EDITORIAL: Two D.C. Schools Hope to Make Difference

With the $127 million overhaul of Roosevelt High in the Petworth community finally completed and reopening this school year, and the grand opening of Ron Brown College Preparatory High School in northwest, D.C. Public Schools has made a bold step ...

EDITORIAL: Will Milwaukee Become the New Baltimore?

Will Milwaukee become the new Baltimore, a city torn apart by violence and fueled by years of anger and frustration among many Blacks that have now reached their boiling point?

EDITORIAL: Orange Does the Right Thing for All Citizens

Council member Vincent B. Orange officially resigned on Monday and is readying himself to take over as the new head of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce. It was the right thing to do.

EDITORIAL: At NABJ, Emails Placed Above Black Lives

In a column this week, National Newspaper Publishers Association President and CEO Dr. Ben Chavis authoritatively explained why Black-owned newspapers matter.

EDITORIAL: End of the Summer Slide

We wholeheartedly agree that most of these students will do well by getting back into the classroom now, so long as they are met by enthusiastic educators that are ready and prepared to deliver quality instruction with the resources they ...

EDITORIAL: To Protect Voting Rights, Vote!

It concerns us deeply to hear those who say they will not vote in the upcoming general election in November due to their dissatisfaction with the candidates.

EDITORIAL: Backyard Pools: Deathtrap for Many Young Children

It's been a record-high hot summer across the U.S., causing a slew of adults and youth alike to seek temporary relief in their local lakes, rivers and pools. But parents, guardians and caregivers should be on alert, especially when it ...

EDITORIAL: Bernie Supporters — Time to Get On Board

Now that Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the nomination of the Democratic Party and is poised to become the first woman president of the United States of America, the race to the White House has heightened in intensity.

EDITORIAL: Have Historic Civil Rights Groups Lost Their Relevancy?

With various lines being drawn in the sand over things like religious preference, educational attainment, sexual orientation and class and gender differences, we must recognize that it's impossible to force the "square pegs" that represent America’s hallowed diversity into "one-dimensional ...

EDITORIAL: Appalling Conditions at DC Jail is Old News

The recent death of a DC jail inmate during the current heat wave in the District serves as another reminder that the 40-year-old institution must be overhauled for the safety of all of its inmates. But this is not a ...

EDITORIAL: Can Boycotts Add Fuel to Protests Against Police Brutality?

It's going to take multiple initiatives and efforts to bring a halt to the tensions and fears that exist between the Black community and law enforcement officers.

EDITORIAL: No More Words — Time for Action

Every able-bodied American must "do something" to fight racism and end it for good.

EDITORIAL: Students East of the River Deserve a Chance, Too

Many students in Wards 7 and 8 are still living examples of the achievement gap which continues to plague Black and poor students, while youths from white and more affluent families find themselves firmly entrenched on the path for academic, ...

EDITORIAL: Roscoe Brown Jr. Gets His Real Wings

Roscoe Brown Jr., one of only three Black airman credited with successful, direct air-to-air combat with German pilots, died Saturday in a New York City hospital at the age of 94.

EDITORIAL: Prayers Answered as Walter Fauntroy Returns Home

Dorothy Fauntroy, the wife of longtime pastor and former Congressman Walter Fauntroy, once shared with The Washington Informer that while concerned over her husband's whereabouts and health following an extended absence to parts unknown, she remained prayerful. And on Monday, ...