EDITORIAL: Riding Metro? Makes Me Wanna Holler!

It's almost become a running joke among people who live, work or play in the DMV: If something can go wrong with Metro ... well, it most certainly will.

EDITORIAL: Will Bowser Deliver for All D.C. Residents?

What was once "Chocolate City" is quickly becoming a city where it's almost impossible for Blacks to survive and thrive, particularly senior citizens or those with limited education and financial resources.

EDITORIAL: This Easter, Remember the Reason for the 'Season'

Christians around the world will celebrate Easter this Sunday. And while churches will be packed to the rafters, we want to encourage our readers to remember that the day means much than dressing up for the always anticipated fashion show ...

EDITORIAL: We Salute Our Fallen Brother

As more details are revealed about the tragic death of Prince George’s County Police Officer Jacai Colson, it's clear that he should still be alive.

EDITORIAL: Obama Makes Move — Time for Senate to Do Their Job

The cat-and-mouse game continues. Meanwhile, American citizens stand to lose the most — we're the pawns that will be sacrificed should the Republicans have their way.

EDITORIAL: Celebrating the Women of Our Lives and Our World

Measuring the importance of women can be likened to walking across the Atlantic or, for that matter, any ocean. It can't be done, at least not sufficiently.

EDITORIAL: It's Not Trump That Worries Us, It's His Supporters

Donald Trump says he will make America great once more. For whom?

EDITORIAL: A Post-Racial America? Not on Your Life

Have we reached a point in America where we can claim that our society has evolved, reaching a state of post-racial nirvana? Clearly we have not.

EDITORIAL: Let's Give the Homeless a Home — Even In Our Own Neighborhood

Perhaps what we're facing is not an unwillingness to help the homeless live in places that will give them better security and more dignity, but rather the stereotypes that are often attributed to those who have nowhere to live.

EDITORIAL: Love, American-Style — The Evolution Continues

Few would dispute that both interracial and gay forms of love have had to face torment, teasing, isolation and hatred. Thank goodness such times are in the past. Or are they?

EDITORIAL: Black History Month — Our Time to Celebrate, Reflect and Learn

It's important to remember that while mainstream America often negates and ignores Black culture, we continue to be the spokespersons and advocates for our own history.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Residents Show Real Compassion During Storm

Once the snow stopped falling, hundreds of thousands of area citizens began the arduous task of cleanup. And in these instances, one thing became apparent: as human beings we are still more alike than unalike.

EDITORIAL: Wal-Mart's Decision is Wrong

We hope city officials will not allow Wal-Mart to walk out of the District as easily as they were allowed to walk in.

EDITORIAL: Flint's Deadly Waters

This case demands environmental justice or else there should be no peace!

EDITORIAL: Have We Forgotten the Sacrifices and Example of Dr. King?

While we will participate in marches and rallies, celebrate with marching bands and honor guards during parades and even discuss his words and writings during roundtables and forums, the question remains whether we are doing the "King thing" more as ...