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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are Blacks Losing Momentum?

While Blacks in both metropolitan areas basked in their prosperity and cosmopolitan shopping habits, Blacks in the core cities lost their political majorities to become "victims" of mainstream and "colorblind"-oriented politicians.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Creflo 'Pass-a-Dollar'

Does bad theology turn good men bad, or do bad men create belief systems to accommodate their ambitions?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Minority Set-Asides

What happened to the momentum that Blacks in the Washington area had that made them the wealthiest concentration of Blacks in the nation?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Starbucks' 'Race Together' Project

Racial inequality is not a topic mainstream Americans are readily willing to discuss.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: C. Delores Tucker Was Right

What would C. Delores Tucker say about "Empire" and its connotations of imperialism and colonialism?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Do Blacks Even Know What's Going On?

Has Black capitalism failed? Was it even given a chance?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Start Conversations About 'Banking Black'

If you are not a part of the solution to Blacks' problems, it should be made evident, then, that you continue as part of the problem.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Payday Loans Business Opportunities

Blacks may want to explore the "cash now" industry's fast-growing business financing trough: Payday loans, check cashing, factoring and invoice discounting.

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No matter how you look at it, whites have privileges beyond the bounds of blacks.

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Republicans Miss the Point

Yes, blacks are really very conservative when it comes to a lot of the social issues we are now facing in this country, but that's where the similarity ends with the Republican Party.

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