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MUHAMMAD: A Government of 'Men' and Not Laws

To say that the legal outcome of any dispute in the United States is a function of scientific-like "laws" which function immutably for all regardless of whom or what is nothing more than a joke.

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MUHAMMAD: Time to Give President His 'Obamacare' Respect

Congratulations, President Obama and team!

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MUHAMMAD: On Playing, and Winning … and Winning

Athletic competition has a lot in common with military combat.

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MUHAMMAD: Republicans Really Don't Get Race

Paul Ryan's poverty gaffe comes at a time when the GOP is trying to shed its image as an out-of-touch club for aging White males, longing for the “Good Ol' Days” when black-and-white TV was for the most part, all White.

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MUHAMMAD: American Hypocrisy Seems Boundless

There are several crude and tasteless expressions I can think of to describe American policy toward Ukraine these days, but suffice it to say that it's a “cheeky” crowd of American talking heads demanding that Russia back off and withdraw its troops from the autonomous Crimean Republic which, like Ukraine, was once part of the Soviet Union, and whose population is more than 60 percent Russian.

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MUHAMMAD: Obama Now 'Another Brother'?

President Barack Obama is in an unenviable position.

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MUHAMMAD: Muslim Scholars Should Unite

It is time that Nation of Islam scholars convene themselves and form their own academic council.

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MUHAMMAD: Morocco Loves Farrakhan, A Man for All Seasons

It does not surprise me to hear praising testimonials from important Islamic leaders, important world leaders concerning this truly amazing man, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

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MUHAMMAD: Morocco — The Gateway to Africa

I'm far from a wealthy person to whom folks with money pay attention for investment advice. Yet I can say with certainty a couple of things about the financial future of Africa, which history, I believe, will reward my accuracy.

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MUHAMMAD: Best Place to Bicycle? Washington, D.C.

After 19-plus years of committed bicycle commuting, I am convinced that the Washington Metropolitan Area is the very best place anywhere to be a bicycle commuter.

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