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Bobby Jones Receives NNPA Lifetime Achievement Award

The National Newspaper Publishers Association honored Grammy-winning gospel singer Bobby Jones with its Lifetime Achievement Award during its annual convention in Houston.

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D.C.'s Independent Voters Left Out Once Again

Months of campaigning, canvassing and debating in D.C. ended last week with the Democratic closed primary, and in the largely blue city, the winners will most likely breeze through November's general election — meaning nearly one-fifth of unaffiliated D.C. voters are left out of the electoral process. It's a reality that doesn't sit well with a growing number in the constituency.

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Batchelor Eyes State Board of Education Seat

As Markus Batchelor gears up to challenge Tierra Jolly for the Ward 8 representative seat on the D.C. State Board of Education, he reflects heavily on the experiences, elders and community programs that have enriched his short but fruitful life, pledging to do his part in creating a similar environment for thousands of youth if elected in November.

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Ward 8 Council Candidates Engage Youth

Several Voice Concerns Over Incumbent's Early Exit

Not even the cries of teenagers and young adults eager to have their questions addressed could compel Ward 8 D.C. Council member LaRuby May to stay through an entire public campaign event.

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Thousands 'Tap the Future' During Business Competition

Later this year, a world-renowned beer company will award hundreds of thousands of dollars to a team of entrepreneurs.

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'Power of One' Connects Millennials to the Community

With gentrification and urban renewal near completion, the preservation of the District's authentic flavor depends heavily on the unification of native Washingtonians and Black transients, two groups that seldom occupy the same spaces, in part because of geographic and socioeconomic barriers that create a "Tale of Two Cities."

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Unanswered Questions Linger in Alonzo Smith Case

Life has gone on for Marbury Plaza residents since Alonzo Smith's death. Somewhat unaffected, many have chosen to move rather than challenge the status quo.

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Conference Brings 'Truth2Power' for Black Women

Over two days, a bevy of Black women engaged in healing activities, created bonds and learned about self-care during the inaugural Truth2Power Women's Conference.

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Sa-Roc Receives a Hometown Hero's Welcome

Earlier this month, conscious hip-hop artist and native Washingtonian Sa-Roc the MC performed in a packed Liv Nightclub in Northwest. More than 24 hours before gracing the stage however, a small audience that included fans, family members, and friends got to know the lyricist more intimately.

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A Moment with Nana Malaya Rucker

Since the age of 16, Nana Mayala Rucker has brought African-centered folklore to life through spoken word and dance.

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