Stop Drinking the Fool-Aid

December 15, 2016 James Clingman 0

The term “drinking the Kool-Aid” has been taken to a new level among many of our people. In many circles we have gotten so intellectually lazy that we will believe just about anything from anyone, that is, as long as we don’t have to do anything except trumpet a Utopian message, and if we never have to sacrifice for the collective benefit of one another. […]

In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man Is King

November 17, 2016 James Clingman 0

This is being written without the bias or prejudice of commentators and political pundits. It is unfiltered and a result of my not having watched the final vote tallies and not even knowing who won the presidential election until 7:30 a.m., the morning after. I have not yet watched or listened to news shows and have not discussed the results, in-depth, with anyone. […]

Elections Won’t Change Anything Until We Vote with Our Wallets

November 10, 2016 James Clingman 0

By the time you read this, I trust you will have wiped away the slime and the grunge, regurgitated a few times, taken a good bath or shower, relentlessly scrubbed the stench from your bodies, and maybe even found it necessary to delouse, because the dirty, filthy, hateful, distasteful, embarrassing, vile, toxic, grimy, polluted campaign we all witnessed is likely the worst in the history of electing a president. […]

NAACP Strikes ‘Colored People’ Again

November 3, 2016 James Clingman 0

The call for a moratorium on charter schools by the NAACP is a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. While most black folks are concentrating on Hillary and Donald, the largest and oldest “colored” organization approved an internal resolution calling for a halt to the “expansion of charter schools” until those schools meet criteria set forth by the NAACP. […]

‘Buy Black’ Campaigns are Nothing New

October 27, 2016 James Clingman 0

The advent of initiatives throughout this country to “Buy Black” and “Bank Black” can be traced back to the early 1900s during which time campaigns similar to today’s efforts were established. Slogans such as “Double-Duty Dollars,” “Don’t shop where you can’t work,” and efforts such as Black Cooperatives cropped up as a result of our forebears understanding and being willing to act upon the fact that their dollars mattered. […]

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