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DANIELS: Ben Carson's Ugly Hypocrisy

From the moment he surfaced in 2013 as White conservatives' latest "Great Black Hope," Ben Carson has made any number of offensive remarks typical of the conservative commentary of the Obama years. But early last week, he released what is undoubtedly his greatest hit: He said a Muslim American should not be president of the United States.

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DANIELS: Criminalizing Black Protest

Is #BlackLivesMatter a criminal organization that advocates attacks on and murder of White police officers? That's the snake-oil pitch the conservative echo chamber is making these days.

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DANIELS: The Conservative Mob is Trump's Trump Card

The fate of the Republican Party's presidential sweepstakes at the moment is being controlled by two political Frankensteins — both of them of the GOP’s own creation.

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DANIELS: Republicans Use Cruelty as a Political Weapon

Donald Trump, the blowhard mogul masquerading as presidential candidate, has once again discovered the problem with trying to be a demagogue in a democracy: It's the risk of "going too far."

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DANIELS: Has the 'Lost Cause' Finally Lost?

Has the pernicious fiction that there was something honorable about the Confederate rebellion — treason in the defense of slavery, as one observer so trenchantly put it recently — finally been irredeemably shredded?

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DANIELS: America's Real Crime Problem

It's getting to be difficult to recall a week when, thanks to public exposure of videos, or tweets, text messages or emails, we've not seen another shocking example of police mistreatment of black or Hispanic citizens under questionable circumstances.

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DANIELS: The Waco Biker Riot and the Lexicon of Racism

America's present-day "racial divide," has never been more strikingly displayed than in the refusal of much of the mainstream and conservative media to describe the May 17 biker riot in Waco, Texas, as a riot.

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DANIELS: Facing 'Officer Friendly' While Black

Without the video, North Charleston, South Carolina, police Officer Michael T. Slager would likely have gotten away with murder.

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DANIELS: Religious Freedom Scams

Pity the poor, put-upon anti-gay bigots.

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DANIELS: Free Speech Hypocrisy

This winter the media's been ablaze with stories about racist, homophobic and sexist slurs being hurled this way and that by college students and other adults.

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