EDITORIAL: America Wrong to Ignore Haiti's Plight

The impact of Hurricane Matthew continues to be felt in the U.S., particularly in North Carolina where lingering floodwaters have resulted in the deaths of dozens of citizens. But in the beleaguered island nation of Haiti, the devastation is overwhelming.

EDITORIAL: Got (Free) Milk?

A Virginia student is facing prosecution in Prince William County for allegedly stealing a carton of milk from the school cafeteria. Need we say the student is an African-American male?

EDITORIAL: Metro Has Riders Fed Up

Metrorail riders have grown weary over the many problems associated with the transportation agency, not the least being the lack of reliability and safety.

EDITORIAL: Reparations Bill Must Move Forward

Reparations to people of African descent who have endured a long history of racial violence going back to slavery is an issue that should not remain dormant any longer.

EDITORIAL: Justice Still Thwarts Family of Terrence Sterling

Over the past several weeks, the family and friends of 31-year-old Terrence Sterling have continued to protest near the street in Northwest where he lost his life at the hands of D.C. police officers.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: So Have You Decided Who Our Next President Should Be?

From my vantage point, there was only one person that illustrated in Monday night's debate that they're capable, competent and ready to assume leadership of our country: Hillary Clinton.

EDITORIAL: Why Do We Pretend Black-on-Black Crime Doesn't Exist?

It's difficult to comprehend why our black brothers and sisters continue to kill other brothers and sisters.

EDITORIAL: Obama Makes Personal Plea to Black Voters — Let's Comply

Have you registered to vote? Have you studied the candidates up and down the ballot? Are you prepared to exercise your civic duty?

EDITOR'S COLUMN: Black Caucus Conference Illustrates Power of Advocacy

This is our time, our moment, our chance to clarify our goals, our desires, and our needs as African-Americans with the election for the next president of the United States just a few months away.

EDITORIAL: Ron Brown High Deserves a Chance to Succeed

This unique high school which focuses on boys of color who far too often find greater success as inmates than as high school graduates and college-bound students should be allowed to achieve its goals for its students.

EDITORIAL: A Painful Silence

With all of the District's new glitz and glamour, the lights still need to be focused on those who have fallen and need a hand up.

EDITOR'S COLUMN: College Football Proof that Underdogs Can Overcome

My favorite time of the year is the fall when college football begins with the unfettered excitement, displays of team spirit and the rivalry of longtime opponents jockeying for another year of bragging rights.

EDITORIAL: Should We Care about Trump’s First Visit to a Black Church?

Donald Trump visited a Black church in Detroit last Saturday, perhaps in efforts to overcome a reputation for offending the sensibilities of African-Americans.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Could Learn from Albuquerque's Plan for the Homeless

D.C. could learn from Albuquerque’s program and commitment to a community often unable to fend for itself.

EDITORIAL: Md. Foster Care Program Must Protects Its LGBT Youth

Every child matters, every child has potential, every child deserves a chance to succeed. But it can be even more difficult when the child is a member of the foster care system and is seeking to find their way as ...