EDITORIAL: Sandra Bland, Reluctant Martyr

Nobody knows why one particular incident in a string of atrocities resonates, strikes a chord that rattles the psyche and triggers a firestorm of anger and outrage. But that's exactly what's happened since a Texas state trooper stopped Sandra Bland ...

EDITORIAL: Blacks Still Bear the Brunt of Stereotypes

Racism, discrimination and white privilege have their subtle, hidden sides that are difficult to identify and wrap our hands around.

EDITORIAL: Cuba Move a Step in the Right Direction

On a hot and muggy July 20 morning, a throng of diplomat, supporters, onlookers and passersby watched as three soldiers — resplendent in white tunics and blue striped pants — high-stepped out of the embassy to flagpole.

EDITORIAL: The Fight to Remove Confederate Symbols

The despicable act against unarmed, innocent civilians attending Bible study has also stirred a rancorous and heated debate in Southern states about the efficacy of continuing to display this symbol so despised and hated by African-Americans.

EDITORIAL: D.C. Trying to Get Handle on Synthetic Drugs

Mayor Muriel Bowser signed emergency legislation on Friday, July 10, that increases the sanctions against retailers who sell synthetic marijuana and spinoffs.

EDITORIAL: Murders on the Rise

Mayor Muriel Bowser, Police Chief Cathy Lanier and a considerable number of District residents are understandably concerned about a recent spike in the number of homicides in the city.

EDITORIAL: It's Off to Work They Go

Mayor Muriel Bowser is to be commended for the work she and her administration have done to ensure that a significant chunk of the District's young people are gainfully employed this summer.

EDITORIAL: Banish the Confederate Flag to a Museum

When Dylann Roof murdered nine African-Americans during Bible study at Mother Emanuel Church, he could have hardly imagined the consequences of his actions.

EDITORIAL: Denise W. Barnes, Rest In Peace

The Washington Informer lost one of its own on June 18, when senior editor Denise Wall Barnes died following a long illness.

EDITORIAL: Considering the South Carolina Massacre

What will it take to label Dylann Roof's actions terrorist?

EDITORIAL: Metrorail Lurches from Crisis to Crisis

Metrorail's problems with the operation of its trains and ancillary services continue.

EDITORIAL: Tamir Rice's Blood Cries Out for Justice

Six months ago, a police car slid to a stop in front of a 12-year-old boy playing with a toy gun at a gazebo near his house. Within seconds of the car skidding to a halt, the officer on the ...

EDITORIAL: Public Safety or Racial Profiling?

Like so many videos involving police interactions with people of color, the video shot over the weekend in McKinney, Texas is difficult to watch.

EDITORIAL: Charnice Milton, Rest In Peace

We mourn the loss of a young woman who by all accounts was a gifted reporter with the ability to gain the trust of sources and who produced stories about issues and individuals east of the river with depth and ...

EDITORIAL: Banks Too Big to Punish?

The Department of Justice fancies itself to be the big dog sitting atop the world of crime and punishment, ready to levy punishment for criminal behavior, but when it comes to punishing banks, it's a puppy with rubber teeth.