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MUHAMMAD: Thinking 'Black' Necessary but not Sufficient

it was and is important for Black people in America and all over the planet to "think Black" — but that's not enough.

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MUHAMMAD: Why I'm Boycotting White House Ramadan Dinner

I cannot stomach the idea of attending the White House Islamic event to watch the duplicitous and hypocritical pronouncements of even-handedness toward the Muslim world while the White House gives Israel the green light to brutally trample Muslim rights and stamp out the lives of Palestinian Muslims in Gaza, a territory which Israel illegally occupies by force.

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MUHAMMAD: You Break it, You Own it, America

America's friends all seem to be afraid to fight for their own countries.

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MUHAMMAD: Money Doesn’t Explain Hate, or Pay for Regained Dignity

The simple way many people explain American slavery and its aftermath is to say it was all about money. And while it is true that America's wealth and power in the world today are a direct result of the free labor of millions of enslaved Africans, it wasn't all about money.

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MUHAMMAD: Dread the 'Tea-Locks'

Picture this: A tiny caucus — one that represents one-seventh of the total members of one branch of two houses, of one of three branches of government — able to paralyze the entire government, dozens and dozens of times.

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MUHAMMAD: Don't Forget Juneteenth

All hail Juneteenth, the holiday that was declared by enslaved Africans in America.

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MUHAMMAD: The Bergdahl Message? Don't Go It Alone

You can't change the outcome of a war by yourself. You shouldn't go it alone. You certainly can't win it alone.

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MUHAMMAD: Help Wanted — Over 35 Need Not Apply

As I look around our landscape today, I don't fret that we are running short of geniuses. What I lament is that the time is well past for these brilliant minds to step forward and seize the mantle of public attention, not for their own aggrandizement, but for the collective progress of our people.

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MUHAMMAD: Indianola, Miss., Welcomes Home B.B. King

This place is the biggest small country town, of which most Americans probably have never heard.

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MUHAMMAD: Sweet Saints Parade on Saturday

One of the country's best juvenile delinquency prevention programs will strut its stuff Saturday in the District.

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