EDITORIAL: Fidel Castro Celebrated

The recent passing of former Cuban President Fidel Castro has raised the voices of only a few African-American civil rights leaders commenting about Castro's legacy and influence on the world.

EDITORIAL: Has Hatred Become America's New Normal?

We see the emboldened actions and boisterous chants of those who want our country to return to a more "gentler, kinder, greater" time — a time when America was clearly dominated by whites and when those of other races, creeds, ...

EDITORIAL: Giving Thanks Should Be a Daily Act

Giving thanks should be something we do every day.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Who Will Be Left When They Come for You?

It seems like many whites have grown tired of playing the game of civility.

EDITORIAL: Is 'Death With Dignity' Good for Black Community?

We see a paradox in the D.C. Council's decision earlier this week to approve legislation that now allows physicians to prescribe fatal drugs to terminally ill residents.

EDITORIAL: Racism Long Hidden Now Rears Its Ugly Head

As the first week unfolds following the election of Donald Trump as our country's next president, it's obvious that this nation has a long way to go before we can honestly say "we have overcome."

EDITOR'S COLUMN: After the Elections, My Daughter Asks Daddy for a Hug

Whether it's Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, we owe it to our children to make this world better than it was when we entered it. And that's exactly what this Black man is going to do.

EDITORIAL: Maybe It’s Time to Change the Way America Elects Its President

Stunned is probably the best way to describe what happened on Election Night 2016.

EDITORIAL: It's Time to Make a Choice — Vote for the Future

Every eligible voter must make sure they let their voice be heard.

EDITORIAL: Don't Believe the Hype on Obamacare Scare

The truth is that there will be increases in rates and some will be quite high. But these rate increases will only impact a small percentage of citizens.

EDITORIAL: Cathy Hughes Receives Her Flowers — and Rightfully So

Cathy Hughes received her flowers last weekend — and no one could be more deserving.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Dreams of Returning to the Good Old Days Aren't Always So Good

Donald Trump has often said he wants our country to return to the "good old days." For me and those who look like me, his dream is our nightmare.

EDITORIAL: Hillary Clinton the Only Logical Choice

The editorial board of The Washington Informer unanimously endorses Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

EDITORIAL: New Law Changes Education Landscape

Closing the achievement gap and ensuring the educational success for every child, regardless of their race, economic status, learning needs, or their permanent or temporary zip code, is a right that remains elusive for children of color, particularly those who ...

EDITORIAL: America Wrong to Ignore Haiti's Plight

The impact of Hurricane Matthew continues to be felt in the U.S., particularly in North Carolina where lingering floodwaters have resulted in the deaths of dozens of citizens. But in the beleaguered island nation of Haiti, the devastation is overwhelming.