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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

How many times a day do you put money in another Black person's hand?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Callie House and the Struggle for Reparations

Under President Barack Obama, the concept of affirmative action has fallen flat. Those who thought their fortunes would be better under a Black president are advised to support a role model such as Callie House.

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What Black Americans need to recognize is that we cannot change Washington unless we change some of the people we send there to represent us.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Out of the Closet onto the Altar

While African-Americans have willingly accepted President Barack Obama political overtures toward the nation's gays, Africa's political and religious leaders have rebuked Obama and the gay lobby in ways we should take note.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Welcome to the Republicans' Soirees

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus acknowledges that Republicans had not been doing enough outreach in previous years to reach out to African-Americans.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Why You Should Question Minimum Wage Bills

Black Americans should be dubious of the latest public policy snake oil that Democratic politicians and union leaders are promoting.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Why Blacks Should Care About the Debt Ceiling

Here's how the latest episode of the debt ceiling drama will end: Congress will raise or suspend the country's borrowing limit, probably for as much as a year.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Calling Out Card-Carrying Black Republicans

What's your opinion of Timothy Eugene Scott? Surely, you know who he is.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Let's Legalize Pot!

President Obama recently made perhaps the strongest endorsement by any sitting president on relaxing marijuana laws.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Have Gun, Will Travel

Everybody knows that there's no such a thing as a "free lunch." Now, let's see how good the Black press is explaining to audiences about Morocco and the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

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