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MALVEAUX: How Americans Lost Faith in Everything and Found Donald Trump

If we don't trust each other, how do we come together to organize, to resist the corrosiveness of the callous, racist, misogynistic leadership that Mr. Trump offers our nation?

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MALVEAUX: Trump Won, but White Supremacy Won't Win Forever

White folks might as well enjoy Trump while they can, but time and demographics are on our side. White supremacy won't reign forever.

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MALVEAUX: Election Has Exposed America's Racist, Sexist Patriarchy

No matter the outcome of the corrosive 2016 election, our social fabric has been shredded by the ugliness of this campaign.

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MALVEAUX: Four Things Obama Can Do to Help Blacks in Last 100 Days

Instead of staking his legacy on the results of the November elections, however, President Obama might be better advised to improve his legacy by taking bold actions in these last days of his presidency.

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MALVEAUX: The White House Not Worth GOP Dancing with Devil

Paul Ryan has called Donald Trump a racist, but he is willing to dance with the devil because it serves his purposes. What about you?

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MALVEAUX: Keith Lamont Scott Video Footage Too Little, Too Late

The compelling reason for the Charlotte police to release all of the videos is because there is a significant difference between what they say happened and what the Scott family says.

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MALVEAUX: Stop the Payday Loan Debt Trap

The persistence of poverty, even in the face of good news, provides opportunities for those whose riches come from the exploitation of poor people.

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MALVEAUX: Get Ready Now to Vote on Election Day

Are you ready to vote? Are you registered? These may seem like simplistic questions, especially for those who are aware, but every year some folks are denied access to the polls because they didn't register on time, or they moved and their address does not match the address the registrar of voters has, or something.

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MALVEAUX: Why We Have to Invest in Effective Teachers

While millions of children (and teachers) welcome the call to go back to school in August and early September, all is not well in classrooms and school districts around the country.

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MALVEAUX: Why Black Businesses Struggle to Grow

Why aren't more black entrepreneurs trying to do more? It isn't for lack of ideas.

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