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MUHAMMAD: Amiri Baraka and a Woman Named 'Cookie' at the Whisky a Go Go

I don't know if the dearly departed Poet Laureate and Black literary genius Amiri Baraka would have ever even gone to the world famous Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. He was always such a literary savant, Beat Poet, and coffeehouse trendsetter, the idea of him in a discothèque, especially one where scantily clad women danced in cages, just does not compute.

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MUHAMMAD: Moroccans Just Don't Get It

On a recent trip to Morocco, I saw and learned much which helped me connect emotionally, fraternally, culturally, religiously, and patriotically with that beautiful, ancient land.

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MUHAMMAD: Courageous Attorney 'Free at Last'

After months of demonstrations, public and private pleas to authorities, and prodding of Justice Department officials, attorney Lynne Stewart is home, free.

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MUHAMMAD: Unchecked Greed Running Wild in the U.S.

Ken Langone, the billionaire founder of Home Depot, is worried that Pope Francis' recent criticism of the wealthy and capitalism will be a "hurdle" for rich donors who otherwise might donate to the church. Duh?

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MUHAMMAD: Racism Rears its Ugly Beard

In today’s politically correct world, even Santa has been drawn into the race-war-of-words, right along with the extra-long-bearded Phil Robertson.

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MUHAMMAD: What Makes a Black Conservative Tick?

It's a wonder that there aren't a dozen or more other Black arch-conservative lawmakers like Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina in national office.

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MUHAMMAD: Mandela, Obama Presidential Sons of Africa

Both presidents are Sons of Africa, and the first Black presidents of their respective countries. In that regard they have some things in common.

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MUHAMMAD: Can Obamacare Be Fixed?

If you let some people tell it, the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka "Obamacare") is suffering from an incurable, genetic disorder. That is: it was parented by President Barack Obama.

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MUHAMMAD: Investing in the Criminal 'Just Us' System

Why aren't there more of "us" involved in efforts to bring about drastic behavior modification among us?

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MUHAMMAD: The Late, Great Barack Obama

The Ku Klux Klan Kaucus of the United States government (the Republican Party) has just about gotten its wish.

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MUHAMMAD: To Change Racist Team Name, Fire the Owner

The fact that the current owner of the Washington NFL franchise refuses to even entertain the notion of decency with regard to retiring his racist team name and its logo should come as no surprise to anyone.

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MUHAMMAD: Who 'Lost' America?

One day in the future when Americans wake up and discover that 250-plus years of tyranny has deservedly earned this country world scorn, the racist, xenophobic, White pundits who have charted America’s errant course to destruction will say as the Tea Party Klan Klaverns are saying today: "Barack Obama is the one who lost America."

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MUHAMMAD: Who Cares about Obamacare?

Everybody, it seems is talking about the Affordable Care Act. But who, I wonder, really cares about affordable health care for ordinary citizens?

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MUHAMMAD: Watch Out for a 'Post-Racial' Backlash

As long as Black people are in want and dependent on White largesse and even the lowliest White person can feel superior to all Black folks regardless of the Black person's achievement, then everything is "kosher." But you let Black people rise up and defy that stereotype as is happening today, and Mr. Backlash is sure to follow.

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MUHAMMAD: Long Live the Spirit of the Million Man March

It's incredible, but young men and women, who were born on Monday, Oct. 16, 1995, the day of the Million Man March, are now already 18 years old, adults.

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MUHAMMAD: John Boehner — Speaker of the Confederacy

To say that John Boehner is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, third in line after the vice president for the U.S. presidency, is a gross exaggeration. He is Speaker in name only.

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MUHAMMAD: House Tea Party Caucus like a Ghetto High School Gang

Members of the tiny minority, Tea Party faction of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives could not be any more disgusting in my view even if they walked around, their mouths full of profanities and the pants of those cheap suits they wear, sagging causing their tidy-whitey-jockey shorts to be fully exposed to public view.

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MUHAMMAD: The CBC and the New Corporate 'Chitlin' Circuit'

Even the prospect of an address from President Barack Obama could not rescue the Annual Legislative Week sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation from its new status as just another gig on the modern, now-corporate "Chitlin' Circuit."

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MUHAMMAD: Obama Dodges Bullet after Syria Bungle

Even as I was researching, compiling and cataloging the sins of President Barack Obama in his talked-about, immoral, surgical-attack-on-Syrian-chemical-weapons gambit, I was thinking to myself all the time: "Self, don’t count Obama out. He's got a guardian angel on his shoulder." And sure enough, he does.

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MUHAMMAD: What Kind of an 'Officer and a Gentlelady' Can She Become?

What appears to be a moral vacuum among U.S. military personnel is painfully obvious in the proceedings recently at the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington.

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MUHAMMAD: Civil Rights Scorecard — Muslims 0, Bigots 30

Much ado was made over the fact that no national Republican elected officials participated in the 50th anniversary commemoration of the 1963 March on Washington. Nothing, however, was said, from or about Muslims, this despite the fact that there is hardly a single African-American family in America which does not have a Muslim relative.

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MUHAMMAD: Time to Celebrate 'Black August'

In addition to the great March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom which took place on Aug. 28, 1963, there are a number of other important milestones in August which have prompted some to refer to the month as "Black August."

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MUHAMMAD: Worn-out White 'Backlash' Again in Richmond, Everywhere

I guess I'll be saying this until I'm blue in the face: White people just aren't into us Black folks.

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MUHAMMAD: Huge Progressive Victory in Mississippi

Against the tsunami of all-things-conservative (including the governance by President Barack Obama) which has been dominating the political spectrum lately, a most refreshing political victory has occurred in the most unlikely of places.

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MUHAMMAD: Conservative 'Voter-Haters'

I have a high level of distaste for the shameless politicians (and others) whose despicable behavior is such an insult to human decency that I wonder how civilized people can stand to be in the same room with them.

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MUHAMMAD: Same-Sex, Conservative Agendas Now in Power

As far as politics are concerned in the United States and throughout the Western world, there are two ascending ideologies which can almost not be effectively challenged in 2013.

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MUHAMMAD: Vigilante Zimmerman — 'Have Gun-Will Travel'

Despite what the law and the jury may have decided, the Zimmerman verdict in his assassination of Trayvon Martin is preposterous on its face because even if his character was dropped down from the choir of angels, he had no business following, stalking, and then getting out of his car to confront the boy who had done nothing wrong except look like people this perpetrator hates, and who he thinks always get away with crimes.

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MUHAMMAD: It's All, All about Race

In their fondest dreams conservative policymakers and believers in the United States insist that times have changed so much in this country since the days of chattel slavery that race-centered solutions to that unholy crime against humanity now unjustly discriminate on the beneficiaries of America's "peculiar institution." Those beneficiaries are the sons and daughters of the slave owners, and everyone else in this society.

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Can there be any doubt about the duplicity of White America after the final decisions in the Supreme Court's 2013 term were announced?

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MUHAMMAD: Nelson Mandela — 'Madiba' Unchained

I have many truly fond memories of "Madiba."

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MUHAMMAD: The President Has Been 'O-bamboozled'

The fact of the matter is that if this matter is left to “the Syrian people” to decide, the U.S. client-opposition cannot win, leaving this administration with the prospect of seeing its best chance of ousting President Assad getting crushed; or just going in to do the job itself.

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MUHAMMAD: Hail Juneteenth — The End of American Slavery

All hail Juneteenth, the holiday that was declared by slaves in America.

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MUHAMMAD: Before 'Being Gay' Was a Movement

Today, being gay has a meaning which is attached to one's sexual preference that is a "gay person" is someone who prefers having sex with a partner who's of the same gender. That's TMI – too much information for me.

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Israeli, Guantanamo Prisoners Discover Weapon

Literally for decades the tiny state of Israel (population 8 million, about the size of Maryland) has branded itself as a tiny oasis of freedom in the middle of hostile, despotic Arab nations which hate her. The truth of the matter is that Israel is an apartheid state which treats the Arab population within her borders, as well as in the Palestinian land she illegally occupies, and her surrounding neighbors as less than human.

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