EDITORIAL: Paris Attacks Remind Us of the Fragility of Life

With the announcement of ramped-up security, particularly for U.S. transportation systems and the District's major tourist attractions, coming on the heels of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and with an Islamic State video warning of a Paris-style attack here ...

EDITORIAL: Missouri College Students Show Protest Can Still Effect Change

America's ugly, hateful skeletons have yet to be buried. Perhaps today's younger generation will finally get the job done.

EDITORIAL: The 'Ferguson Effect' — Just Another Excuse?

From D.C. and Baltimore to Chicago, St. Louis and Washington, murder rates, after years of decline, have experienced a precipitous rise. And as one would expect, the finger-pointing has already begun.

EDITORIAL: Mayor Bowser’s Initiative for CPR Training

The American Heart Association plainly states that those who know how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, will most likely end up saving the life of someone they love.

EDITORIAL: Time for Jim Crow to Vacate Nation's Capital

For the majority of young African-American male teenagers, racial profiling and stereotypical prejudice are the manifestations of that old "Jim Crow" mentality that somehow even to this day still persists in Washington, D.C.

EDITORIAL: Cancer Can Strike at Any Time — Get Tested

Blacks don't have to die at record numbers from breast cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer or heart disease. But we can't sit at home hoping that we'll feel better soon and expect that we'll miraculously be healed.

EDITORIAL: Why Did White America Ignore the March?

Silence, for the most part, remained the strategy of the day.


When Channing Phillips takes office as interim U.S. attorney on Oct. 19, a Senate confirmation should follow within 120 days. During that time, we encourage him to decide the case against Vincent Gray.

EDITORIAL: The Audacity of Demanding Gun Control

One has to wonder how many more murders we have to witness and suffer through before we abandon our Wild, Wild West mentality where all good men are allowed to carry a gun on their hips and use it to ...

EDITORIAL: Latest Metro Meltdown Means More Consumer Blues

D.C. may have the country's second-largest subway system in the nation, but it's clear — crystal-clear — that we are far from having the kind of leadership needed to manage such a massive operation.

EDITORIAL: Marching for Justice or Else Makes Essential for Blacks

As final preparations are made for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, Blacks are being urged to return to the District with an attitude of peace and community.

EDITORIAL: Carter G. Woodson — Our Hero

Hats off to Dr. Bettye J. Gardner and Barbara Spencer Dunn, co-chairs for the Centennial Founders Day Committee DC, for keeping the legacy of Dr. Carter G. Woodson alive and well.

EDITORIAL: Pope's Message of Inclusion, Climate Control Confounds GOP

Pope Francis addresses issues that do not resonate with those more concerned with privilege, profit and power.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Residents Deserve a Better Metro

Endless delays and service problem on the Red Line and the Blue Line have become about as commonplace as eating eggs and bacon for breakfast.

EDITORIAL: Don't Be Fooled by Kentucky Clerk's Tears

Kim Davis should either follow the law or quit her job.