EDITORIAL: Black Women Are Trump’s Antidote

Donald Trump’s disdain for women and for Blacks reached an all-time low last week when he thought it presidential to insult three African-American female journalists for asking him questions, answers to which the American people want to know. Abby Phillip, April Ryan and Yamiche Alcindor are members of the White House Press corps representing CNN, American Urban Radio and PBS NewsHour, respectively.

During a press conference last week, when Phillips asked Trump if he wanted acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to reign in special counsel Robert Muller on the Russian investigation, he responded, “what a stupid question. But I watch you a lot; you ask a lot of stupid questions.”

Trump never answered her question.

The following day when Alcindor asked Trump to explain what he meant by calling himself a “nationalist,” he responded by calling her question “racist.” He went on to say, “Honestly, that’s a racist question that is so insulting to me.” Again, he never answered her question either.

And then he dove in on Ryan who previously asked Trump about voter suppression regarding the recent mid-term elections. Trump accused Ryan of disrespecting the White House and the presidency and then proceeded to call her “a loser” who “doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. She’s very nasty,” he told reporters. Again, he refused to answer her question.

All three journalists were interviewed by several news organizations following Trump’s slew of insults — each expressed steadfast resolve to continue to pose the hard questions. They collectively believe if not them, then who will keep Trump accountable, particularly on issues of interest to African Americans.

We agree with a white female colleague who said of the three veteran journalists, “All are good about defending themselves but shouldn’t have to.”

African-American women journalists who cover the White House are a rarity; over the past 50 years only a few have been afforded the unique opportunity. Even in the Obama administration, Black reporters complained about being overlooked. Still, no administration in U.S. history — a measure Trump likes to use — has been as disparaging and disrespectful to Blacks, African-American women in particular, as Trump.

Trump says his approval ratings among African Americans is high, which is difficult to believe. But, Mr. Trump, you can count on them dropping lower the more you reveal your misogynist and racist attitude about Black women.

Their response was heard in the midterm elections; it will be even louder and clearer in 2020. That’s the “racist” and “stupid” deal you have made.

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