Water in D.C. Schools Tested for Contaminants

May 11, 2016 Stacy Brown 0

There remain serious concerns about the drinking water in Washington, D.C., schools, and several officials are pressing for action to prevent a Flint, Michigan-like disaster here. “Following the alarming news about elevated levels of lead recently reported in 12 D.C. Public Schools, I share very serious concerns with parents and neighbors about making sure our children are staying safe and healthy,” District Council member (At Large) Elissa Silverman said.

D.C. Students Seek Changes in Schools

October 28, 2015 Sope Aluko 0

WASHINGTON – District of Columbia public high school student Milagro Argueta told the audience that if she and her Spanish-speaking friends are lucky enough to eat lunch at their school in peace, it’s a good day. They have the money, she said through an interpreter, but they don’t speak enough English to easily order lunch. So, they can only point to what they want to eat, and frustrated, sometimes insensitive cafeteria personnel lash out at the students, she said