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MALVEAUX: Focus on Real Black Women, Not Imposters

While most African-Americans have concluded that Rachel Dolezal is a mentally impaired liar, too many Caucasians, obsessed with race, are likely to give this story legs. Meanwhile, there are millions of African-American women who are rendered invisible by the media.

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MALVEAUX: Good and Bad News in Latest Job Numbers

People are working harder, and national productivity is growing faster than wages are.

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Con Artists Devising New Ways to Scam D.C. Residents

Identity theft, investment fraud and scams rob millions of Americans of their hard-earned money every year.

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MALVEAUX: Time for Young People to Stop the Violence

I'm willing to stop preaching when young leaders step up.

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MALVEAUX: Justice is Not Blind

Most of our politicians and leaders are exploiting subconscious racism and pandering to explicit racial fears. Even worse, they are rewarded when they say they are "tough on crime."

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MALVEAUX: 'Stupid' Infrastructure Neglect

When Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed on May 12, federal budget observers wondered if the underfunding of our nation's fraying infrastructure was at least partly responsible.

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MALVEAUX: The Legalized Torture of Prisoners

Freddie Gray is neither the first nor the last person to die in police custody.

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MALVEAUX: A Young Sister 'Hashtagged' Me Out of My Silo

If the hashtag takes you to a conversation and that takes you to action, then the hashtag may be a step in the right direction.

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MALVEAUX: Should African-Americans Endorse Whites Over Blacks?

When all else is equal, I choose to vote for the African-American candidate instead of the white one.

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MALVEAUX: Jailing Educators for 'Cheating to the Test'

There is no excuse for the cheating in Atlanta, or Philadelphia, or in El Paso, where the school superintendent was imprisoned for reporting faulty test scores. While there is no excuse, it would be foolish to ignore the pressure that many face when federal laws mandate the use of standardized tests to "prove" that teachers and schools are doing their jobs.

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