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NNPA Foundation Launches New STEM Program

Members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association recently announced the launch of a program that aims to boost interest in STEM among African-American youth through events, enrichment activities and connections with industry pioneers.

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#OurLivesMatter: One Year Later

If there's any doubt that D.C. youth want to quell violence in their community and boost civic engagement among their peers, young people at a recreation center are slowly but surely laying those concerns to rest, all the while sharpening their leadership skills.

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Frances Cress Welsing Remembered as Scholar Who Loved Black People

In the years leading up to her death, scholar-warrior Frances Cress Welsing, with the help of friends and colleagues, fought tooth and nail against the very forces she described in her 1991 book, "The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors." That battle, however, would prove to be futile.

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Nomad Yard Collectiv 'Pops Up' on 14th Street

When the soon-to-be shuttered Eatonville reopens as Mulebone in mid-February, visitors can look forward to an experience that breaks the monotony of the 14th Street corridor in Northwest, courtesy of locally renowned vintage boutique Nomad Yard Collectiv.

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Kwanzaa: A Week of Unity and Reflection

As 2015 comes to a close, black people across the diaspora gather in their homes and communities to reaffirm their commitment to Nguzo Saba, better known as the "Seven Principles of Kwanzaa."

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Wilson High School Reels from Gun Incident

More than a week after security personnel retrieved a gun and knife during separate incidents at Woodrow Wilson High School in northwest D.C., questions remain about how such oversights could have happened on a campus known more for its scholastic and athletic achievements than instances of violence.

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Black Residents Boycott, Support Local Businesses

People of African descent across the U.S. refused to participate in mass consumerism during the Thanksgiving weekend, choosing instead to spend Black Friday with family and on the front lines of protests against major corporations they say fuel a system bent on ending black lives.

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Hundreds Commit to African Unity at Convention

After the events of this past weekend, a future in which descendants of enslaved Africans can join their brothers and sisters across the Atlantic Ocean in developing the Motherland seems more like a reality than a pipe dream.

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'African Unification' Hosts Finance Workshop

Even with the political and social gains made in recent decades, many black families across the country remain mired in debt and generational poverty. Experts and common folk alike agree that a substantial change in the status quo will require a shift in the way African-Americans collectively think about money. Dozens of men and women recently took that step during a two-day personal finance workshop at Francis Gregory Library in Southeast.

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D.C. Youth Connect With Young Ethiopians

In the centuries after the end of Maafa — the worldwide separation of African people via the Transatlantic Slave Trade — people of African descent have struggled to foster a collective consciousness under a global system that favors everything European.

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