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MUHAMMAD: Lifting up the Mothers of Our Martyrs

It's been a gut wrenching couple of weeks for us in the nation's capital.

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D.C. Officials Cut Ribbon for New Brookland Middle School

D.C. officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony over the weekend for a new school in Ward 5 slated to open in August.

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MUHAMMAD: Marion Barry a 'Pure Spirit'

Marion S. Barry Jr. — D.C.'s "Mayor for Life," indeed, "Mayor Forever" — taught us so many lessons in his lifetime and maybe even more valuable lessons in his departure from this life.

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MUHAMMAD: Whom Can You Call When the Cops are the Murderers?

I would have thought that by now, there would be so much revulsion over the treatment of Black folks, especially the males, that there would be universal consensus that White cops, district attorneys and crooked judges are up to no good and cannot be trusted to so much as empty the chamber pot in grandmother's bedroom in the morning. But alas.

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MUHAMMAD: The Bill Cosby Takedown

Before we get the rope and assemble the posse for his "necktie party," I would advise that Bill Cosby — as we all are entitled to be — is innocent until proven guilty, and the burden of proof is on the prosecutors, accusers.

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MUHAMMAD: NAACP Owes an Apology to Black Republicans

Black folks in leadership often demand that there be "one set of rules" or a "level playing field" for everyone in "the game." The NAACP should be an exemplar of that principle and extend its "right hand of fellowship" to the members of what might become a Black Republican "Caucus" in Congress.

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MUHAMMAD: Election 2014 Strategy — Blame the Black Guy

What happened at the polls on Election Day 2014 was so plain that even Ray Charles could see it, even from the grave.

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MUHAMMAD: Gay Isn't Really the New Black

Just as I don't judge people who choose same-sex partners, I don't expect folks to judge me because I don't think cross-dressing and garishly flaunting one's sexual preferences as if that's their "identity" is equivalent with their skin color. It’s not.

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MUHAMMAD: No Matter What Happens Next, 'Blame the Black President'

Now that the election is near, get ready for blaming-the-Black-president-on-steroids season.

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MUHAMMAD: Ebola, Africans, at Home and Abroad

Even though three times as many people have died in this country from influenza within the last 30 days than have died from Ebola, Americans are frightened out of their wits about Ebola, the cruel hemorrhagic disease associated with three African countries

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