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CURRY: NFL Still Dropping the Ball

Now that Roger Goodell has come out of hiding, it is not clear that the NFL is any closer to getting it right, as he keeps putting it, than it was when it dropped the ball in handling Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension from the league.

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CURRY: NFL Domestic Abusers Get Tap on Wrist

The NFL has imposed a lifetime ban on Ray Rice, yet rarely disciplines other brazen offenders.

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CURRY: Driving While Black and Poor

Unmistakably, poor Blacks drive through certain Missouri municipalities with a huge X on their backs.

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CURRY: Cops Lied About 'Suicides' of Two Handcuffed Black Men

In case after case, when police are caught killing an unarmed African-American — and trying to cover it up — they expect us to suspend our sight and our common sense.

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CURRY: Differences in Black and White

Public opinion polls confirm a fact that has been documented in instances ranging from the O.J. Simpson verdict to recent events in Ferguson: When it comes to race, blacks and whites largely view events through a different set of lenses.

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CURRY: White Cops Kill at Least 2 Blacks Each Week

Police kill African-Americans more frequently than you may realize.

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CURRY: Democrats Try Gimmicks to Reach Black Voters

The upcoming mid-term election may be yet another example of Black voters never getting the credit they deserve winning seats for the party but getting an overabundance of blame when Democrats get their heads handed to them.

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CURRY: The Politics of Federal Judges

When someone tells you that the political affiliation of the president appointing judges doesn't matter or when a president claims to be appointing judges who interpret the law and not legislate from the bench, don't believe them.

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CURRY: A Victory for Affirmative Action

Amidst the tragic news of last week, there was a bit of good news between the warring Republicans and President Obama: A federal appeals court, acting on a case remanded by the Supreme Court, upheld the University of Texas' modest affirmative action program.

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CURRY: Republicans' Selective Memory on Executive Orders

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, arguably the most overrated U.S. president in history, there they go again. They, of course, are Republicans in the House of Representatives.

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CURRY: Democrats 'Ain't Loyal'

Rev. Jamal Bryant of Baltimore was widely criticized recently for quoting a line from the popular Chris Brown song, "Hoes Ain't Loyal." Bryant could have avoided controversy — and been on point — if he had instead said, "Democrats ain’t loyal."

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CURRY: Right Wing Gets it Wrong on Mississippi

If you ever doubted that conservatives were sore losers, the recent Senate election in Mississippi should remove all doubt.

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CURRY: Freedom Summer — 50 Years Later

The 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer is being commemorated this week in Mississippi and it provides the perfect backdrop to reflect on the transformation of not only Mississippi — then the deadliest state in the nation — but the entire region.

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CURRY: Hollywood Gets a Low Diversity Rating

The first detailed study of the relationship between diversity and the bottom line in the Hollywood entertainment industry has found that although diversity pays — literally — people of color and women are still woefully underrepresented throughout film and television.

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CURRY: U.S. Has Always 'Negotiated' with Terrorists

I disagree with President Obama’s decision to trade five Taliban leaders being held at Guantanamo Bay for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an apparent deserter who is believed to have been the only U.S. solider being held as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan. My opposition is based on the firm belief that such exchanges only encourage future violence against the U.S.

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CURRY: Right-Wing Media Pretends Racism Doesn't Exist

A new posting by MediaMatters.org, the media watchdog group, sums up the conservative strategy under the headline, "Don't Litigate It, Don't Ever Talk About It: Right-Wing Media's Solution to Racial Discrimination."

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CURRY: Republicans are Veteran Hypocrites on the VA

If you let the Republicans tell it, President Obama is directly responsible for the fiasco at the Veterans Administration. But they don't tell you that fresh off of Memorial Day parade appearances, they are responsible for scuttling legislation that would have expanded benefits for the nation's 22 million veterans and their families.

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CURRY: A Better Way to Compensate College Athletes

It's not that Bill Russell, Jim Brown or Harry Edwards have mellowed — they have not. Rather, they think there's a better way to help athletes who generate $500 billion a year to major universities, athletic vendors and others.

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CURRY: Schools More Segregated Now than Three Decades Ago

As we approach May 17, the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education landmark decision outlawing "separate but equal" schools, several studies show that our schools are more segregated now than they were three decades ago.

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CURRY: Memories of LBJ, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton

Covering the three-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act at the University of Texas last week brought back a string of memories — some fond, some bitter.

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CURRY: Acceptance by 8 Ivies Doesn't Remove Race Stigma

You would think that news of a high school student from a family of African immigrants getting accepted into all eight Ivy League universities would be met with universal celebration. If you thought that, think again.

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CURRY: Obama Worse than George W. Bush on SBA Loans

The Obama administration's record of guaranteeing loans to Black businesses is worse than George W. Bush's.

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CURRY: My Sister's Keeper

In all the hoopla surrounding President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, overlooked is that fact that our young girls also need to be targeted for special attention.

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CURRY: Dr. King 'Turning In His Grave' Over Family Greed

The children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sue each other so often that you need a program to keep up with the court action.

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CURRY: The War on Poverty — and MLK

Despite the concentrated effort to neuter Martin Luther King Jr. by overemphasizing his 1964 "I Have a Dream Speech," his last days on earth were spent trying to uplift garbage workers in Memphis and planning a Poor Peoples Campaign that would culminate in a march to the nation's capital.

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CURRY: 'Race War' at Fox News

According to MediaMatters, the watchdog group, last year was a banner period for race-baiting at Fox News.

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CURRY: Mandela Opponents Trying to Re-Write History

Many conservatives who actively opposed Nelson Mandela's protracted struggle to establish democracy in White minority-ruled South Africa are trying to rationalize their past criticism by either ignoring their earlier public statements or trying to place the struggle for a democratic society in South Africa in a Cold War context.

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CURRY: Time to Raise Minimum Wage

The first federal minimum wage of 25 cents an hour was established in 1938. Since then, it has been raised 22 times. It's time to increase the floor for the 23rd time, from its current $7.25 to at least $10 an hour.

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CURRY: 'Entitlement Programs' Serve Elderly and Poor

Republicans have made it clear that their next budget goal is to slash so-called entitlement programs. Democrats have failed to explain to the public that the misnamed programs are valuable and prevent millions of Americans, many of them elderly or children, from living in poverty.

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CURRY: Obama's Showdown with 'Teapublicans' is Just Beginning

Believe it or not, President Obama's decision to finally stand up to Teapublicans — a Republican Party hijacked by Right-wing Tea Party zealots — in the latest standoff over the Affordable Care Act and the debt ceiling was the easy part.

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CURRY: Dr. Ben Carson — 'Gifted Hands,' Foot in Mouth

The Affordable Health Care Act is worse than slavery? It’s a ridiculous comparison.

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CURRY: Selling Out Black College Football to Make a Buck

There’s only one reason our HBCUs schedule games against schools whose head coaches make more than their entire athletic budgets: they earn a big payday, even if that means being publicly humiliated along the way.

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CURRY: Marching Orders for the Future

Now that we've had two events at the Lincoln Memorial to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, it is important to remember a few things about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. beyond his "I Have a Dream" speech.

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CURRY: Jesse Jackson Jr. and a Mother's Love

On Aug. 14, Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced to prison in connection with using campaign funds for personal use. Dozens of letters were sent to the judge on his behalf, but none more touching than the one written by his mother.

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CURRY: Why We're Still Marching

The reality is that we haven't reached our destination.

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CURRY: Focus on Poverty, Not the Middle Class

Several of us were sharing our views on radio Sunday night with Gary Byrd when my friend and colleague Cash Michaels urged us to remember that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated while organizing poor people.

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CURRY: Finally, the Barack Obama I Voted For

For more than four years, I have said that I liked candidate Barack Obama better than I like President Obama.

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CURRY: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Becoming the New Thurgood Marshall

If you're looking for the justice on the Supreme Court who mirrors Thurgood Marshall's tenure on the bench, it is not Sonia Sotomayor, the "Wise Latina." And it certainly isn't Clarence Thomas. It's Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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CURRY: Blacks More Willing to Make Privacy Concessions

Although the federal government secretly spied on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders in the past, Blacks are more willing than Whites to have their privacy rights invaded if it will help investigate possible terrorists.

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CURRY: Affirmative Action Polls Show Deep Racial Gulf

How do Americans really feel about affirmative action? The short answer is that it depends on how the question is asked.

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CURRY: Cavemen Keep Sexism Alive

Women serve in almost every high-powered job in the United States: CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Senators, university presidents, race car drivers and even astronauts. Yet, there are some male bozos who think women should be treated as inferior beings.

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CURRY: Take a Recess from Closing Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has announced plans to close at least 50 schools as a cost-cutting measure. But before any other urban school system follows suit, it should take an extended recess and reflect on what has happened in the past that makes this such a foolish idea.

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CURRY: Obama's Troubles Aren't Comparable to 'Watergate'

The actions of some Obama administration officials should not be compared to Watergate.

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CURRY: The Boston Marathon's Media Frenzy

I am a certified news junkie, but even I had to step away from the oversaturated media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings.

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Obama Budget Breaks Social Security Pledge

Even before President Obama released his budget proposal this week for the next fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, preliminary details about his plan to effectively cut Social Security cost of living increases has caused a firestorm among supporters who now feel betrayed.

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