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MALVEAUX: Bernie and the Donald — Angry White Men

For all their dueling ideologies, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin.

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MALVEAUX: Obama's Howard Speech Redeems Morehouse Misstep

I was apprehensive when I learned that President Barack Obama would give the commencement speech at Howard University this year. I desperately wanted Obama to knock his speech out of the park. Guess what? He did.

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MALVEAUX: In McKesson's Bid, Inspiration for a Movement Shines

Social change happens from both inside and outside.

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MALVEAUX: Harriet Tubman, Economic Freedom Fighter

It is especially fitting that Harriet Tubman graces the $20 bill, since she was an economic freedom fighter.

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MALVEAUX: Black Women Won’t Celebrate Equal Pay Until Aug. 1

Aug. 1 is Equal Pay Day for African-American women. We work harder, longer, and for less remuneration than other women do. What are we going to do about it?

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MALVEAUX: Republicans Ignore Black People

Republicans keep saying they want to reach out to people of color, but ignoring Black people suggests that they are thinking about us as much as George Bush did in 2005.

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MALVEAUX: From Mary Church Terrell to Barbara Lee — Black Women in the Peace Movement

In this Women's History Month, it makes sense to reflect on women and the peace movement, and especially on the African-American women who have been peace activists and have played a significant role in this movement.

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MALVEAUX: Clinton, Sanders Clueless on Race

African-Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee. We should not expect any candidate to feel our pain or to "get" race.

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MALVEAUX: Where is This Generation's Madame C.J. Walker?

While our colleges teach some educational fundamentals, they ought also be encouraged to teach entrepreneurship.

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MALVEAUX: Why Do Politicians Treat Addiction Differently in the Suburbs?

Should the issue of addiction be treated more compassionately and humanely now that it has hit suburbia USA?

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