Young Ballers Showcase Skills at Annual DCHA Tournament

Fast breaks, fadeaway jumpers, lay-ups, and the shrill sound of whistles made for an action-packed weekend at a local high school in June.

COMMENTARY: Time to Dress Down Wimbledon

Traditions have their place in our society, but they should never have a detrimental impact on a sport, nor should the rules that these traditions sometimes lead to.

The Disappearance of the Black Coach: African-Americans Shut Out of College Basketball

Many lament the glaring absence of African-American coaches in Division I basketball.

COMMENTARY: For NBA Teams, Draft is a Dice Roll

Is there any way to determine who'll have the biggest impact on the league? Of course not. We'll simply have to wait and see.

Redskins Sign Jerry Rice Jr.

The Washington Redskins are hoping that Jerry Rice Jr. is a chip off the old block.

Redskins Vow to Keep Name Despite Trademark Ruling

Before anyone thinks of creating, selling or distributing merchandise containing the Washington Redskins logo, team officials have issued a stern warning: Not so fast.

COMMENTARY: Champion Spurs Challenge Father Time

Conventional wisdom says that you can't beat Father Time. True, but Duncan, Ginobili and Parker have given Father Time a black eye and a fat lip.

COMMENTARY: Hey NFL, Enough With the OTAs

The league insists on extracting every dime it possibly can and staying at the forefront of the sports news cycle year-round — and it's often the players who pay the price.

RG3 Brings Football Camp to Southeast

Passersby who happened to stroll past Anacostia High School last Friday evening couldn’t help but notice that the scene in the school’s main parking looked different.

Redskins Seminar Aids Local Students

Nearly 300 students and others hit the gymnasium of Coolidge Senior High School in Northwest on Saturday for the Redskins-sponsored "Driven By Our Ambitions Educational Seminar & Football Camp."

U.S.-Ghana Game Excites Football Fans

The third time proved to be the charm for the United States men's national soccer team after they beat nemesis Ghana 2-1 in a thrilling match decided in the last four minutes of the game.

Federal Patent Office Rules Against Redskins, Cancels Trademark

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday canceled six federal Washington Redskins trademark registrations, deeming the team name "disparaging to Native Americans."

UCC Branch Calls for Boycott of Washington Redskins

The United Church of Christ's Mid-Atlantic sector passed a resolution Saturday calling for a boycott of the Washington Redskins until the team changes its name, which it deems offensive to Native Americans.

D.C. in Contention for 2024 Olympic Games

D.C. is vying for the U.S. bid for the 2024 Olympics, the top official of the U.S. Olympic Committee said.

COMMENTARY: America's 'Ugly' Affair with Soccer is Mystifying

Soccer just can't catch on in the United States. Is the game beneath Americans because it's foreign?