EDITORIAL: Congratulations Lt. Gov. Brown

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown handily defeated a slate of Democratic opponents last week and won the nomination to succeed his boss, Gov. Martin O’Malley.

EDITORIAL: World Cup Fever

The U.S., which prides itself on going its own way, has, for much of the past 100 years, turned a blind eye to a game embraced with fervor by soccer lovers worldwide.


Dick Cheney and other neo-conservatives who started the war in Iraq the first time are clamoring for a second chance to insert American troops into a conflict that threatens to consume the Middle Eastern nation. We hope the president ignores ...

EDITORIAL: Metro's Dilemma

Metro officials have their work cut out for them as they try to lure commuters back.

EDITORIAL: Ruby Dee 1922-2014

America lost another one of its brightest lights.

EDITORIAL: Schwartz Shakes up D.C. Mayoral Race

Former D.C. Council member Carol Schwartz has shaken up the mayor's race.

EDITORIAL: Welcome to the Future

The change this country needs may rest with the Millennials who are poised to take control of a country and a world their parents seem intent of running into the ground.

EDITORIAL: Maya Angelou 1928-2014

The tremendous outpouring of affection and stirring tributes following Maya Angelou's death on May 28 are an indication of the love and high esteem with which a wide cross-section of fans and admirers held her.

EDITORIAL: Tax Cuts on the Horizon

After a relatively quiet spring, it looks like there will be lots of fireworks between Mayor Vincent C. Gray and the D.C. Council over the fate and funding of streetcars.

EDITORIAL: In Search of the Missing

It's almost impossible to capture in words the emptiness, fear and sense of loss that tears at the parents, caregivers or family member of someone who just disappears.

EDITORIAL: Separate and Unequal

For the past several years, those describing themselves as reformers — armed with enormous amounts of money — have seized control of the public school debate, cowed or co-opted school boards and ushered in the rise of alternatives to public ...

EDITORIAL: Affirmative Action Under Siege

The United States Supreme Court is continuing its assault on affirmative action with its recent decision confirming the right of Michigan voters to deny students admission to college in the state on the basis of race.

EDITORIAL: NCAA and Unionization

Whether the union vote taken by Northwestern University football players last Friday succeeds or fails, its significance will have far-reaching repercussions well beyond the gridiron.

EDITORIAL: Equal Work, Equal Pay

It's a shame and an embarrassment that in 2014, the issue of equal pay for women remains unresolved and that certain politicians and activists are using pay equity as a political football.

EDITORIAL: The Civil Rights Act, 50 Years Later

One of the good things about anniversary observances and related celebrations is that they offer us a vantage point from which to gauge our progress as a country and as a people.