EDITORIAL: Why Can't Congress Move on Gun Control?

Despite over 60 percent of the people supporting new laws that make it more difficult to acquire weapons, Congress continues to waste time in debates without any action being taken.

EDITORIAL: Guns and Hatred — A Dangerous Combination

Mass shootings have now become something all too familiar in our world. But this time, there are the additional complex issues of religion, sexual orientation and ethnic background.

EDITORIAL: GOP Delay Over Zika Funding is Another Stupid Move

Of course, so-called leaders of Congress who represent the Republican Party don't want to budge. And we can't understand why.

EDITORIAL: Justice Thwarted in Sentencing of Stanford Rapist

Sadly, we still live in a society and culture that tolerates sexual violence and with a judicial system that does not equitably dole out justice when the perpetrator is of a certain race, class and in this incident, gender.

EDITORIAL: Warriors Comeback an Inspiration for All

Sports aficionados will tell the story to their grandchildren years from now.

EDITORIAL: Metro’s Rebuilding Plan Leaves Many In the Dark

As Metro unveils its "SafeTrack" plan and its shutdown schedule in order to make sorely needed improvements on the rail system, one thing is certain — it's going to be a very long year for commuters.

EDITORIAL: Justice Unfulfilled for Charnice Milton

No one deserves to have their life taken away so senselessly, so suddenly. But in the case of Charnice Milton, her untimely death remains even more tragic because of the future that laid before her.

EDITORIAL: Ready Workers Need Employers

A summer job should have a positive impact on a young person's life. The concern this year, just as in past years, is making sure there is enough summer work for youths to do.

EDITORIAL: Zimmerman Bid to Sell Murder Weapon an Ignoble Travesty

George Zimmerman should be ashamed of himself. Has modern society become sick and callous enough that we would endorse such an action?

EDITORIAL: We Can Make a Difference in Reducing Violence in D.C.

Stay involved and do what it takes to show your children, your family and your community that all lives matter.

EDITORIAL: In Support of an All-Male Academy

When we first heard about the District's plan to invest $20 million into a program that would address the decades-long achievement gap experienced by Black and Hispanic males with the establishment of an all-boys college preparatory high school east of ...

EDITORIAL: Worth a Breath of Fresh Air

May is Asthma Awareness Month — a time set aside to focus on the causes, prevention and cure for the chronic lung disease that takes the breath away from children and adults all year long.

EDITORIAL: Mother, Mom, Mommy, Ma — Names that all Equate to Love

There's something special about the bond between a child and their mother.

EDITORIAL: Why Can't Women Join the Men's Club of the U.S. Senate?

We can't help but express our disappointment that Congress lacks the kind of diversity that reflects the rainbow coalition that is the United States of America.

EDITORIAL: The Incomparable Prince 1958-2016

By now, the accolades, remembrances and even the wild speculation has been absorbed. And, the reality is that the artist known as Prince Rogers Nelson is no more.