EDITORIAL: Why Won’t Congress Leave D.C. Alone?

Once again the alleged sage leadership of the House committee which oversees the District has decided to use its authority in more aggressive ways than in the past several decades.

They want to take a closer look at our laws and to review our spending decisions — as if our elected officials lacked the intelligence to effectively govern Washington, D.C.

They want to stop the legalization of physician-assisted suicide — a law now in on the D.C. books.

They have warned our mayor that her plan to use tax dollars to defend illegal immigrants from being deported could violate federal laws.

They want to keep Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton in nonvoting status.

They want to basically tell us what to do and how to do it.

At the same time, District residents pay more in taxes than almost any other state’s citizens in the U.S. Oh, we forgot — we are not a state — at least not yet.

Mayor Bowser has said the best thing “those folks can do is leave us alone.”

And given the years of ineptitude and dysfunction in Congress that have keep any meaningful legislation from being passed — laws that would benefit all of the people — we heartily agree.

Congress needs to do their job — and let our mayor and City Council members do theirs.

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