MUHAMMAD: On Anthems and Athletes

August 31, 2016 Askia Muhammad 0

I show solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Stand strong, young champion. Kaepernick’s bold refusal to even stand when the “Star Spangled Banner” is played reminds me of the conduct of my schoolmates Tommie Smith and John Carlos; gold and bronze medalists at the 1968 Olympic Games who raised their clenched, black-gloved fists when the anthem was played. [read more…]

MUHAMMAD: Farrakhan, His Mother and Abortion

October 14, 2015 Askia Muhammad 0

Once in 1970, I believe, when I first came into the Nation of Islam, I was selling the Muhammad Speaks newspaper in dusty Milpitas, California, a tiny East Bay suburb of San Jose. Black residents were few and far between. I remember a female customer of mine there who tearfully confessed that she was overcome with grief after reading an article by Elijah Muhammad condemning abortion. She had just had an abortion and was torn with sorrow [read more…]

Farrakhan Advocates for Black Unity at March Anniversary

A sea of Black men, women and children covered every bit of open space on the National Mall during the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, held on Saturday, Oct. 10 here in the District.

But when the man behind the march, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, stepped to the podium, his message may have come as a surprise to those accustomed to hearing him include controversy in his conversation.
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