D Kevin McNeir

EDITOR’S COLUMN: FBI’s ‘Extremists’ List Should Include White Supremacists Before Black Activists

The recently leaked FBI “Intelligence Assessment” — a report prepared by the agency’s Counterterrorism Division — that identifies “Black Identity Extremists” as security threats should be seen for what this study really is: a way to legitimize “open season” against Blacks who protest injustice and prejudice perpetrated by white police officers and other white vigilante groups. [read more…]

Donald Trump (Courtesy photo)

Trump Lawyer Rails Against Comey Accusations

About an hour after former FBI Director James Comey testified Thursday before a Senate intelligence committee that President Donald Trump had assailed his character in the aftermath of his May 9 firing, Trump’s personal attorney shot back, saying the commander in chief “never, in form or substance” directed Comey to shut down the investigation of fired national security adviser Michael Flynn. [read more…]