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MUHAMMAD: Disrespecting President Obama for Sport

The disrespect that's been heaped on this president since he took office in 2009 is beyond the pale.

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MUHAMMAD: Many to Blame for Excessive Black Incarceration

With exactly one and a half years left in office, that guy Barack Hussein Obama is turning into quite the "black president."

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MUHAMMAD: Joy of Ramadan and the 'Old-Time Religion'

The Islamic holy month of fasting and prayer known as Ramadan concludes this week.

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MUHAMMAD: American Politics in Red, Blue and White

In the 51 years since the political humiliation of conservative Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater by incumbent Lyndon Baines Johnson, there has been a sea change in the American political spectrum.

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MUHAMMAD: President Barack Obama’s Amazing Week

the reason Republicans generally, and arch-conservatives in particular, are so aggrieved these days is because of the recent good fortunes of Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States.

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MUHAMMAD: The 'Cause' is Lost — Torch the Confederate Flag

It's no secret that I abhor the Confederate battle flag, the treasonous traitors who fought under it, and all that it represents.

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MUHAMMAD: Rachel Dolezal's Awkward Imitation of 'Imitation of Life'

For better or for worse, Rachel Dolezal has become, almost overnight, iconic.

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MUHAMMAD: GOP Presidential Candidate Once Praised Muslims

An ugly behavior is fast spreading fast among White politicians, especially Republicans. It’s the open badmouthing of Muslims and all things Islamic.

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MUHAMMAD: Hatred in American Hearts Hastens Her Doom

Because of circumstances the war hawk political leaders have lied and led the country into, there is a mortal danger arising at the same time race hatred is threatening to erode the will of many people.

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MUHAMMAD: Obama Trying to be Moses, Stting in Pharaoh's Seat

I believe that — like President Jimmy Carter — Obama may turn into a far better former president than a sitting one.

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