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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are Blacks in Business at National Harbor and MGM?

Like its business partner, National Harbor, the MGM project is estranged from Prince George's County's black businesses.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Kaepernick a Good Start, But Now What?

Black athletes' protests have gone prime-time. Colin Kaepernick is making his fellow Americans think about what they're standing for, and why.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Make Black Businesses Matter

Why is it that blacks just want to shake the hand of wooing political candidates with no mention of engaging our race's commerce, entrepreneurship and/or free-enterprise?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The True State of Black America

According to black Democrats and pundits, all is well in Negroland.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Economics — Not Racism — Driving Obamacare Collapse

Is blacks' praise and adoration over Obamacare something we may want to reevaluate?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Politics Have Killed Black Power

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump give voters plenty of reasons to look elsewhere. Shouldn't blacks be pushing for their political interests and issues being discussed in the 2016 presidential campaign?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: A Grand Place for Black Pride

Black pride is what matters and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture is the modern-day embodiment of that pride and consciousness of our African heritage.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Blacks Should Stand Out, Not 'Blend In'

The United States should be an integrated society and people of all races inherently equal and entitled to full privileges of citizenship. While we accept these values in the abstract, the reality is that ideals of integration and equality of opportunity still elude us. The problem is: neither whites nor blacks are being honest or forthcoming about it.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Protesters Paid to Disrupt?

Who's funding Black Lives Matter? Who pays for their placards, phone calls, faxes, iPhones, internet and front-line activists' food, lodging and transportation?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Is Apology for Slavery Enough?

If Black Americans want real justice, it's time to remind the Congressional Black Caucus that when it comes to pushing for an American apology for slavery and reparations for Blacks, they need to either lead, follow or get out of the way.

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