Askia Muhammad

MUHAMMAD: Farrakhan, His Mother and Abortion

Once in 1970, I believe, when I first came into the Nation of Islam, I was selling the Muhammad Speaks newspaper in dusty Milpitas, California, a tiny East Bay suburb of San Jose. Black residents were few and far between. I remember a female customer of mine there who tearfully confessed that she was overcome with grief after reading an article by Elijah Muhammad condemning abortion. She had just had an abortion and was torn with sorrow [read more…]


The Planned Parenthood Hoax is the GOP’s Trojan Horse: How Republicans are Hijacking the National Conversation

(Salon) – It’s a tale as old as time. Conservatives find themselves backed into a political corner, usually right before a contentious election season. In need of something to mobilize their anti-choice base, they launch [read more…]