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CURRY: Race in the Un-United States of America

The understandable attention being focused on differing attitudes among whites and blacks toward law enforcement authorities in the wake of decisions by grand juries in Missouri and New York not to indict white police officers for killing unarmed blacks ignores a larger and more troubling trend — blacks and whites view race and racism from distinctly different perspectives.

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D.C. Officials Cut Ribbon for New Brookland Middle School

D.C. officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony over the weekend for a new school in Ward 5 slated to open in August.

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CURRY: A Perverted View of Black-on-Black Crime

Both Rudy Giuliani and Darren Wilson are entitled to have their opinions of African-Americans, however flawed. But their biases should not cost Michel Brown or anyone else their life.

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CURRY: Blacks Still Devastated by HIV/AIDS

As we prepare to commemorate World AIDS Day on Monday, Dec. 1, this is a good time to look at how the epidemic continues to devastate our community.

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CURRY: Sweet Home Alabama

Not that much has really changed in Sweet Home Alabama once you look beyond the surface.

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CURRY: Time for Black Democrats to Switch

I am going to propose something our national African-American leaders should have suggested a long time ago: It's time for us to switch.

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CURRY: Watching the Elections From Abroad

On Election Night, I usually stay awake as long as my eyelids are willing to cooperate. But this year was different.

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CURRY: Blacks, Not Hispanics, Key to Election Victory

Although Latinos are growing at a faster rate than any other ethnic group in the United States, they will have less of an impact on whether Democrats retain control of the Senate than African-Americans, according to a study of Census data by the Pew Research Center.

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CURRY: U.S. Trails More Than 100 Countries in Voter Turnout

Lost in the frenzy to erect barriers to voting, including reducing the hours available for early voting and imposing strict voter ID requirements, is the embarrassing fact that the United States lags behind more than 100 countries in the percentage of registered voters who show up on Election Day.

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CURRY: Republicans Still Earn an 'F' on Civil Rights

When it comes to issues important to the civil rights community, every Republican in the House and Senate gets an 'F.'

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