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MALVEAUX: Recycling Failed Education Policies

There has been some controversy about "Common Core" requirements that would somewhat standardize high school education, indicating what students should know when they graduate from high school.

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MALVEAUX: Loretta Lynch Deserves a Swift Confirmation

Loretta Lynch would be the first African-American woman to hold the position of attorney general. This history-making nomination should not be tarnished by partisan nonsense.

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MALVEAUX: Democrats Have No Consistent Message

Pundits are likely to spend the next several weeks attempting to explain the many reasons that Republicans simply kicked the Democrats square in the hind parts to dominate both houses of Congress in ways that had not been expected.

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MALVEAUX: Online Colleges Flunk Common Sense

All colleges are not created equal. About once a week, I get a call from a mature student whose time at a career college was unrewarding.

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MALVEAUX: Ebola Knows No Borders

Many see Ebola as an "African disease," just as they once saw HIV/AIDS as a "gay disease." Only when these diseases began to affect a different demographic did legislature direct funds to those organizing HIV awareness.

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MALVEAUX: Countering Voter Suppression Moves

The stakes are high, both now and in 2016.

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MALVEAUX: The Boomerang Generation

One of the most interesting findings of the data recently released by the Census Bureau is that so many recent college graduates live with their parents.

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MALVEAUX: America Needs a Raise

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been floating at or above the 17,000 mark in the past two months — an all-time high. Who gets the wealth, though?

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MALVEAUX: Back to School, Back to Basics

While many students feel it is important to make the first day of school a fashion show, others can’t afford new clothes and are often stigmatized at school.

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MALVEAUX: Taxpayers Fund Corporate Tax Avoiders

Fortune magazine's Alan Sloan reports that Ireland, Bermuda and Switzerland are the tax havens for the top ten corporate tax avoiders. While these companies hit the road to avoid taxes, they have no hesitation in enjoying the benefits that come from tax protection and regulation.

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