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Jolley Marriage and Business Success Tips

By Willie Jolley Dee and I are not only marriage partners but business partners as well. That’s thirty years of marriage and over twenty years of working together. People always ask how we live together, work together, travel together and not have drama! There are strategies we’ve employed over the ...


Success Lessons from the 'Results Rule Man'

By Willie Jolley Randy Pennington rose from a musician, who performed 8 shows a day at Six Flags in Texas, to Chairman of the Board for a $17 million dollar organization! He has written several best selling books, including Results Rule and Make Change Work. Randy has shared his message ...


Bill Marriott: From Root Beer To Global Icon

By Willie Jolley The name "Marriott" is one of the most recognizable brands in hospitality around the world. Much of this credit can be given to Bill Marriott. Now in his 80s, Mr. Marriott still travels the world over, visiting his hotels and sharing his wisdom with the Marriott associates ...


Video Conferencing Benefits for Employment Opportunities

Getting to hire top talent is becoming an increasingly challenging task.


Success Lessons from The Great Dr. Myles Munroe

By Willie Jolley As you have probably heard, last weekend my dear friend Dr. Myles Munroe, was killed in a tragic plane crash. As I mourned his death, I remember how he poured into me both personally and via my SiriusXM radio show. We last saw each other in Nigeria, ...


How Paying With Your Mobile Device Will Change Your Life Forever

Paying with your mobile device with one tapping motion can easily exist in stores and restaurants that currently allow you to tap your credit card.


The Famous Wally Amos is BACK!!!!!

By Willie Jolley About twenty years ago, I was honored to speak on the same program with the famous (cookie man) Wally Amos. After that event, we became good friends and have remained close ever since. In fact, his amazing story is one of the most popular stories in my ...