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THE RELIGION CORNER: Clear Out the Clutter Before the New Year!

This column is here to suggest that before you go out and spend all of your hard-earned cash for the Christmas holiday, you should consider doing some special holiday cleaning in your life.

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D.C. Officials Cut Ribbon for New Brookland Middle School

D.C. officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony over the weekend for a new school in Ward 5 slated to open in August.

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THE RELIGION CORNER: The District of Columbia Without Marion Barry

My sister texted me from Kinston, North Carolina, the other day. "How do you define D.C. without Marion Barry?" she wanted to know. I have been wondering the same thing.

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When we are so busy we cannot hear His voice; we spin our wheels, going back and forth, not accomplishing much. We fail.

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THE RELIGION CORNER: The Simple Side of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving needs a bit of a makeover; maybe we can go back to the good ol' days, when we celebrated the holiday for what it really meant, a day of thanks.

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THE RELIGION CORNER: Are You Wasting Time?

Let's talk about how so many of us are complacent, just watching the tide roll in and out, wasting time.

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THE RELIGION CORNER: Be, Do & Have Whatever You Want!

Thoughts are extremely powerful. You can think yourself into becoming whomever you wish, or you can think yourself into the failure you continue to keenly visualize in your mind's eye.

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THE RELIGION CORNER: And Justice for All!

Black women aren't seen as victims because the courts are not empathetic to the fear black women have for their lives. They're seen as expendable, replaceable, easily forgotten.

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THE RELIGION CORNER: The Law of Impermanence

I have my philosophy: One should understand the law of impermanence — that all things are unstable and have no essence that's unchanging.

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THE RELIGION CORNER: Why Residual Effects of Domestic Violence Cause Some to Snap

Some of us get out of domestic violence successfully, while others, like a former co-worker of mine, simply snap.

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