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MUHAMMAD: The Pope, the Muslims, the Moon, American Alignment

For those who "read the signs" in nature, this is an awesome time. There was a convergence of major events, both natural and national, the likes of which has not been seen in a long, long time.

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MUHAMMAD: Why Care About Iowa-New Hampshire Vote?

All over this country, the myth of the Great White Society is turning into dust, and Republicans loathe to accept the reality that is being manifested right before their eyes.

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MUHAMMAD: So Much Trouble in the World

I thought I would write a scathing indictment of White American and European bigotry against and hatred of non-white people. Then, when I looked closely, I saw a lot of “people of color” blocking my view of the Caucasians.

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MUHAMMAD: No Justice? What Then, 'Or Else'?

What can a powerless, essentially unarmed population do to make the rest of the society which has armed itself as if White folks would welcome a race war where they along with the authorities might slaughter Black folks en masse? How can we — without the force of arms make our tormentors "feel our pain?" The solution is simple.

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MUHAMMAD: Refugee Crisis is Africa's Shame

Amiri Baraka chilled my heart when he declared there's a "bridge of bones" on the sea floor, across the Atlantic Ocean, where as many as 30 million kidnapped Africans were tossed into the ocean every day during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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MUHAMMAD: 'Straight Outta' Role Models

I’m not interested in the conspicuous artistic merits of any movie about these antisocial thugs turned gangsta rappers who turn around and take movie and TV roles as cops and secret federal agents, tricking, deceiving and betraying our people.

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MUHAMMAD: Julian Bond a Man for All Seasons

Like so many, many others, I literally gasped when I learned that former Georgia state Sen. and former NAACP Chairman Julian Bond had died.

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MUHAMMAD: GOP Debate an Epic Comedy and Farce

As life-and-death serious as the times in which we live are, I can't help but think of the first Republican presidential debate in only comedic terms.

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MUHAMMAD: Who Will Serve Obama's Third Term?

The president told one audience that he likes doing his job and that he thinks he could have been elected to a third term if the U.S. Constitution had permitted it.

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MUHAMMAD: Disrespecting President Obama for Sport

The disrespect that's been heaped on this president since he took office in 2009 is beyond the pale.

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