EDITORIAL: Black History Month — Our Time to Celebrate, Reflect and Learn

It's important to remember that while mainstream America often negates and ignores Black culture, we continue to be the spokespersons and advocates for our own history.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Residents Show Real Compassion During Storm

Once the snow stopped falling, hundreds of thousands of area citizens began the arduous task of cleanup. And in these instances, one thing became apparent: as human beings we are still more alike than unalike.

EDITORIAL: Wal-Mart's Decision is Wrong

We hope city officials will not allow Wal-Mart to walk out of the District as easily as they were allowed to walk in.

EDITORIAL: Flint's Deadly Waters

This case demands environmental justice or else there should be no peace!

EDITORIAL: Have We Forgotten the Sacrifices and Example of Dr. King?

While we will participate in marches and rallies, celebrate with marching bands and honor guards during parades and even discuss his words and writings during roundtables and forums, the question remains whether we are doing the "King thing" more as ...

EDITORIAL: To Tackle District's Homicide Spike, Compromise May Be Best Answer

The relationship between D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Council member Kenyan McDuffie has gotten off to a rocky start in 2016 as both continue to promote different solutions to the District's troubling increase in homicides.

EDITORIAL: No Room for Partisanship in Debate Over Guns

It's hard to understand how educated, privileged, elected officials can continue to block any efforts by the president to deal with the wake of massacres that have occurred in every part of our nation.

EDITORIAL: Don't Forget the Reason for the Season

With December 25 almost upon us, it looks like we won't have a White Christmas this year. But then, that's not really the reason we should look forward to this time of the year anyway.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Office of Pensions Should Respect Elders

According to a national estimate, every year nearly half a million elderly individuals in the United States suffer abuse or neglect.

EDITORIAL: Vincent Gray Vindicated, But Pain Cannot be Erased

Many Washingtonians, particularly those who have been longtime supporters of former D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, were pleased to hear that a years-long federal probe into the illegal financing of his 2010 mayoral campaign had finally ended and that Gray would ...

EDITORIAL: Even in Defeat, 'Skins Show Heart

Our Washington team showed tremendous heart, refusing to lay down and die.

EDITORIAL: Does Donald Trump Speak for Silent, Bigoted Americans?

If we aren't careful, we may be allowing folks like Donald Trump to take over the Oval Office and subsequently lead our nation down a road of total chaos, confusion, utter madness and extreme bigotry.

EDITORIAL: Gone but Not Forgotten — Mister Rogers, Capt. Kangaroo and 'Officer Friendly'

It's time to clean house in police departments from Cheyenne to Chicago, from Arizona to Alabama and from small town USA to big city America.

EDITORIAL: We Should Give Thanks 365 Days a Year

What would happen if we decided as a nation to give thanks for all that we have every day of our lives — 365 days a year?

EDITORIAL: With Honeymoon Over, Can Bowser Effectively Rebound?

With the honeymoon over, she will need to show her true mettle and get the ship in order.