MALVEAUX: The Historic Attack on African-American Women

The stupidly foul and racist comedienne Roseanne Barr is as insignificant as a single drop of rain in a thunderstorm and so, on one hand, she deserves to be upbraided, to have lost her television show, and to be written down in the halls of ignominy. At the same time, her description of former White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett as the spawn of “Muslim Brotherhood & planet of the apes” is unfortunately consistent with our nation’s history of dehumanizing and de-feminizing African-American women. [read more…]

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Tom Perez Tapped to Lead DNC

After a difficult 2016 campaign that saw Democrats lose in the White House, both chambers of Congress and in state houses across the country, party officials elected Tom Perez, the former Labor secretary during the Obama administration, to lead the Democratic National Committee Saturday. [read more…]