current American reality that's become a nightmare for millions upon millions whose lives, occupations and economic stability once seemed to embody it.

MUHAMMAD: Mandela, Obama Presidential Sons of Africa

Both presidents are Sons of Africa, and the first Black presidents of their respective countries. In that regard they have some things in common.

MUHAMMAD: Can Obamacare Be Fixed?

If you let some people tell it, the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka "Obamacare") is suffering from an incurable, genetic disorder. That is: it was parented by President Barack Obama.