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MALVEAUX: Get Ready Now to Vote on Election Day

Are you ready to vote? Are you registered? These may seem like simplistic questions, especially for those who are aware, but every year some folks are denied access to the polls because they didn't register on time, or they moved and their address does not match the address the registrar of voters has, or something.

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MALVEAUX: Why We Have to Invest in Effective Teachers

While millions of children (and teachers) welcome the call to go back to school in August and early September, all is not well in classrooms and school districts around the country.

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MALVEAUX: Why Black Businesses Struggle to Grow

Why aren't more black entrepreneurs trying to do more? It isn't for lack of ideas.

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MALVEAUX: When Was America Great?

I'm not jumping up and down and waving a flag.

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MALVEAUX: Where's the Corporate Leadership on Racial Justice?

What if a few leaders in Fortune 500 companies took a position on the number of unarmed African-Americans by "law enforcement" officers?

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MALVEAUX: The Bitter Fruit of a Broken Reconstruction

The phrase Black Lives Matter is not racist because it simply reflects our nation's history.

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MALVEAUX: Hate, Hypocrisy and Hubris

Just a day after millions of Americans celebrated the "Fourth of You Lie," our nation got more evidence of the lie we live when we "celebrate" freedom.

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MALVEAUX: Ignorance Isn't Bliss for Brexit Voters, Trump Supporters

Will we, in these United States, start Googling Trump after he is nominated? Will we wait until it is too late to ask about the Trump peccadilloes?

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MALVEAUX: Shame on McCain, Trump for Blaming Obama for Orlando Massacre

If you look into a dictionary under "sore loser" you will find a photograph of Arizona Sen. John McCain.

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MALVEAUX: Dear White People — Muhammad Ali Did Not Transcend Race

Muhammad Ali was unapologetically Black. Why, in death, are White folks claiming that he "transcended" race?

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