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NNPA to Register 5 Million Black Voters

The National Newspaper Publishers Association, under the leadership of iconic civil rights activist Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., is on a mission to register 5 million African Americans, particularly millennials, to vote by the upcoming midterm elections. The NNPA is a trade association that represents over 200 Black-owned media companies that reach more than 20 million readers combined in print and online every week.

As we approach one of the most pivotal elections in recent history, participation in the political process is a must if you feel a deep dissatisfaction with the current administration as much of the country does.

Chavis tells us, “I’m encouraged by the fact that 44 states have reported a record increase in African-American millennial registration.” He goes on to say voting “isn’t just a right. it’s a responsibility.”

Chavis knows all too well how critical it is to be engaged in the political process from his long and storied career as a civil rights activist. He was deeply involved in creating change at the early age of 13 when he became the first African American in Oxford, North Carolina, to get a library card. In 1972. he was wrongfully convicted of conspiracy and arson and served eight years as a political prisoner as a member of the “Wilmington 10.” Since his release and pardon, he has continued to serve the community in many ways, from his tenure as president of the NAACP to his current position as CEO and president of the NNPA.

The NNPA and Chavis are incredibly focused on haying a significant impact on the upcoming elections.

“If we’re able to reach this record in 2018 this will be a game-changer,” he said. “It’s our responsibility to create change by participating in the political process ”

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