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MALVEAUX: Can Hillary Clinton Survive Email Controversy?

What promised to be a sleepy Democratic glide to the nomination has evolved into, if not a contest, at least a challenge for Hillary Clinton.

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MALVEAUX: Black Lives Matter Prioritizes Black Life

I am proud of the Black Lives Matter movement and excited about the three young women who organized it and the thousands who have united under their banner.

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MALVEAUX: For Centuries, Black Lives Did Not Matter

It ought to be unnecessary for an activist movement to hinge on the principle of the equivalency of life.

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MALVEAUX: Release Low-Level, Nonviolent Drug Offenders

President Obama's commutations of nonviolent drug sentences are a step in the right direction.

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MALVEAUX: Tear Down the Walls of Economic Equality

Removing the flag from public places and putting it in museums is a victory for those who reject this symbol of racial subjugation. Still, every economic statistic screams racial subjugation.

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MALVEAUX: Church Burnings Should Ignite More Protests

Is it a coincidence that churches are burning in the days since the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina?

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MALVEAUX: Rewriting Confederate History

On their website, the Sons of Confederate Veterans describe themselves as preserving the "history and legacy" of the Confederacy. Their organization, they say, is "dedicated to ensuring that a true history of the 1861-1865 period is preserved." I would suggest, instead, that the Sons of Confederate Veterans is guilty of rewriting history instead of preserving it.

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MALVEAUX: Focus on Real Black Women, Not Imposters

While most African-Americans have concluded that Rachel Dolezal is a mentally impaired liar, too many Caucasians, obsessed with race, are likely to give this story legs. Meanwhile, there are millions of African-American women who are rendered invisible by the media.

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MALVEAUX: Good and Bad News in Latest Job Numbers

People are working harder, and national productivity is growing faster than wages are.

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MALVEAUX: Time for Young People to Stop the Violence

I'm willing to stop preaching when young leaders step up.

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