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Young Voters Fight for Political Leverage, Agency in Changing Economic Climate

D.C. voters between the ages of 18 and 29 engaged both council and mayoral hopefuls through college, community civic organization forums throughout election season.

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Young, Gifted & Insured

If the Affordable Care Act were actual medicine, it would be good for you!

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Filtering Health

This season's health supplement examines kidney function and the preventative measures necessary to ward off impairment.

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Black History Month: Planting & Reaping Love

One of my great joys as an historian is dispelling commonly held myths about African-Americans. Perhaps none excite me as much as leveling the contention established decades ago by well-meaning, but culturally biased researchers, who labeled black relationships stagnant, pathological, or otherwise unnatural.

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Cultural Tourism and the Voyeuristic Value of One's Own Culture

At Emoya's Shanty Town, guests stay in a manufactured "informal settlement" — shacks made of corrugated iron sheets to resemble those millions of Black South Africans were forcibly relocated to in the 1940s.

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Black History Month 2014: Bossage

The South is a strange and beautiful creature.

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A Design Supreme: One on One with Architect Melvin Mitchell

Melvin Mitchell spoke with the Informer about African-American architecture and its often overlooked significance in world culture.

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MLK: The Blueprint

Just months before Dr. King's assassination, he had the opportunity to sit with young people and field their questions about race, fear, and the future.

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Healthy Cigarettes?: E-Cigarettes Poised to Reduce Tobacco Harm

E-cigarettes allow users to inhale vaporized liquid nicotine through a mouthpiece. The heater also vaporizes propylene glycol (PEG) in the cartridge (used to create theatrical smoke in stage productions), and the user gets a puff of hot gas that mimics tobacco smoke. E-cigarettes contain no tobacco products; and utilize synthetic nicotine.

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The Time Is Now!

Whether it’s overindulging in sweets, caffeine, or greasy foods, or engaging in reckless behaviors, teen habits can easily have lifetime consequences.

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