Sugar Ray Leonard Reflects on ‘No Mas’

November 24, 2015 Stacy Brown 0

Sugar Ray Leonard had no doubt that he’d defeat Roberto Duran when the two warriors squared off in a rematch of their epic first welterweight title bout that ended in a split-decision victory for the Panamanian known as “The Hands of Stone.” What Leonard, the legendary six-time world champion, didn’t know was that Duran – one of the most feared fighters of his generation – would surrender after uttering the most infamous phrase in the history of boxing, “No Mas.”
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The Defeat of Jason Whitlock

September 15, 2015 Kyle Yeldell 0

(Newsweek) – Eric Garner’s last known words were “I can’t breathe.” He said it 11 times before he passed out on a Staten Island sidewalk while police officers arrested him for selling untaxed cigarettes. Using [read more…]

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