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MUHAMMAD: Putting Rudy Giuliani in His Place

While racist xenophobes like Rudy Giuliani, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and self-hating xenophobes like Ben Carson may not realize it yet, there is a special place reserved for them in the Land of Eternal Torment.

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MUHAMMAD: Unspeakable Horrors in Christ's Name, Also

Most of us have simply forgotten about the frequent atrocities which were committed by White, Christian, Americans against Black people and Native Americans, sometimes just for sport.

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Prince George's Councilman Raps Governor's Proposed Cuts

Prince George's County Council Chair Mel Franklin on Monday sharply criticized Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's proposed budget cuts, saying the short-sighted reductions come at the expense of the state's middle class.

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MUHAMMAD: The Bibi-Boehner Big Adventure

It is certainly not proper for one head of state to go into another country without first notifying the head of the country he or she is planning to visit.

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MUHAMMAD: Congressional Black Republican Caucus is Born

While the idea of Black Republicans elected officials forming a caucus might seem somewhat oxymoronic, it's not such a far-fetched idea anymore.

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MUHAMMAD: 'Selma,' Lyndon Johnson and Voting Rights

It's funny how a publicly inflicted injustice can turn someone or something ordinary into a hero.

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MUHAMMAD: John Conyers, My Bionic, Superhero Congressman

With the theater screens and our television screens awash with superheroes, I thought I would dabble my pen into writing about a character for the genre.

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MUHAMMAD: Native Americans Protest Washington NFL Team's Racist Nickname

Since 1992, Native Americans have waged an unrelenting protest campaign against the name "Redskins," which they insist is a dictionary-defined racial slur. And the team’s achievements on the field recently have gone from bad to worse because, some folks say, they have “bad karma.”

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MUHAMMAD: President Obama's 'Great' Bad Year

What a great bad year President Barack Obama had in 2014.

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MUHAMMAD: It's All About the 'Race Card'

There is broad consensus that the United States is suffering from a malaise. There is far less agreement on how to correct the country's problems.

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