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NYC Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola: Report

A doctor in New York City who recently traveled to West Africa has tested positive for Ebola, CNN reported Thursday.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Why Aren't More Blacks in Business?

Why aren't there more Blacks in business? What are you encouraging your children to become?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Blacks in the Business of Politics

Black Americans are into politics, but only at the retail level as "consumers."

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Reparations and the Redskins

After decades of being overlooked by the media, Native Americans are now being cast into the national spotlight for the wrong reason.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Slavery in the Nation's Capital

Washington, D.C., has always been a mecca for Blacks. But the nation's capital has always had a complicated past and ideals that ran on parallel tracks.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Let's Have a Black Renaissance

How can Blacks gain economic parity in America? The answer is so simple that no one ever suggests reparations as a remedy for what ails Blacks.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Send a Message to Congress

For Black descendants of slaves to get their just due in America, it would require an act of Congress.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Bet on Ben Carson to Defeat Hillary Clinton

As the 2016 presidential election approaches media speculation, propaganda, and misinformation spikes.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Looting in Lieu of Reparations

Instead of calling for additional Black voter registration efforts and "social change," Black voters should consider that we have the clout to hasten our own changes through reparations we gained for slavery — compensatory payments for the descendants of those who found themselves enslaved by the Atlantic Slave Trade.

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Would you ever allow Charles Koch to mentor your children?

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