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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 9/11 Positivity Trumps Islamophobia

It was a pleasant surprise to see Muslim Americans on the cover of The Washington Informer, especially for something so positive as a blood drive to honor victims of 9/11. I know a lot of my Muslim friends always feel a little anxiety around 9/11, and for some it’s fear because they know how they “look” deems them as terrorists to the ignorant. Keep representing Muslims and all people of different faiths and backgrounds with dignity.

Frieda Salters
Washington, D.C.

A Tidal Wave for Africa

I think its wonderful that Jay-Z’s Tidal is bringing music and video streaming to certain parts of Africa. For those of us who have lived in remote parts of the continent or even visited for an extended period of time, we know that the things that we can so easily watch here without second thought is not an option for our brothers and sisters around the planet. The more the people of the motherland is connected, the better for us all.

Mina Leakes
Bowie, Md.

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