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MUHAMMAD: Only Fools Want to Engage ISIS in War

Republican voters are behaving like mythological lemmings, following xenophobe and race-baiter Donald Trump (and other right-wing presidential candidates) toward certain doom in a rhetorical war with the so-called Islamic State.

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MUHAMMAD: Efforts to Fight 'Radical Islam' Critically Flawed

Islam is not America's problem: In Islam can be found the solution to the problem.

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MUHAMMAD: Ben Carson, the Brian Williams of Presidential Politics

The wheels have begun rapidly falling off the Carson campaign bandwagon.

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MUHAMMAD: Republicans, Hillary, Have it wrong about Libya

In some respects the recent Republican Congressional overreach—trying to crucify former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton over the tragic Sept. 11, 2012 attacks on a U.S. CIA compound in Benghazi Libya—may have in fact guaranteed her the party’s nomination.

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MUHAMMAD: Republicans Unable to Govern, Unfit to Lead

I'm not sure if we should pity them or pity ourselves for standing in awe of them.

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MUHAMMAD: Farrakhan, His Mother and Abortion

None of us knows the life that might have been had any of the millions of Black babies lost to abortion been born and given the love and nurturing environment that produce good people.

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MUHAMMAD: Hatred in White American DNA

The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. The White American body politic is full of hatred for Black people.

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MUHAMMAD: The Pope, the Muslims, the Moon, American Alignment

For those who "read the signs" in nature, this is an awesome time. There was a convergence of major events, both natural and national, the likes of which has not been seen in a long, long time.

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MUHAMMAD: Why Care About Iowa-New Hampshire Vote?

All over this country, the myth of the Great White Society is turning into dust, and Republicans loathe to accept the reality that is being manifested right before their eyes.

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