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MALVEAUX: Let Members of Congress Live Like Other People

All too often, good legislation is supported only when someone with a personal agenda is able to add an amendment to further that agenda.

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MALVEAUX: Democrats Still Searching for Winning Formula

Voters are tired of income inequality being acknowledged with nothing being done about it.

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MALVEAUX: Poverty Doesn't Have to Be a State of Mind

The three steps in social change are organization (especially protest), which leads to legislation (with pressure) and litigation (when legislation is not implemented).

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Prince George's Councilman Raps Governor's Proposed Cuts

Prince George's County Council Chair Mel Franklin on Monday sharply criticized Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's proposed budget cuts, saying the short-sighted reductions come at the expense of the state's middle class.

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MALVEAUX: The Real Barack Obama Re-Emerges

President Obama knocked it out of the park during the State of the Union address. Instead of the kumbaya thing, he laid out his priorities to a Republican Congress that will likely block much of what he proposed.

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MALVEAUX: World is Indifferent to Missing Nigerian Girls

Indeed, the abducted girls have all but disappeared from the headlines and from the public consciousness.

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MALVEAUX: The Education of Dr. King

As he labored for social, civil and economic justice, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was extremely concerned both about the educational inequities that were a function of segregation, and about the purpose and quality of education.

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MALVEAUX: Innocent Blacks and White Cops — All Lives are Valuable

What links the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu? Some would say that one set of deaths was revenge for the other. Actually, all of the deaths represent a tragic loss of life.

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MALVEAUX: Blacks are a Giving People

All Black people are not poor, and we ought not to behave as if we are. We can afford to tithe to our churches, and we can afford to give to our institutions.

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MALVEAUX: Breathing Life into a Movement

Breathing ought to be a simple thing. Air in, air out. It's not so simple when one's neck is being choked.

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