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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are You Supporting the March?

Twenty years after the Million Man March, we need another formidable show of solidarity and strength as we face contemporary conditions of rising levels of tyranny and oppression and death that stalk Blacks while few seem to care.

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JESSE JACKSON: Alabama's New Jim Crow Far From Subtle

In Alabama, 50 years after Selma, voting rights are once more under assault.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Should You Be Funding Sports Facilities?

Publicly financed sports stadiums are a game at taxpayers' expense.

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Are Blacks going the right way to gain economic parity in America?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: My Expectations for the Congressional Black Caucus

Why isn't Black reparations more of an issue among African-Americans?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

Successful people have "yes I can" attitudes and outlooks. "I can do it" is a posture Blacks need to use more effectively.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: What is 'Black Lives Matter'?

Sadly, "Black Lives Matter" people are using rude and crude tactics trying to establish their image and presence in a society that refuses to see them or their worth.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Honor Julian Bond by Supporting the NAACP

Were you one of the people lamenting the passing of former NAACP Chairman Julian Bond? What of consequence are you doing to memorialize him and his works?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: All That Glitters Ain't Gold

Do you support jacking the minimum wage in the District of Columbia up to $15 an hour, and why?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are the Koch Brothers Connecting with Blacks?

What do you think of the Koch brothers? Many blacks may want to take a look beyond the headlines to see what Koch money has been doing where we live.

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