EDITORIAL: Why the Delay in Reinstating Unemployment Benefits?

The stench of corruption and complacency can be smelt all around Washington.

EDITORIAL: Politics in Season

As the calendar turns to 2014, the level of political activity in the District will begin in earnest.

EDITORIAL: The NSA Under a Microscope

Whether you consider Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor, his revelations about the inner workings of the National Security Agency has turned the super-secretive agency on its head.

EDITORIAL: A Budget Agreement, Finally

People are hurting and need help, but no help seems forthcoming from these elected officials. Let's hope voters remember in 2014.

EDITORIAL: Nelson R. Mandela — 1918-2013

In retrospect, it is fitting that Nelson Mandela's given name was Rolihlahla, which roughly translated means "troublemaker," because all his life, he pushed against the status quo and social convention which had consigned black South Africans to a life at ...

EDITORIAL: Workers Fighting Back

The last decade has not been kind to American workers who have taken a beating, compliments of structural changes in the economy, globalization, a labor union attacked and weakened by Republicans, a punishing recession and the 2008 housing crash and ...

EDITORIAL: Support Local Small Businesses

Small businesses are not just the soul of the city but the economic heartbeat of the United States.

EDITORIAL: Affordable Care Act, Part II

It is very disconcerting and puzzling to hear the din and tumult about the vexing troubles bedeviling the Affordable Care Act. But to comparing the stumbles of the launch to George W. Bush’s deplorable non-response to Hurricane Katrina is outrageous ...

EDITORIAL: Well Done, Maudine Cooper!

Well-wishers from near and far gathered on Friday, Nov. 8 to honor one of the city’s finest.

EDITORIAL: Board of Elections Plan Still Needs Work

As the D.C. Board of Elections works on its proposed Precinct Boundary Efficiency Plan, the body would be wise to proceed in a deliberate and efficacious manner.

EDITORIAL: The Affordable Care Act

President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, the Patient Affordable Care Act, has had a tough debut.

EDITORIAL: Decriminalize It

Every year, thousands of young, primarily black men are arrested for marijuana possession and for the vast majority, that act will have a tremendous impact on the course their lives take going forward.

EDITORIAL: GOP Hasn't Learned the Shutdown Lessons

Despite the political beating the Republican Party took over the shutdown, Sen. Ted Cruz and others say they will do it all again and indicate that there are plans to continue playing this dangerous game in an effort to gain ...

EDITORIAL: We Ignore Mental Health at Our Peril

There is an urgent need for all of us to change the way we view and react to mental health issues. We cannot pretend that it doesn't exist.

EDITORIAL: Gray and the Government Shutdown

Mayor Vincent Gray is to be commended for his decision to buck Congress and the federal government and declare District employees "essential."