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Public Notices: Another Threat to Newspaper Revenue

It hasn't been the best of times in the print newspaper industry — particularly for the so-called mainstream or legacy media. And the bad news keeps coming: A consistent source of necessary revenue is now in peril.

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Unequal Pay for Black, Female Doctors

Local Physician Says Others Must Step Up

A new study that revealed that women and African-American physicians have salaries that are less than white male doctors, and the difference is pretty significant.

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Video of Fatal Police Shooting of Black Man in Minnesota Spurs Outrage

The nation hadn't begun to exhale after the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when another horrific video surfaced in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Art Exhibit Captures Experience of Being Black in White America

A new exhibit at the Galerie Myrtis Fine Art Gallery in Baltimore explores the politicization of Black identity in the United States.

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D.C. Stylist to Stars Gives Back to Women in Need

D.C. resident Sam Russell, a renowned image-maker, took an unexpected detour from working with stars such as Sophia Bush, Stevie Wonder, Colin Farrell and Chuck Lorre to dressing everyday people.

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Howard Grad 'Building Steps' Helping Others

Anthony Watters considers himself a revolutionary. The Howard University graduate who now lives in Baltimore has started his own nonprofit, It Takes One, Inc., as he continues to pursue a master's degree at McDaniel College in Westminster.

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Fattah Resigns Amid Racketeering Conviction

Embattled Lawmaker Faces Up to 30 Years in Prison

With the likelihood of a lengthy prison sentence looming, longtime Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Chaka Fattah resigned from his position just days after a federal jury convicted the embattled congressman of corruption charges.

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Gray Looking Forward to Return to D.C. Council

Former Mayor Already Crafting Agenda

After more than a year of scrutiny and an attorney general's office that dug deep to find evidence of corruption, Vincent Gray isn't taking anything else for granted.

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D.C. Officials Aim to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water

Two D.C. Council members recently held joint public oversight hearings on the testing of lead levels in public facilities to alert residents and others of concerns about water safety.

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Will D.C. Schools Honor Muslim Holidays?

With numerous school districts across the country already implementing Muslim holidays into their schedules, some in the D.C. region are considering adding days of observance for several Muslim holy days.

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Volkswagen Settles Emissions Lawsuit for $14.7B

Volkswagen will spend $14.7 billion to settle consumer lawsuits and government allegations that it cheated on emissions tests in what lawyers are calling the largest auto-related class-action settlement in U.S. history.

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Diabetes: A Major Health Issue for Blacks

HHS Deputy Secretary Addresses NNPA

The Obama administration delivered good news Friday about the state of the president's signature health care law Friday at the National Newspaper Publishers Association's annual convention in Houston.

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St. Louis American Wins Big at NNPA Merit Awards

The St. Louis American was the big winner at the National Newspaper Publishers Association 2016 Merit Awards on Thursday.

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Morgan State Reopens Civil Rights Museum

To some, it was a long time coming. But for others, the reopening of the Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum in Baltimore this month happened at just the right time.

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Fitbit, Health-Tracking Devices Rise in Popularity, Misuse

Fitness tracking devices have been gaining in popularity, and new ones seem to emerge regularly.

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Henry Jones Still 'Discombobulating' After 28 Years, Too Loud to Be Silenced

Henry "Discombobulating" Jones is like many of the fighters that he introduces as ring announcer for boxing cards in the District of Columbia — he pulls no punches.

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Postpartum Awareness Event Planned

One in seven women will suffer from a postpartum mood disorder, the most common complication of childbirth, according to health experts.

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Muhammad Ali Laid To Rest

'He Is Gone, But He Will Never Die'

A 19-mile procession through the streets of his hometown and a funeral fit for a king proved a fitting farewell to The Greatest.

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'Roots' Sparks Conversation About Racism's Toll on Black Psyche

The History Channel's remake of Alex Haley's culture-altering biography "Roots" has sparked new conversation about race and the toll it has taken psychologically on African-Americans.

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Pension Flap Over for Some Retired Teachers

The "nightmare" is over. At least for some.

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Minority Media Should 'Get in the Game'

Federal Ad Spending Rises, Minority Press Left Out

It's been eight years since the Government Accountability Office released a damning report that revealed how federal agencies ignored Hispanic and Black media when spending billions of dollars on advertising.

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Incumbents Lose Big in D.C. Council Primary

Gray Stuns Alexander; White Gets Revenge Over May

Vincent Gray continued a stunning, Marion Barry-like political comeback Tuesday, unseating Ward 7 Council member and former protégé Yvette Alexander in the D.C. Democratic primary election.

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D.C.'s Deshauna Barber Wins Miss USA Pageant

She's tough, she's black and she's beautiful. And, here she is, from northeast D.C., Miss USA.

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Md. Resident Leads Way for Cleaner Water in Kenya

In the rural parts of the East African nation of Kenya, waterborne illness is a leading cause of death for young children, and untreated water is dangerous to people of all ages.

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The Importance of Credit Scores and Homeownership

A good credit score is something to which everyone should aspire as it's one of the key determinants when one seeks to borrow money — and getting a low rate when you do.

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Landscape Improvements: Great for Increasing Home Values

Experts say that when it comes to your home, it doesn't hurt to have the best-looking property on the block.

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Muhammad Ali Remembered Simply as 'The Greatest'

In and Out of the Ring, the Champ Made a Difference

Of all the legendary wins in Muhammad Ali's life, few are as little-known as the one he pulled off in 1990 long after his boxing career had ended.

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Muhammad Ali Hospitalized, Reportedly In 'Fair' Condition

Boxing legend and three-time world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized Thursday in Arizona with what a spokesman said is a respiratory issue.

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Prince Died of Opioid Overdose: Report

Music legend Prince died of opioid overdose, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press Thursday.

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Obama Declares June as African-American Music Appreciation Month

In one of his final acts as president, Barack Obama issued an official proclamation Tuesday recognizing June as African-American Music Appreciation Month.

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Publishers Pleased with Congressional Action on Advertising

For Jonathan Sanchez, news of Democratic Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and many of her colleagues formally requesting an investigation into how federal government agencies spend advertising dollars presents a welcome, long overdue and pleasant surprise.

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Filmmaker Seeks to Kick Hollywood Doors Open for Aspiring Actors

First Detroit, then Hollywood, Washington, D.C, and the world. Before long, if the president of 25th Frame Films has anything to do with it, his company will be charting its own path toward the type of success no others have yet achieved.

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Hepatitis C Now a Leading Cause of Death

Medical experts say as many as 5 million people in the United States have hepatitis C, and as many as half of those who are infected aren't even aware they have the disease.

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D.C. Named Best Place for Summer Jobs

The late Marion Barry regularly championed a solid summer youth job program, and the one in the District named for the beloved "mayor for life" has been key in providing young individuals with enriching and constructive employment experiences through subsidized placements in the private and government sector.

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Following Officer's Acquittal, Mosby Faces Uphill Climb

Prosecution Stumbles in Freddie Gray Cases

The acquittal of a Baltimore police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray has sparked a new round of criticism of the city's top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, who detractors say rushed to judgment in the case.

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New Phone App Tracks Scammers

In Washington, several telephone numbers have landed in a brand-new hall of shame.

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VA Program Helps Stroke Patients Recover

Recovering from a major stroke is no easy task. But connecting with a rehabilitation facility can make that fight a lot less daunting.

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Democrats Challenge GOP on Voting Rights

The right to vote is the cornerstone of democracy and the foundation upon which all other rights are built, and Democratic representatives say they aren't going stand idle and allow others to infringe on those rights.

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Student Debt Rising in D.C.

District residents are among the millennials saddled with increasingly large amounts of student loans, which reached a record high of $1.23 trillion in 2015, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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Annual State of Black America Report Finds Inequality Remains

On its 40th anniversary, the State of Black America report remains a prominent tool that shows where African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities stand in the United States, and National Urban League President Marc H. Morial said it's clear that much still needs to be done.

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Vincent Gray Picks Up Endorsement from Nurses' Union

Vincent Gray's political comeback received a major boost Thursday, as the nation's largest organization of registered nurses endorsed the former D.C. mayor in his bid for the city's Ward 7 Council seat.

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Water in D.C. Schools Tested for Contaminants

There remain serious concerns about the drinking water in Washington, D.C., schools, and several officials are pressing for action to prevent a Flint, Michigan-like disaster here.

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Comcast's Keesha Boyd Talks TV for Black Viewers

New Programming Features Cater to African-Americans

One of Comcast executive Keesha Boyd's tasks is to define the company's African-American business strategy and find content that reflects the Black community.

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D.C. Native Leads Armory's Roc Nation Card

Undefeated Dusty Hernandez Headlines National TV Fight

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison will fight in the main event of Roc Nation's "Throne Boxing" card at the D.C. Armory that'll be televised live on BET at 10 p.m. Friday.

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Black Press Columnist Recovers from Stroke

Of the 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes that befall Americans each year, about 44 percent of the victims are African-American males, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Suicide Poses Other Mental Health Challenges

The rate of suicide in America is increasing, according to officials at the National Alliance on Mental Illness in southeast D.C.

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Caregivers Seek Legislation for More Mental Health Support

Approximately 8.4 million individuals care for an adult living with mental illness.

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Blacks, Latinos Have Little Leave Flexibility

African-American workers are 5.3 percent less likely than similar white workers to have access to flexible days off and 7.2 percent less likely to have flexible work hours.

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Freight Train Derailment Upends Commuters

Employees Scramble for Other Modes of Travel; Probe Continues

Days after a freight train derailed, D.C. commuters are still finding different ways to work.

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100 Black Men Push STEM Education

D.C. Organization Seeks Success for Youth

In the final analysis, Black and other minority communities cannot reasonably expect others to respect their property if they are unwilling to clean up their own house, says Ivory Johnson, president of the 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, D.C.