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COMMENTARY: No Place Like Home for LeBron

There were plenty of great reasons for LeBron James to stay in Miami, and plenty of better ones to avoid Cleveland. So why go back home?

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COMMENTARY: A Premature Honor for RG3

Statues are the world's attempt to immortalize an individual. But the individual has to accomplish something that warrants their immortalization.

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COMMENTARY: Time to Dress Down Wimbledon

Traditions have their place in our society, but they should never have a detrimental impact on a sport, nor should the rules that these traditions sometimes lead to.

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COMMENTARY: For NBA Teams, Draft is a Dice Roll

Is there any way to determine who'll have the biggest impact on the league? Of course not. We'll simply have to wait and see.

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COMMENTARY: Champion Spurs Challenge Father Time

Conventional wisdom says that you can't beat Father Time. True, but Duncan, Ginobili and Parker have given Father Time a black eye and a fat lip.

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COMMENTARY: Hey NFL, Enough With the OTAs

The league insists on extracting every dime it possibly can and staying at the forefront of the sports news cycle year-round — and it's often the players who pay the price.

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COMMENTARY: America's 'Ugly' Affair with Soccer is Mystifying

Soccer just can't catch on in the United States. Is the game beneath Americans because it's foreign?

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COMMENTARY: Redskins Name a Tradition We Can Do Without

If racial slurs are a significant part of your football tradition, you need to change that tradition — immediately.

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COMMENTARY: Spurs Will Finally End NBA Heatwave

I'm among those who picked LeBron James and the Miami Heat to win their third straight NBA title on the eve of this year's playoffs. But there's a small-market team in Texas that might have something to say about it, and they've made a believer out of me.

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COMMENTARY: Wizards' Future Looks Bright

Young team on the rise or middling overachiever that caught a few lucky breaks? That's the identity crisis facing the Washington Wizards.

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