Black History

African-American History Trivia Challenge

1. Chief surveyor of the city of Washington, D.C., who was also an astronomer and mathematician? A. Charles Randolph, B. Benjamin Banneker, C. Pierre L’Enfant, D. Douglass Faring


2. What name was given the attempted mass slave escape in Washington, D.C. that began on the banks of the Southwest waterfront? A. The Fugitive Run, B. Escape to Freedom, C. The Pearl Incident, D. The Wharf Escape


3. “Don’t Buy Where You Can’t Work” campaigns against racist hiring practices in white-owned stores in predominantly Black neighborhoods was initiated in Washington D.C. by what organization? A. New Negro Alliance, B. The Urban League, C. The Black Panthers, D. The NAACP


4. Which U.S. President set the clock of integration back by mandating segregation policies in all federal agencies – most of which adhered to a policy of hires based strictly upon education and skill? A. Franklin Roosevelt, B. Calvin Coolidge, C. Gerald Ford, D. Woodrow Wilson


5. Name the one African-American female named among the eleven attorneys who assisted in arguing the Brown v. Board case in 1954 alongside Thurgood Marshall? A. Janice Bolding, B. Constance Baker Motley, C. Ellen Hayes Matthews, D. Prudence Capers


6. Which African-American-owned newspaper has served the city and nation for more than 50 years – while representing D.C.’s East of the River community? A. The AFRO, B. The Capital Spotlight, C. The D.C. Bee, D. The Washington Informer.


7. The park located at 20th and Franklin Streets Northeast is named for what Washington, D.C. musical icon? A. Duke Ellington, B. Chuck Brown, C. Marvin Gaye, D. Wale

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