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Shutdown Academy Helps Local Children

Realtor, NFL Star Assist Youth in Football, Academics

The Shutdown Academy is a development program for children designed to strengthen and help them reach their potential through mentoring and other programs in the classroom and on the athletic field.

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Bowie State Celebrates 150 Years of Excellence

HBCU History Proudly Recalled By Alumni, Others

When the 40 African-American founders opened what was then called the Baltimore Normal School on Jan. 9, 1865, their mission was to establish educational facilities across Maryland that would help educate the more than 85,000 newly emancipated slaves. Today, the school now famously called Bowie State University, counts among the many proud historical black college and universities.

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Stevie Wonder: How He Became a Ladies' Man

Stevie Wonder practices what he preaches. One of our greatest love-song writers, composer of "My Cherie Amour" and "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours," recently fathered his ninth child — with a fifth woman.

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Social Security Disability Insurance in Peril

The battle over Social Security Disability Insurance benefits continues to unfold on Capitol Hill, and, as in the case of most of these fights, numerous officials argue that it's the little guy who gets hurt.

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Black Theatre Symposium Scheduled

University of Maryland Explores Value of African-American Art

As the black theater, which some call an endangered species, struggles, the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in College Park, Maryland, will cap Black History Month on Saturday, Feb. 28, with an introspective symposium beginning at 9 a.m.

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Frank Conaway Sr. Remembered

Longtime Maryland Politician Dead at 81

Frank M. Conaway Sr., the longtime clerk of the Baltimore City Circuit Court, is being remembered by the many in Charm City, Prince George's County and around the state who knew him and the many more his work helped.

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CBC Pushes Supreme Court on Voter ID

Forcing voters to produce government-issued identification goes against America's long-standing belief in a democracy. It's also a thinly-disguised method to prevent many African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities from voting, according to members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

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Breast Cancer Survivor Beating the Odds

Officials at the American Cancer Society say that individuals with stage 4 breast cancer have a 22 percent rate of survival after five years compared to their peers without breast cancer.

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New Website Helps Brides, Grooms Contain Wedding Cost

Getting married can be expensive. But for those seeking wedded bliss, there's some good news.

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Pepco Merger with Exelon Moving Forward

Supporters Prove to be as Plentiful as Opposition

Opposition to the proposed utility company merger between Pepco Holdings, Inc. and Exelon has been well-documented and a protest on Thursday, Feb. 5 by numerous environmental advocacy organizations again received its share of media attention.

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Orchestra Honors African-American Innovators

Celebrations Taking Place in D.C., Virginia, Maryland

From the District to Northern Virginia and from Prince George’s County to Baltimore, government and civic organizations, museums and other cultural institutions have continued to lay out plans to celebrate Black History Month.

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House Republicans Vote to Repeal Obamacare

Senate GOP Members May Follow Same Course

Republicans in the House of Representatives have continued their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, despite soaring enrollment figures for year two and the growing confidence in the law by many Americans.

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STEM Education Pushed For Minorities

February Opportune Time to Promote Advanced Careers

Efforts have ramped up recently in the District and around the country to emphasize STEM education, a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Jackson's Neverland Ranch Could Become Sexual-Assault Rehab Facility

A "Jacksonland" shrine, a state park and a therapy camp for molested children are among the proposals pitched by potential buyers of Michael Jackson's shuttered $75 million Neverland Ranch.

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Sidney Poitier 'Disgusted' By Bill Cosby Assault Allegations: Source

It has been more than 30 years since Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, 77, released the last of their 1970s trilogy of film. Since then, the two have rarely been linked publicly and a source close to Poitier said the "In the Heat of the Night" actor is utterly disgusted by Cosby.

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App Helps Residents Pick Health Insurance

Entrepreneurs Develop Unique Way to Obamacare

A team of young entrepreneurs are offering a different approach to the insurance and health care market place from what they said is a completely different perspective.

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Heart Attack Survivor Spreads Important Message

Association Celebrates 'Go Red' Day With Annual Campaign

A website saved her life. And Julia Allen, the national spokesperson for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign, said www.goredforwomen.org can save many more lives if everyone becomes aware of and makes good use of the website.

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U.S.-Africa Trade Discussions Heats Up

Despite the anticipation of his address to officials and spectators and given that he’s the U.S. trade representative and President Barack Obama’s principal adviser, negotiator and spokesperson on international trade and investment issues, Ambassador Michael Froman made a much-ballyhooed appearance before the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee on Jan. 28.

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's Budget Causes Uproar

Prince George's County Education Funding Takes Major Hit

The honeymoon ended quickly.

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Angela Davis Still an Activist

At 71, the Freedom Fighter Battles On

Say the name Angela Davis and, depending upon with whom you speak, a range of opinions, emotions and thoughts automatically ensue.

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Mental Health Officials Target Police Shootings

Organizations, Others Seek Lawmakers Help

Prior to his going on a shooting spree at the Navy Yard in Southeast two years ago, co-workers, supervisors and associates of shooter Aaron Alexis raised concerns about his mental health, but those fears were never reported to the government.

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Anita Bonds Wants Facebook Silver Alert

D.C. Councilwoman Writes Letter Appealing for Assistance

Anita Bonds said the well-being of the elderly remains a top priority, and she remains proactive in her approach to their safety and security.

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Remembering Alex Haley's 'Roots'

As Scholar, Students Debate Relevance, Reboot Scheduled

"Roots," an enormous best-seller when first published in 1976, achieved an extraordinary level of cultural salience when ABC’s television adaptation of the book aired on eight consecutive nights beginning on Jan. 20, 1977.

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Johns Hopkins Hosts Emotional MLK Commemoration

When it comes to celebrating and remembering Martin Luther King Jr., the Johns Hopkins University community certainly counts among those who routinely capture perfectly the legacy of the late civil rights icon.

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'Selma' Film Reaches Young and Old

"Selma" has become a hot talking point for African-Americans who lived during the tumultuous civil rights era and young blacks who still know very little about Martin Luther King Jr.

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Tax ID Theft Highlights Major Scam

Government Officials Warn Consumers

One of the most pervasive scams related to identity theft is an ongoing telephone scam where taxpayers receive calls from scammers who purport to be tax agents from the Internal Revenue Service.

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Winter Storm Facts Could Save Motorists

Experts Provide Tips for Those Stuck in Cars

Heavy snowstorms, dangerous ice and some altogether rough driving conditions are a part of the norm, particularly of late in the D.C. region. And, for the unfortunate motorist, it could also mean unforeseen time stuck inside an automobile.

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Biden Joins Bowser in Anacostia

VP, Mayor Discuss Clean Rivers Project

A $2.6 billion Clean Rivers Project in Anacostia got the attention of the nation's second-highest office on Friday.

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Prince Jackson Recording with Justin Beiber

King of Pop's Son Picking Up Torch

Michael Jackson's oldest son doesn't turn 18 until next month, but he's already living an R-rated life.

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D.C. Priest Stands By Bill Cosby

Rev. Dianda Performed Comedian's Marriage Ceremony

The Rev. Carl Dianda remembers well the soft-spoken and intelligent girl named Camille Hanks who attended St. Cyprian Elementary-Middle School in Southeast Washington D.C., and a makeshift Catholic Church a few miles away in Olney, Maryland.

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One Million Could Lose Food Stamps

The economy has continued to improve since the dark days of the economic recession that wreaked havoc on the nation beginning in 2007. But with good news comes a depressing thought for many who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

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G.K. Butterfield Elected to Lead CBC

North Carolina Congressman Has Civil Rights History

After his unanimous selection as the next chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, North Carolina Democratic Congressman G.K. Butterfield said he's grateful to all on the caucus, including outgoing chair Marcia Fudge.

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Stuart Scott Remembered

There's little question that Stuart Scott "was as cool as the other side of the pillow," and among the best at his craft.

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'Selma' Called Film of the Year

Critics, Fans Laud New MLK Movie

The Oprah Winfrey produced docudrama has already received four Golden Globe nominations for best picture, best director, best actor and best drama.

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Inked Up: Tattoos Continue to Grow in Popularity

A recent survey by ABC News revealed more than one in 10 Americans acknowledged having a tattoo.

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Former D.C. Cop Has Many Treasures

William S. Keyes, a 93-year-old man who once served as a D.C. police officer and also served in World War II, has built an amazing museum on the grounds of his modest home.

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Health Enrollment Numbers Up For 2015

More Residents Also Receive Financial Assistance

The first detailed analysis of enrollment into the Affordable Care Act — or Obamacare — has yielded good news, particularly for those who may require financial assistance.

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D.C. Council Members Bonds, Silverman Preach Accountability

With Vincent Gray passing the torch and officially relinquishing his office to Muriel Bowser, most observers declared that the change has ushered in a new day for the District of Columbia.

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Bowser Stars in National TV Appearance

New Mayor, Police Chief and School Boss Visits NBC Show

Wearing a light blue top and matching skirt and with D.C. School Chancellor Kaya Henderson and Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier seated by her side, Muriel Bowser took advantage of the spotlight by tackling the lightning rod issue of statehood for the District.

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Police Brutality Top 2014 Legal Cases

Bar Association President Said Major Grand Jury Breaches Revealed

This year, the United States Supreme Court ruled on two significant cases that everyone should watch with a keen eye, said the president of the National Bar Association.

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Muhammad Ali Hospitalized With Pneumonia

Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized with pneumonia, a spokesman said.

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Mental Illness Concerns Arrive with Holidays

Health Officials Warn of Depression, Anxiety

For the approximately 28,000 District adults and children living with serious mental illness and the millions of others around the country, their conditions might be severely tested because of the anxiety and even the depression that the holiday season can bring.

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Nationals Quiet at Winter Meetings

Despite Lack of Moves, Star Players Can Still Be Traded

After a quiet week at the baseball winter meetings in San Diego, the Washington Nationals may still join teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays in making a deal to improve or shake up the roster heading into 2015.

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HBO to Run Marathon of 'The Wire'

Critically-Acclaimed Show Returns in High Definition

In a move that many fans would argue to be tantamount to Leonardo da Vinci touching up the Mona Lisa or Mario Puzo adding paragraphs to "The Godfather," David Simon and HBO are re-mastering the critically acclaimed HBO series "The Wire," and the cable network will begin airing it anew in high definition on Monday, Jan. 5.

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How The Informer Scooped Everyone on Bill Cosby

Previous Interview, Persistence and the Black Press Played Role

Exactly how did The Washington Informer snag a conversation with Bill Cosby, most sought-after interview subject in the nation? Simply by calling him.

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Bill Cosby Breaks Silence, Calls on Black Press for Fairness Amid Scandal

Praises Wife Camille's Loyalty

The much-maligned comedic icon, embroiled in an ever-growing sexual abuse scandal that now includes supermodel Beverly Johnson, appealed to the African-American media to be impartial, requesting that the minority-owned organizations be sure its reporting remains balanced, accurate and fair.

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Bill Cosby Sued for Defamation by Sexual Assault Accuser; D.C. Firm Handling Case

New Lawsuit Could Hamper Actor's Plan to Break Silence

A woman claiming she was sexually assaulted by iconic television star Bill Cosby in the 1970s filed suit against him Wednesday for defamation, hiring a D.C. law firm to handle the case.

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Nationals Look to Bolster Formidable Lineup

Trades, Free-Agent Signings Possible

What do you get someone — or in this case, a team — who already has so much?

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District Schools Focus on Healthy Eating

A 2010 Law Requires Well-Balanced Meals

To help shine a spotlight on new healthy eating initiatives in local schools, media members recently were allowed inside the Walker-Jones Education Campus in Northwest to see first-hand what are on the breakfast and lunch menus for students.