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Duo Helps Liberian Children Fight Corruption

An audience of more than 20 people listened as author Robtel Neajai Pailey and soccer player Seren Fryatt recounted their experiences and provided insight about the current state of affairs in Liberia at the National Press Club in Northwest on April 10.

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Oakland Raiders' Usama Young Gives Away Hundreds of Books

A professional football player expressed his love for reading and donated hundreds of children’s books during a visit to a District school last week.

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Nas, Dyson Talk About the State of Hip-Hop

An iconic hip-hop artist did not mince words when he discussed the current state of the genre during an event at a local university the latter part of March.

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Local Spelling Bee Champ Heads to Nationals

A middle school student has her sights set on a national competition after snatching victory away from the District's best and brightest spellers last month.

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Youth Rally Against Tobacco Industry

A group of local teenagers and young adults rallied against tobacco companies during a gathering last month at the Latin American Youth Center in Northwest.

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Local Nonprofit Awards Book Grants

Dozens of local schools and nonprofits recently secured funds that will go toward the purchase of books and ensure the continuation of enrichment programs for District children.

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Young Voters Fight for Political Leverage, Agency in Changing Economic Climate

D.C. voters between the ages of 18 and 29 engaged both council and mayoral hopefuls through college, community civic organization forums throughout election season.

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Fundraiser Highlights Youth Homelessness

Hundreds of millennials recently slept under the stars and raised thousands of dollars in an effort to bring attention to youth homelessness in the District.

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Family, Friends Celebrate D.C.'s First Mother

Friends, family, colleagues and community members honored the life and legacy of Virginia E. Hayes Williams, known as D.C.'s First Mother, during a celebration of her life at a local high school.

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Greater Washington Urban League Receives Huge Contribution

Donation Part of Settlement Agreement

A local social services organization received a sizeable financial contribution as part of an agreement between a District agency and an alternative energy company.

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