EDITORIAL: Louis Stokes a Man We Should Never Forget

Louis Stokes blazed a trail that will long be remembered.

EDITORIAL: All Hands Needed on Deck

This week, more than 49,000 students kicked off another academic year in the District, walking into school halls eager to glean new information, reunite with old friends and show off their fresh gear. Amid the pandemonium, however, remains some concern ...

EDITORIAL: Julian Bond Never Lost Touch with Everyday People

Like so many others, particularly those from the black community, we were saddened to hear about the death of Julian Bond last weekend. Still, we had to admit and recognize that his was a life that was well lived.

EDITORIAL: Fear of a Donald Trump Planet

With the Iowa State Fair attracting presidential hopefuls like flies to honey, we can't help but pause as the "surprise" Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, continues to share his controversial opinions all to his benefit.

EDITORIAL: Ferguson a City Still Filled with Pain

It's been one year since Michael Brown died by police gunfire and once again, just like the days and weeks following his death, violence has rocked the small town of Ferguson, a tiny town located a few miles from St. ...

EDITORIAL: Summer Jobs Help — But Only in the Short Run

Many men and women have benefited from participating in summer youth employment programs like the one here in the District. Now named after former Mayor Marion Barry, the program makes a real difference in the lives of youth, particularly those ...

EDITORIAL: Houston, Brown Families Could Do Better

Say what you will about Bobby Brown, the so-called bad boy who supposedly spoiled the fortunes of Whitney Houston when she married him a couple of decades ago. But what you cannot say about the R&B star is that he ...

EDITORIAL: Sandra Bland, Reluctant Martyr

Nobody knows why one particular incident in a string of atrocities resonates, strikes a chord that rattles the psyche and triggers a firestorm of anger and outrage. But that's exactly what's happened since a Texas state trooper stopped Sandra Bland ...

EDITORIAL: Blacks Still Bear the Brunt of Stereotypes

Racism, discrimination and white privilege have their subtle, hidden sides that are difficult to identify and wrap our hands around.

EDITORIAL: Cuba Move a Step in the Right Direction

On a hot and muggy July 20 morning, a throng of diplomat, supporters, onlookers and passersby watched as three soldiers — resplendent in white tunics and blue striped pants — high-stepped out of the embassy to flagpole.

EDITORIAL: The Fight to Remove Confederate Symbols

The despicable act against unarmed, innocent civilians attending Bible study has also stirred a rancorous and heated debate in Southern states about the efficacy of continuing to display this symbol so despised and hated by African-Americans.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Trying to Get Handle on Synthetic Drugs

Mayor Muriel Bowser signed emergency legislation on Friday, July 10, that increases the sanctions against retailers who sell synthetic marijuana and spinoffs.

EDITORIAL: Murders on the Rise

Mayor Muriel Bowser, Police Chief Cathy Lanier and a considerable number of District residents are understandably concerned about a recent spike in the number of homicides in the city.

EDITORIAL: It's Off to Work They Go

Mayor Muriel Bowser is to be commended for the work she and her administration have done to ensure that a significant chunk of the District's young people are gainfully employed this summer.

EDITORIAL: Banish the Confederate Flag to a Museum

When Dylann Roof murdered nine African-Americans during Bible study at Mother Emanuel Church, he could have hardly imagined the consequences of his actions.