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CURRY: Memories of LBJ, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton

Covering the three-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act at the University of Texas last week brought back a string of memories — some fond, some bitter.

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CURRY: Acceptance by 8 Ivies Doesn't Remove Race Stigma

You would think that news of a high school student from a family of African immigrants getting accepted into all eight Ivy League universities would be met with universal celebration. If you thought that, think again.

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CURRY: Obama Worse than George W. Bush on SBA Loans

The Obama administration's record of guaranteeing loans to Black businesses is worse than George W. Bush's.

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CURRY: My Sister's Keeper

In all the hoopla surrounding President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, overlooked is that fact that our young girls also need to be targeted for special attention.

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CURRY: Dr. King 'Turning In His Grave' Over Family Greed

The children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sue each other so often that you need a program to keep up with the court action.

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CURRY: The War on Poverty — and MLK

Despite the concentrated effort to neuter Martin Luther King Jr. by overemphasizing his 1964 "I Have a Dream Speech," his last days on earth were spent trying to uplift garbage workers in Memphis and planning a Poor Peoples Campaign that would culminate in a march to the nation's capital.

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CURRY: 'Race War' at Fox News

According to MediaMatters, the watchdog group, last year was a banner period for race-baiting at Fox News.

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CURRY: Mandela Opponents Trying to Re-Write History

Many conservatives who actively opposed Nelson Mandela's protracted struggle to establish democracy in White minority-ruled South Africa are trying to rationalize their past criticism by either ignoring their earlier public statements or trying to place the struggle for a democratic society in South Africa in a Cold War context.

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CURRY: Time to Raise Minimum Wage

The first federal minimum wage of 25 cents an hour was established in 1938. Since then, it has been raised 22 times. It's time to increase the floor for the 23rd time, from its current $7.25 to at least $10 an hour.

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CURRY: 'Entitlement Programs' Serve Elderly and Poor

Republicans have made it clear that their next budget goal is to slash so-called entitlement programs. Democrats have failed to explain to the public that the misnamed programs are valuable and prevent millions of Americans, many of them elderly or children, from living in poverty.

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