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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Let's Legalize Pot!

President Obama recently made perhaps the strongest endorsement by any sitting president on relaxing marijuana laws.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Have Gun, Will Travel

Everybody knows that there's no such a thing as a "free lunch." Now, let's see how good the Black press is explaining to audiences about Morocco and the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Fritz Pollard Alliance

Going forward there needs to be more Black participation among NFL players, head coaches, assistant coaches, owners, league management, referees, team physicians, head trainers, and radio/TV announcers.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Obama's 'Promise Zones'

The Obama White House continues a pattern of attacking symptoms instead of the underlying disease, one rehashed progressive ploy at a time.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Boosting GOP's Black Outreach

While GOP cannot continue competing as a party of "old White men," the party establishment has come up with an illusion of increased number of Black Republicans.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Urban Governments and Sports Stadiums

Urban governments are being fleeced foolishly building multimillion-dollar arenas for local sports team owners.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Help Ryan Award Medal to Booker

Just weeks after the White House snubbed Simeon Booker for a Presidential Medal of Freedom, a backbencher has introduced House Bill 3655 to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Booker in recognition of his "achievements in the field of journalism, including reporting during the Civil Rights movement, as well as social and political commentary."

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Black Americans are often misled when politicians and pundits refer to the ability of the President of the United States to "create jobs" during their terms in office.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards Snub Booker

Again in 2013, President Obama has neglected to award a Presidential Medal of Freedom to 95-year-old Simeon Saunders Booker Jr.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Let's Give Republicans a Chance

To double down is to significantly increase a risk or commitment. Well, welcome to the fantasyland of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: What’s Wrong with the Koch Brothers?

You’re probably not certain, but the Koch brothers' name has been besmirched among Blacks for quite some time.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Watt Denied Director Post

Many Blacks are saying "shame on" the U.S. Senate Republicans for the recent blow they dealt to President Barack Obama's efforts to install his own nominee as regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The GOP blocked the effort to confirm North Carolina Congressional District 12 Rep. Mel Watt to the post.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Republican Entrepreneur Gains Stake in Media

If you weren't paying attention, veteran conservative commentator Armstrong Williams is becoming a "media mogul," having purchased a trio of TV stations in transactions that were part of a number of larger TV acquisition deals brokered by Sinclair Broadcasting Inc.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Debate over the Redskins' Name

President Barack Obama recently said that if he were the football team's owner he'd "think about changing" the Washington team's name. The normally non-committal president's comments fueled a debate over the top sports team in the nation's capital. The debate involves some of the nation’s richest men.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Take Note of this Black Institution

For Blacks seeking success and advancement in journalism, DeWayne Wickham is well-suited to be dean of Morgan's State University's School of Global Journalism and Communication to prepare Black students.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Ever Thought about Banking Black?

The greatest challenge facing African-American leaders is increasing our collective wealth.

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American Blacks must cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit independent of politics and who occupies the White House.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: What's The Deal with Wal-Mart?

If you don't know about it, there is an ongoing fight between Wal-Mart and the union movement. The political battle fought in D.C. is over the "living wage bill." But that is just the latest ploy of a longer war in years to come between the retail giant and America’s primarily-Black, democratic- and union-controlled urban enclaves.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Pooling Our Resources is Key to Blacks' Wealth

A. Peter Bailey is a man of note and distinction.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: It's Black Caucus Time

For the image of the Black Caucus to be maintained, before they host any festive events celebrating the 43rd ALC, Black American leaders should use the gathering to pay homage to Detroit and analytically discuss its downfall.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Surviving John Lewis

Fifty years after the March on Washington, the sole surviving speaker from that day is Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. Lewis is at once a prominent part of the past, but now, possibly part of Black peoples' problems.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Republicans Goin' Black

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus inherited a simple mission: stop inflaming racism and expand the voter base beyond White, male America. Like so many Republicans before him, Priebus repeatedly gets in his own way in his attempts to appeal to Blacks and other minority groups.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The March on Washington at 50

Unfortunately, many of the issues that gave rise to the March on Washington 50 years ago remain unfulfilled or under siege today.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Look Who's Stuck on Stupid

The whole idea and discussion of wage legislation is politics run amok.

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Blacks need to develop a mindset that "it's time to get paid!"

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Economics of Race in America

If we talk about what ails us that will make it better. When will Black Americans stop getting short shrift?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: How to Make a Fashion Statement for Trayvon

Do you feel George Zimmerman is “a racist?”

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Going to ProBiz 2013?

To get ahead in Washington, you have to realize it as a "company town" that's dominated by a single industry.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Do Two Moms Make a Right?

God created marriage and defined its parameters for us. But, too many of us are allowing politics and politicians to lead us astray.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: What Should Blacks Expect From Republicans?

The National Republican Committee surely needs to convince Black Americans of the benefits of registering in their party. Is the Republican Party's ideology that different from Blacks'? What will it take to get Blacks to vote Republican?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Obama Says He's Black, But is He 'Black Enough?'

In the official U.S. 2010 head count, President Barack Obama provided one answer to the question about his ethnic background: African American. But is he "Black" like you and me?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Obama's Trip to Africa

In late June and early July, President Obama and the first lady will be traveling to sub-Saharan Africa.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Celebrate Juneteenth

Did you know that the official African-American holidays are: Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Juneteenth?

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Black Mayors — The Good, Bad and Ugly

In the 1960s, African Americans began being elected or appointed to mayoral positions following achievements Blacks made through the Civil Rights Movement, passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965. These days, Blacks are mayors in more than 500 cities.

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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Gambling Across America

Gambling and gambling-related problems are common among all racial and ethnic groups, but there's evidence that African Americans are more likely to experience gambling-related troubles than White Americans.

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Do You Still Believe the Story Susan Rice Told?

The question now is about Blacks and their ethics. Is it acceptable that Black officials leave concepts of truth and honesty at the office door?

Republicans Face Future Shock

The RNC should have no reservations in chronicling that they've "made progress" in mending relationships with African Americans; but for the party to be viable on the national stage so much more needs to be done.

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Is the Concept of Reparations for Blacks a Dead Issue?

Ask anyone you know and you'll find most Americans don't see the validity of the issue of reparations for Blacks and don't connect the dots to see how the injustice of the past shapes everyday life in America.

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Images of America: Black Banking

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