EDITORIAL: Equal Work, Equal Pay

It's a shame and an embarrassment that in 2014, the issue of equal pay for women remains unresolved and that certain politicians and activists are using pay equity as a political football.

EDITORIAL: The Civil Rights Act, 50 Years Later

One of the good things about anniversary observances and related celebrations is that they offer us a vantage point from which to gauge our progress as a country and as a people.

EDITORIAL: Henderson Deserves the Chance to Carry On

Kaya Henderson has put forth an agenda that’s been working and, unless someone else can step to the plate with far better offerings, at the very least deserves the opportunity to continue carrying out initiatives that are bringing our schools ...

EDITORIAL: Right Question, Wrong Answer

We commend Congressman Cedric Richmond for questioning U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on the timing of the federal prosecutor's decision to announce allegations that D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray knew about the shadow campaign funded by Jeff Thompson.

EDITORIAL: Relisha's Young Face Tells More

It's been a month now since Relisha Rudd went missing.

EDITORIAL: Mayor Gray is Our Choice

Vincent Gray has earned a second chance to serve the District as its mayor and to continue a lifetime of service he is credited for giving to the residents of this city.

EDITORIAL: Scandal, Inc.

Once against, Washington D.C. is being roiled by a political scandal that has shaken the public's faith in the legislative arm of our city.

EDITORIAL: To Lead, You First Must Serve

It never gets old hearing about college students and other young people opting for a Spring Break of service, rather than catching sun and partying on the beaches of Daytona, Pensacola and Cancun.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Mayor's Race Shaping Up to Be a Dogfight

For handicappers and political pundits, the mayor's race just got a little more interesting.

EDITORIAL: Mistaken Identity

Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik has some explaining to do.

EDITORIAL: Stand Your Ground

Once more, America is getting a taste of justice, Florida style.

EDITORIAL: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Last December, Congress allowed long-term unemployment benefits to expire, leaving about 1.7 million people without the safety net they need as they search for a job.

EDITORIAL: Black History on Tap

While it is important to honor the best in black culture and to hold up that which has too often been hidden from most Americans, not just the black ones, it is time for black people to do much more.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Firefighters — To Act or Not to Act

At the time it seemed simple. An elderly man was in distress and a firehouse stood across the street.

EDITORIAL: And Justice for All …

For more than eight months, food service, janitorial and other staff employed by the federal government at the Smithsonian museums, Union Station, the Ronald Reagan Building and other federal installations, have been protesting and holding a series of one-day strikes. ...


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