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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Can You Find Someone Black to Do the Job?

An economic "race problem" is occurring in D.C. It's a multimillion dollar problem that blacks need to recognize as detrimental and move to make small business success their business.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Attorney General to Pump up the Volume

District residents must keep elected officials' feet to the fire and not let them lose sights set by black leaders of old.

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Con Artists Devising New Ways to Scam D.C. Residents

Identity theft, investment fraud and scams rob millions of Americans of their hard-earned money every year.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Is the New Color for Black Neutral?

The time has come to call on black voters to come to the aid of our businesses and operations.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are Blacks Really Moving Up?

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Blacks Making Business

Rather than the typical "wringing of hands," blacks need to cease "I Can't Breathe" demonstrations and move en masse to embrace and employ a well-coordinated political, cultural and economic movement.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Is It All Whitey's Fault?

In what political camp do you identify: that of a "victim" or "race champion?"

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Vote Your Own Best Interests

Isn’t it time the nation’s African-Americans do some serious questioning of how the Democratic Party and "colorblind" policies and practices have affected them?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Solution for Blacks

What's wrong with Black Americans is our lack of accomplishments and understanding of collective capitalism.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are Blacks Losing Momentum?

While Blacks in both metropolitan areas basked in their prosperity and cosmopolitan shopping habits, Blacks in the core cities lost their political majorities to become "victims" of mainstream and "colorblind"-oriented politicians.

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