EDITORIAL: School Board Woes in P.G. County

Members of the Prince George's County school board are under scrutiny for their spending habits as they relate to the use of county-issued credit cards.

EDITORIAL: Celebration!

This week, 50 years ago, a visionary from Texas, who made the District of Columbia home and became in many ways this city’s heartbeat, launched the first edition of The Washington Informer.

EDITORIAL: A Nobel Tribute

Much of the world is applauding the newest and youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

EDITORIAL: Make Your Vote Count

The Nov. 4 midterm elections approach and a battle's raging in several states as Republican legislatures push to restrict citizens' right to vote.

EDITORIAL: Ebola in America

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Ebola virus has reached the United States.

EDITORIAL: One Day, D.C. Will be Free

As of Wednesday, anyone caught in possession of less than 10 grams of cannabis in Maryland began receiving citations rather than face criminal prosecution. It will be interesting to see if anti-marijuana advocate Maryland Rep. Andy Harris introduces legislation to ...

EDITORIAL: Ferguson Redux

While attending the Congressional Black Caucus legislative weekend last week, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver expressed a fear that’s in the back of many people's minds: that there could be further unrest in Ferguson if the grand jury doesn't return an indictment ...

EDITORIAL: Someone Dropped the Ball

The last seven years — and the recession that has battered the U.S. since — haven’t been kind to many of this country's small businesses.

CURRY: NFL Domestic Abusers Get Tap on Wrist

The NFL has imposed a lifetime ban on Ray Rice, yet rarely disciplines other brazen offenders.

EDITORIAL: Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

When we were young, getting a “beating” served as one of a range of options available to responsible adults across a continuum of discipline.

EDITORIAL: To Protect and Serve

One of Washington, D.C.’s finest showed himself to be squarely in the ranks of the grossly ill-informed when, in early September, while effecting an arrest, he tried to intimidate and harass a Washington Post mobile editor filming the incident.

MALVEAUX: America Needs a Raise

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been floating at or above the 17,000 mark in the past two months — an all-time high. Who gets the wealth, though?

EDITORIAL: Time for Change

In the history of the Republic, this crop has the dubious distinction of being perhaps the worst, laziest and most torpid Congress ever.

EDITORIAL: Mental Health

Actor and comedian Robin Williams' death by suicide last month put the spotlight on suicide and its relationship to mental health.

EDITORIAL: In the Midst of Plenty…

It's jarring to drive or walk around the District and see homeless people in doorways, on grates, under bridges and elsewhere around the city. This state of affairs is especially troubling given the tremendous wealth that resides in the nation's ...