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Judge Dismisses Assault Charge Against Officer in Freddie Gray Trial

A Baltimore Circuit Court judge dismissed the second-degree assault charge against Lt. Brian Rice, one the six officers charged in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray.

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COMMENTARY: Make Fantasy Football Your Reality

As an NFL fan, joining a fantasy league is one of the best decisions I've made — and one you should make, too.

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COMMENTARY: NBA Season Already Deserves Your Attention

For a short time, I need you to turn your attention away from Robert Griffin III, and place it squarely on LeBron James.

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COMMENTARY: Becky Hammon, NBA Both Blazing Trail for Women

Becky Hammon's hiring is major, and serves as an indicator that the NBA is turning the corner in its effort to become more inclusionary on all levels.

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COMMENTARY: Summer Sports a 'Bookie's Vacation' No Longer

There are more than enough quality sports to go around in the summer months, if one just keeps an open mind.

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COMMENTARY: NFL Preseason Should Be Shortened

My current safety gripe with the league is the number of preseason games. Is four an appropriate amount? Should there be more? Fewer?

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COMMENTARY: No Place Like Home for LeBron

There were plenty of great reasons for LeBron James to stay in Miami, and plenty of better ones to avoid Cleveland. So why go back home?

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COMMENTARY: A Premature Honor for RG3

Statues are the world's attempt to immortalize an individual. But the individual has to accomplish something that warrants their immortalization.

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COMMENTARY: Time to Dress Down Wimbledon

Traditions have their place in our society, but they should never have a detrimental impact on a sport, nor should the rules that these traditions sometimes lead to.

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COMMENTARY: For NBA Teams, Draft is a Dice Roll

Is there any way to determine who'll have the biggest impact on the league? Of course not. We'll simply have to wait and see.

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