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MALVEAUX: Taxpayers Fund Corporate Tax Avoiders

Fortune magazine's Alan Sloan reports that Ireland, Bermuda and Switzerland are the tax havens for the top ten corporate tax avoiders. While these companies hit the road to avoid taxes, they have no hesitation in enjoying the benefits that come from tax protection and regulation.

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MALVEAUX: The High Cost of Injustice

How much would we save if legally mandated minimum sentences were modified and nonviolent drug offenses were more reasonably imposed?

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MALVEAUX: Dogs Eat Better than 1 Million Children

While the institution of apartheid no longer exists, the structural basis for apartheid is alive and well, given the level of poverty, the lack of jobs, and limited opportunities for education.

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MALVEAUX: Ikea and the Gap Fill the Wage Gap

Ikea gets it, so does the Gap. What’s wrong with the Congress?

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MALVEAUX: Blacks Haven't Recovered from the Recovery

President Obama's focus on the middle class leaves the poor where they have always been — at the periphery of economic progress.

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MALVEAUX: Did the UNCF Make a Deal with the Devil?

When the Koch Foundation gave the United Negro College Fund $25 million, it set off a maelstrom of comments in cyberspace and real time.

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MALVEAUX: A Pledge to Keep to our Youth

It is true that economists are projecting a better employment situation for college graduates who are entering the labor market now. At the same time, high school graduates who must save money for college incidentals or for other needs will have a hard time finding work.

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MALVEAUX: Remembering Maya Angelou

Many people will remember Maya Angelou for her phenomenal career. She was a true renaissance woman — an author, teacher, dancer, performer, radio personality and a producer. I will remember her a sister friend, a wise "auntie" who didn't mind pulling your coat.

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MALVEAUX: Dishonoring Our Vets

The last Monday in May, Memorial Day, was designed to honor those who died in service to our country. It is tragically ironic that around the same time we are honoring and remembering the dead, we are learning about deficiencies in the Department of Veteran's Affairs that negatively affects the quality of life for those who were injured during their term of service.

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MALVEAUX: A Slow Response to Nigerian Atrocity

The United States and the United Nations are nodding on Nigeria if they choose to do little more than offer lip service in this crisis situation.

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MALVEAUX: Supreme Court Continues to Limit Affirmative Action

What bothers me most about these anti-affirmative action cases is the implicit White skin privilege that compels them.

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MALVEAUX: Mental Illness is Our Dirty Little Secret

Mental health is our nation’s dirty little secret, and if it is whispered in the nation at large, it is a silent scream in the African-American community.

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MALVEAUX: Women Get Unequal Pay for Equal Work

Race and gender continue to shape the opportunities that African-American women have, and race and gender continue to marginalize us Black women.

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MALVEAUX: The Audacity of Voting

I guess everyone doesn't like voting as much as I do. Only a quarter of those eligible to vote in the District of Columbia did so.

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MALVEAUX: An Attention Span Beyond Flight 370

The media is used to rivet attention toward an issue or challenge. Unfortunately, it has rarely been used for good.

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MALVEAUX: Proud Black Feminist

In a world that is dominated by men, especially White men, feminism is, for me, an empowering concept.

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MALVEAUX: (Black) Women’s History Month

Do you know about Elizabeth Keckley? Maggie Lena Walker, Sarann Knight Preddy, Gertrude Pocte Geddes-Willis, Trish Millines Dziko, Addie L Wyatt or Marie-Therese Metoyer?

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MALVEAUX: A Mixed Obama Legacy

Ten years from now, will we write that the status of African-American and Latino boys and men has improved?

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MALVEAUX: Blacks Have More Reasons to be Fearful than Whites

If Michael Dunn were so afraid of Jordan Davis and his friends, why did he get out of his car and confront them about their loud music?

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MALVEAUX: A Knockout Punch for George Zimmerman

Had he not massacred Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman would be an average White man holding down a mediocre job, living under the radar, and aspiring for a law enforcement job.

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MALVEAUX: Is Robert Gates Disloyal to Obama?

Robert Gates has got fingers to point, axes to grind, bridges to burn, even as the Obama administration continues to deal with issues that Gates had the opportunity to weigh in on while he served as Secretary of Defense.

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MALVEAUX: My New Year Wishes

My wish list focuses on public policy, since better public policy means a better 2014.

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MALVEAUX: Fed to Play Lesser Role

Obviously this Congress doesn't care about economic stimulation.

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MALVEAUX: Where Bipartisanship is Out of Order

While some will celebrate the budget that will prevent future government shutdowns (that is, as long as there is agreement on debt ceiling), I am among those that decry the hollow victory in the passage of this budget. Human needs are still sidelined to budget cutting zeal.

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MALVEAUX: Mandela's Road to Freedom

Nelson Mandela left us much to celebrate, and also much to ponder. Where does the movement for freedom and justice go from here, both in South Africa and in the rest of the world?

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MALVEAUX: Wal-Mart Workers Shouldn't Have to Donate Food to Co-Workers

For the past year, an organization called OUR Walmart has protested, raised questions and asked their employer, one of the nation's largest companies, to treat them fairly. They have asked for better wages, more full-time hours, and for the opportunity to earn benefits.

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MALVEAUX: Renisha McBridge and Other Black Women Need to be Defended

Marissa Alexander's incarceration and the murder of Renisha McBride have something in common. They illustrate the vulnerability of Black women, both in the legal system, and in the public perception of race and gender.

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MALVEAUX: Unmasking White Racism

People wear masks daily, sometimes to reveal who they are, and sometimes to hide their true identity. What does this imply, then, about the White people who think that a blackface mask is appropriate?

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MALVEAUX: A Slave to Slavery Comparisons

The brilliant surgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson is out of order and out of control when he compares the Affordable Care Act to slavery.

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MALVEAUX: There Were Alternatives to Detroit's Bankruptcy

You don’t have to be from Detroit to be angry at what is happening there. And you don’t have to be from Detroit to lend your voice to an injustice that not only affects Detroit, but also the rest of the nation.

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MALVEAUX: Republicans' Venom Aimed at Obama

I am sick of the budgetary brinkmanship that plagues our government.

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MALVEAUX: U.S. Doesn't Care about Poor People

While the GDP has risen, and the wealthy are gaining income, those stuck at the bottom are still simply stuck.

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MALVEAUX: Congress is Eating Away at Food Stamps

Congress won't change its indifference to the poor unless somebody makes them.

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MALVEAUX: Obama Selling 'Wolf Tickets' on Syria

President Barack Obama stepped on a big limb when he threatened "limited action" against Syria because the country’s leaders allegedly used chemical weapons against their own people.

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MALVEAUX: After the March on Washington

In 1963, African Americans were desperate to effect change. In 2013, there is neither desperation nor a passionate push for implementation. In five or 10 years, when there is another commemorative gathering, how will history judge us?

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MALVEAUX: Dropping the Leadership Baton

Research shows that this generation of young people, no matter of their race, are likely to do less well than their parents did.

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MALVEAUX: Russell Simmons Violates Harriet Tubman

Every time I hear the voice of Russell Simmons, I hear a cool, clean, clear meditative voice, especially on Twitter where he drops his yoga knowledge in a reflective way. I guess he wasn't folding his legs and saying a centered "Om" when he decided to ridicule an African woman.

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MALVEAUX: What is a Living Wage?

Many quibble over the minimum wage, but the more relevant issue is the living wage.

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MALVEAUX: Student Loan 'Solution' is not Good Enough

The United States Senate finally stepped up to ensure that student loan rates would not double.

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MALVEAUX: What Blacks Can Learn from South Africa

Nelson Mandela's insistence and persistence for freedom for Black South Africans, which included a 27-year jail sentence, reminds us of the persistence it takes to make structural and institutional change. We African Americans have been far more episodic in our quest for freedom.

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MALVEAUX: Looking Beyond George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman isn't the only one slaughtering young Black men.

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MALVEAUX: A Maximum Effort Needs to be Made for the Minimum Wage

It seems that the term "poverty" has been sidelined from our national discourse, even though 15 percent of all Americans, and 26 percent of African Americans experience poverty.

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MALVEAUX: Is 'Big Brother' Racially Biased?

When George Orwell wrote the novel "1984," he envisioned a character, real or imagined "Big Brother" who was a know-all, see-all, omnipotent and elusive presence that intruded into lives because he could. Those who knew about "him" were told that they did not exist, but in many ways, Big Brother may not have existed, either. The omnipotence had taken on a life of its own. Orwell's book was a book ahead of its time

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MALVEAUX: Is the Recovery Stumbling or Soaring?

Although the overall unemployment rate still exceeds 7 percent, and the official Black unemployment rate is greater than 13 percent, there are some who insist that there is a robust economic recovery in progress.

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MALVEAUX: In Jobs, We're in a Race to the Bottom

On May 21, I had the opportunity to testify before a Congressional Progressive Caucus meeting on how federal dollars drive inequality by paying contractors who pay too many of their workers too little.

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