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Black Activists Aren't Ready to Forgive

In the days after white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine black congregants during a Bible study at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Americans of various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds across the country have joined together to sing hymns and light candles as speakers call for prayer and forgiveness of aggressors. As noble as that philosophy might be, an often ignored but growing number of African Americans aren't buying into it.

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Hip-Hop and Theater Converge for Festival

This week, hundreds of aficionados of various ages in the District celebrated the culture and pondered its future during the Hip-Hop Theater Festival, an annual showcase of theater, dance and music.

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Candlelight Vigil Honors the Charleston Nine

Two days after the shooting at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, hundreds stood with candles in hand vigil at the African American Civil War Memorial in Northwest as they honored the lives of the group now known as the "Charleston Nine."

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Teacher Continues Fight for Music Education

When Keith Killgo first walked through the doors of Anacostia Senior High School nine years ago, he knew he had much work ahead of him.

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Baltimoreans Create Movement Built to Last

In the days after civil unrest in Baltimore overtook the news coverage on the mysterious death of Freddie Gray, Baltimoreans redoubled their effort to show what Charm City is really about.

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Dick Gregory Wows Audience at D.C. Fundraiser

Dick Gregory, one of black America's seasoned funny men, didn't mince words during a recent gathering at a local hair salon, lambasting the mainstream media and blacks who unwittingly believe everything newscasters tell them.

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Online Directory Highlights Black-Owned Businesses

For entrepreneur Vernon Davis, exposing D.C. metropolitan area consumers to the bevy of black-owned businesses in the region and beyond has become a revolutionary act.

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Building Development Industry Titans Honored

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and real estate developers celebrated the achievements of their colleagues during an annual awards ceremony in a premier hotel located in the heart of a thriving D.C. neighborhood.

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Comcast Employees Lead School Cleanup

Hundreds of employees of a major broadcasting and cable company gave a local school a makeover during an event that attracted an intergenerational group of D.C. residents.

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Community Discusses Strategies for Education of Black Boys

If young men of color are to successfully navigate a school system not designed for them, it will take the consistent and concerted efforts of family and community members, members of a panel concluded during a recent forum at a local center.

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