EDITORIAL: Another Questionable Death in Fairfax County Custody

The Fairfax County Police Department is facing additional scrutiny with the death Sunday of a 37-year-old woman who was hit at least four times with a stun gun.

EDITORIAL: We Still Need to Bring Back Our Girls

It has been more than a year since the militant jihadi group Boko Haram stormed an all-girls secondary school and kidnapped about 300 girls in Chibok, northern Nigeria.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Nabs Midsummer Classic

Commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred has thrilled Washington, the Washington Nationals and baseball lovers here with the news that Washington, D.C., will host the 2018 All-Star Game.

EDITORIAL: The Obama-Jamaica Lovefest

The Jamaican diaspora community, as well of those who live in the tiny island nation, are still buzzing after President Barack Obama's visit on April 9.

EDITORIAL: Iran Nuclear Agreement on the Horizon

President Barack Obama is basking in the glow of success after what several senior administration officials characterized on Friday as tough and sometimes intense negotiations that have produced the framework for a comprehensive nuclear deal.

EDITORIAL: Bowser and Racine Butt Heads

Mayor Muriel Bowser finds herself at odds with her Attorney General Karl Racine over a bill she submitted to the city council that he asserts would significantly diminish his role and ability to represent D.C. residents interests.

EDITORIAL: Indiana in the Spotlight for the Wrong Reason

D.C. Council member David Grosso joined a growing group of critics in the political sphere Monday who moved to punish the state of Indiana in response to a bill passed last week that is largely believed to discriminate against gay ...

EDITORIAL: Loretta Lynch Deserves to be Confirmed

It's been more than 160 days that Loretta Lynch, Brooklyn's top prosecutor, has languished, waiting for the Senate to confirm her.

EDITORIAL: The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

In every decade, black people have been confronted by circumstances and events — often triggered by deeply entrenched and endemic structural racism — that has thrown the viability of black respectability into question.

EDITORIAL: Machen Steps Down

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen Jr., announced on March 16 that he's leaving office and returning to private practice after more than five years serving as the Justice Department's top man in the city.

EDITORIAL: No Room in D.C.

The issue of affordable housing isn't a new one.

EDITORIAL: Streetcars, Yea or Nay

For D.C.'s newest residents, streetcars represent a modern addition to cities, an aesthetically pleasing part of gentrification.

EDITORIAL: For Women, the Struggle for Equality Continues

The global celebration of International Women's Day while serving as an opportunity to regale their contributions is also a marker of how far women still have to go to achieve parity.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Fire Department Turning a Corner

Mayor Muriel Bowser has brought in a former Seattle fire chief, Gregory M. Dean, to take over as chief of the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.

EDITORIAL: Yet Another Police Shooting

Early Sunday, in a skid row section of Los Angeles, about a half-dozen of the city’s police officers fought with a homeless man. At the end of the encounter, the unidentified man lay dead on the sidewalk, shot at least ...