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MUHAMMAD: Farewell, Dear Friend, B.B. King

I've been a dedicated B.B. King fan for more than 60 years. Before I knew anything about the blues or about any kind of music really, I was admired this name because he was a hometown hero who had made good.

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MUHAMMAD: Why Would Obama Want to 'Take Over' Texas?

The idea that the president of the United States, who is already commander in chief of all U.S. military forces, would be interested in taking over a subdivision, a state — even one as big as Texas — is frankly laughable.

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MUHAMMAD: Is Baltimore Black America's 'Defining Moment?'

Bearing in mind that a decade passed from the murder of Emmett Till and the Montgomery Bus Boycott until the first major Civil Rights legislation was passed in the mid-1960s, what we see in Baltimore today is like what we saw in Mississippi and Alabama 60 years ago — a "defining moment" in the Black freedom struggle.

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MUHAMMAD: Face to Face with Racial Hatred in Baltimore and Beyond

There are two factors which make the recent death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore so despicable. The method of his execution and the reason he fell into the custody of those brutes with badges who murdered him.

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MUHAMMAD: The Late, Great African Myth, Resurrected in America

African expatriates are flooding this country's shores (as well as European destinations), fleeing conflicts, bad governance, corruption, disease and sheer insanity that is disguised in the name of "revolutions" against colonial oppression and western cultural rot.

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MUHAMMAD: Hillary Clinton Makes It Official

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s entrance into the 2016 presidential derby strikes me as more like a force of nature, than like a cause we can believe in.

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MUHAMMAD: Obama Wagers His Destiny on Diplomacy

President Barack Obama has wagered the legacy of his presidency on diplomacy instead of on war in reaching a framework agreement on limiting Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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MUHAMMAD: Republican 2016 Death Star: 'All Aboard'

There is absolutely no chance that Republican Party leaders will pay attention to a single word I say, so I feel no guilt about giving them good advice which might help them win the presidential and senate election derby in 2016.

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MUHAMMAD: Yet Another Young White Man Blinded by Hate

For the very life of me, I can't fathom either the source or the depth of the loathing so many White people, young and old, feel they can openly express about any and every Black person they choose.

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MUHAMMAD: Frat Boys, Fraternity Men, True Brotherhood?

White supremacy philosophy was woven into fraternity life, disguised as noble "heritage," and "traditions." Can there be any wonder that a busload of members of SAE were recorded on a bus outing singing a disgusting song?

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