EDITORIAL: Crisis Averted

In 2015, we live squarely in the age of cyber-threats, drones, malware and cybersecurity.

EDITORIAL: Selma Past and Present

A common lament heard from civil rights activists and a number of their contemporaries is that for any number of reasons, young people today are unaware of or unfamiliar with the stories of a bygone era.

EDIGTORIAL: MLK Deserves More Than Lip Service

The real Martin Luther King Jr. has been hijacked by those seeking to soften the hard edges of a man almost impossible to put into a neat category, and they subvert his message in the hopes that it doesn't reach ...

EDITORIAL: It's Always the Snow

One measure Washingtonians use to gauge the effectiveness of their mayors is how they handle snowstorms.

EDITORIAL: George Zimmerman In the News Again

When is enough enough?

EDITORIAL: D.C. More Than Ready for Bowser to Fulfill Promises

If the Jan 2. inaugural of Mayor Muriel Bowser, the attorney general and the D.C. Council is any indication, residents are more than ready for the changes they're promising.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Women Rule the Roost

The District of Columbia is bathing in the glow that women hold three of the most powerful positions in the city.

EDITORIAL: In Search of Justice

When a mentally ill gunman murdered Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos on Dec. 20, the New York City Police Department had the country's sympathy. But some of that has been diluted by a series of arbitrary, self-serving and dishonest ...

EDITORIAL: Gray's Last Bow

On Christmas Eve, Mayor Vincent Gray released data indicating a significant decrease in unemployment in Wards 5, 7 and 8.

EDITORIAL: Cuba — An Important First Step

President Barack Obama, aided in large part by Pope Francis, has radically shifted the troubled and tenuous relationship that's existed between the United States and Cuba.

EDITORIAL: A Post-Barry Future

The race for the seat the late Ward 8 Council member Marion S. Barry held is heating up, and a range of people are offering themselves as candidates.

EDITORIAL: Congress Gums Up the Works. Again.

Although 70 percent of D.C. voters support a referendum legalizing recreational marijuana use, city leaders and organizers of Initiative 71 are scrambling to counter interference by the congressional overlords into the city's affairs.

EDITORIAL: Let Justice Be Done

Rarely do people know that one act, that one thing that becomes the spark that ignites a groundswell of anger and deep dissatisfaction, that seemingly erupts from nowhere.

EDITORIAL: Marion Barry, The Legacy Begins…

When he died on Nov. 23, a number of friends, colleagues and former employees of Mayor Marion Barry worried about how he'd be sent home.

EDITORIAL: A Sleeping Giant

A sleeping giant has been awakened, and the struggle for the heart and soul of this country has begun anew.