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The Ham Hock Group is a group of sophisticated and upper-class Washington, D.C., Black businessmen and well-paid professionals set on evolving a movement to "replace the N-word."

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D.C. Officials Cut Ribbon for New Brookland Middle School

D.C. officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony over the weekend for a new school in Ward 5 slated to open in August.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Is Big Government Really Your Friend?

Before we go beyond a $17 trillion national debt, John Q. Public should be aware of its overall societal impact — more than $53,000 for every person in the United States.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Case for Reparations

Is it that you're too humiliated by your lineage of slavery to demand what you're justly due?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: D.C.'s Soccer Stadium

Generally speaking, do you favor or oppose using city funds to help finance a new soccer stadium for the District's Major League Soccer team, D.C. United?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: When Will Obama Help Us?

From one House Republican calling him a "liar" to his face to a newspaper article that called the president of the United States of America the N-word, Barack Obama has had to endure tremendous disrespect for a sitting president.

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The way Black political activists throw daggers of "racist" at the Republicans, you'd think the Democrats are the party of Black liberation. But the fact remains that Black Americans have made little political progress inside the Democratic Party.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Blacks and Criminal Justice

Is America's justice system racist?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Join the Movement to Get Justice

It appears Black American voters are far too consumed with championing the government's current ineptitude to address correcting injustices of the past.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Why Aren't More Blacks in Business?

Why aren't there more Blacks in business? What are you encouraging your children to become?

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